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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop" known as "Petshoppers" (the full name couldn't fit, so we made Petters the shorten term for it)

& I only have 3 rules on this blog:

-No inappropriate images (like sexual or gore)
-No Trolling
-No Intense Hating

so... yeah

Welcome to Shop!!!
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So we made it to the season finale, I have bitter sweet, I am so excited, but said that means no new episodes for a while, though season 3 started about a month after season 2 ended, so you never know, this might not be a long wait.

So the time has come for the Pet Fest, an event organized by Blythe to celebrate the union between pets and their owners, an idea that wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for "Secret Recipe", so yes that is paying off. While Blythe prepares for the pet fest, we have a celebrity guest camper, the pet of Jason 1 from the Soul patches named Heidi, well Heidi disrupt things at the day camp, will the Pet Fest be a go, only one way to find out.

Before we go I will try to skimp through the recap because it is a two parter, not to mention this is the season finale, you all should watch it instead of me spoiling it line for line.

We begin at LPS with Blythe and Youngmee via video phone thinking of ideas for the Pet Fest when a man with a beagle shows up, the man turns out to be the manager of Blythe favorite band the Soul Patches, and the beagle is one of the members of the bands pet, and Blythe reacts in fan girl fashion screaming so loud that he breaks the managers sunglasses, but he has several. We find out that the beagle who calls herself Heidi is a very excitable pet, I like her already. Cue the opening.

The episode begins proper with Blythe and Heidi and discovering Heidi's owner named Jason number 1 does charity work for the endanger species cause, and Blythe decides to use that as the charity for Pet Fest, the other pets are introduced to Heidi and Blythe tells them about her pet, and they all encourage to ask Jason number 1 in person, and the pets give her confidence to do so.

Blythe talks to Jason number 1, and she is scared at first, Youngmee can't even move without meowing, meanwhile at LPS the pets are trying to figure what they can do for Pet Fest, Blythe finally overcomes her fear and talks to him, while the pets are still thinking of ideas for Pet Fest, Zoey thinks they should form a band and she be the lead singer, which is a good idea, that is her talent, Blythe continues to try to ask for Jason number 1's help, she finally does and agrees, but than the jealous Biskit twins show up and complicates things a bit, but Jason number 1 Blythe and the twins are working together and Blythe decides to go along with it, because the Biskits could get a permit for the park, so things are looking good, but Blythe make the mistake of depending the Biskits and not supervising them to make sure they do their part, even if the Biskits aren't antagonist, they aren't very dependable, Blythe should know better. But there is a hilarious scene of after being hugged by Jason number 1, Blythe and the twins all scream like fan girls, Blythe and the same twins on the same page, never thought I see the day, it is so surreal.

Blythe relies on the Biskits to get a permit, but predictable they blow it off because they think because they are Biskits they need a permit, dam it Blythe, as much as I blame the twins, I also blame Blythe, she should know better. Blythe discusses her ideas for Pet Fest with the pets and they are all excited, until Blythe find out from their manager she has a two week deadline. A tough assignment but Blythe pulls her friends both human and animal to help put the show together, and we meet get a music montage with the Soul Patches. Things are looking good until Blythe finds out about the Biskits not getting the permit for the park. Who didn't see that coming, though we get in my opinion some character development moment from the Biskits, they admitted they screwed up, first of all that surprised me, I thought their reaction would be to say whatever and walk off, and secondly they admitted they screwed up that is not in character of them, the Biskits think themselves as perfect, so that is character development for them at least. Anyway part 1 ends with things not looking good.

Part 2 begins with a recap of part 1, cue the show opening. We begin with Blythe trying to be calm, but freaking out, so much that she scares everyone. Than we get a hilarious scene with Youngmee telling the Blythe that the Biskits are sorry and when the Biskits are confused by that, Youngmee grawls at them and they say they are sorry, hilarious. Blythe asks the twins to ask their dad to find new place for Pet Fest, but Fisher refuses because he choices this time to put this foot down and teach his daughters responsibilities, bad timing for trying to be a good parent Fisher to show up. Blythe tries to figure out another place for Pet Fest, Mrs. Twombry suggest the Pawza Hotel, and Blythe having not learned lesson asks the Biskits to let everyone the changing of the locations, I tell you if the Biskits mess up this time it is all on Blythe, the old saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, so if the Biskits let Blythe down again it is Blythe's fault for depending on them.

We have another little montage of Blythe and the pets going over plans for the Pet Fest. We arrive the day of the Pet Fest at least, and to my surprise everyone knows about the new location, the Biskits came threw for once. Blythe and the pets are preparing for Pet Fest, Zoey being a total diva, Blythe and Russell have a funny scene talking about clip boards, Blythe runs into Madison in the elevator and  we see all the rooms for the Pet Fest.

The guests arrive, and things are looking up as we have a montage of everyone having fun until we find out that Blythe forgot to put a stage for the Soul Patches. That problem is fixed, when they decide to use the roof top which was Madison's idea, who knew she had some good ideas, Blythe even says that. Meanwhile Zoey is totally going all diva as she really wants to impress Heidi. But things aren't going well for her, meanwhile Vinnie and Sunil makes sure the endanger species are safe. Those guys are awesome.

Everything is looking good for the show, until we find out Soul Patches can't perform on the roof top because one of them has a fear of heights. Blythe is freaking out again, but Youngmee being the awesome that she is reminds Blythe when things were looking down other people helped, but Blythe tells her there is no one left, who is going to help the Biskits, than Blythe gets an idea. Blythe contacts them telling them that the Soul Patches need them, hearing that they agree to help.

Zoey continues to be her diva self, but a bump on the head does calm her down and gets an idea, while Vinnie and Sunil continue to be awesome secret service agents, Blythe's idea is to put the Biskits on a higher roof top so the Soul Patch member wouldn't be afraid of heights, since he is not on the top floor, I don't know if that makes sense or not, but whatever, anyway it is a good way for the Biskits to have their redemption moment.

We get to the show and see the Soul Patches and the pets band perform at the same time and perform a song about the relationship about the pets and their owners, very awesome song.

In the end things work out, as Pet Fest raised a lot of money for the endanger species charity, Blythe gives speech thanking everyone that helped, but Blythe feels she forgot something, we cut to the roof top and see the Biskits are still there, looks like everyone forgot about them, oh well, the end. End of episode, end of season 3.

This was a great finale, was it epic not really, but it was enjoyment, it felt connected a lot of stuff from the season, which I like in a season finale, have a payoff to stuff you build up.

Yes Blythe was awesome here, she with the help of friends both human and pet put on this celebration for the bond between pets and pet owners. I loved how she was able over come her fan girl nervousness with the Soul Patches to get them to take part in the pet fest.

As for the pets, I love Heidi awesome guest camper, she reminds a bit of Sugar Sprinkles.  And of course Zoey going to do overdue with being a diva, because that is what Zoey does. It was awesome that the pets through their own concert, though it gave me nightmare flashback to the Cosmic Toast Studios LPS web shorts since the web short is about the pets forming a band. Cool to see a lot of past pets, though we could have used more, where was Sugar Sprinkles, I know she might not have an owner but still, also some of my other favorites like Madam Pom, though Mary Francis was there, so yay.

Great that Blythe got help from everyone she knew, we even got Cora back, not to mention Sophie and Madison, Madison was funny in these episodes, and of course Youngmee, she is the co creator of the pet fest, so of course I can't forget her.

And Blythe even got help from the Biskits of all people, about time they pay her back for all the times Blythe has helped them out, but I don't know how to describe their role, they weren't antagonist, but not that emotionally invested in Blythe's cause, but they proved they are unreliable allies, so with allies like them who needs enemy. I blame Blythe as much as I blame the twins for their screw ups, I mean Blythe should know better than to rely on them, especially the second time, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, though they did come true the second time as people did know the location of the Pet Fest had been changed, so off screen the Biskits did do something right. And we got a Cashmere and Velvet cameo, perhaps they are regretting their life choice. I thought going into this episode, if the Biskits are in these episodes, their role would be Fisher Biskits thinks the Pet Fest is another LPS publicity stunt and the Biskit family try to sabotage it. So yes their role surprised me.

I don't know if I would call this redemption for the Biskits, it is not the level of Pacifica Northwest redemption in the "Northwest Mansion Noir", but I will say they should some development, the end of part 1 when they admitted they screwed up, that surprised me, that is a major development for them, the Biskits always thought of themselves as perfect, to admit they screwed up and take down the we can do no wrong, we are perfect wall, that is big. It is not "Northwest Mansion Noir", but maybe it is "Golf War", if I quote a line from that episode, it is some progress.

Vinnie and Sunil being bodyguard to endangered species, that so hilarious, I wonder if the indented audience know what endanger species are.

And the songs at the end, Daniel Ingram again delivers.

Anyone notice one of the bands names was Adam and the Spider Monkeys, obvious an inside joke to the creators of the show other series My Gym Partner Is A Monkey.


The Pet Fest is here at least, all this build up and everything lives up to the hype

Heidi, an awesome guest camper, I liked her and wouldn't mind seeing her again.

Sunil and Vinnie as bodyguards

The songs, Dannel Ingram continues to be on his game.

Blythe, she was awesome in this episode. She was funny, but also proves to be a great leader, and mentioning Youngmee and the pets in her speech, great.

The Biskits not being antagonist, I thought if they were in this episode it would be to sabotage the Pet Fest which they do unintentionally, and them acknowledge they messed up, showed some character development, it is not Pacifica Northwest development, but still it is a start


Zoey's attitude though most of this episode, but it was part of the story, but still if I had to pick a negative.

Blythe keep depending on the Biskits, she should know better even if they are not trying to cause trouble, they still are unreliable, luckily it all worked out.

So much more to say, but if I said everything it would take for ever, but yeah great episode. 10 / 10. So till season 4, have a nice LPS day. I will mess this.
Before I get to this review, I just wan to mentioned how friend and co fonder SilverEagle91  is making a top 30 LPS episode list, check it out.…

I can't believe we are less than week away from the season 3 finale, how time flies, so this is the last stand alone episode of LPS of season 3, so will the stand alone episodes of LPS end on a high note, well only way to find out.

We begin with a flashback or Russell at LPS, I don't know how long ago this was, but with Mrs. T's hair, this is must have a long time ago, how are the pets still alive, I do wonder how much of this flashback is exaggerated, I mean the pets do have an overactive imagination. Russell vows to never be unsafe again. Cut to the opening.

We being how episode proper outside LPS, we see a little girl holding a balloon walking with her dad, when a ice cream truck shows up and she lets go of the balloon and drags her dad to chase after the ice cream truck.

Inside LPS, Russell is being Russell being obsessed with safety, Blythe enters with our guest camper of the week a groundhog named Harold. Harold and Russell don't hit it off, with Harold wrong facts, and despite that Harold is super popular which drives Russell insane.

Russell talks to Blythe, telling her he can't wait for this day to be over because of his frustration with Harold. Russell wished this day would end, Blythe tells him you should never wish a day away.

We continue with Harold frustrating Russell with his wrong facts, which is hilarious when he got Indiana and India mixed up. Finally the day ends, and goodbye Harold we hardly knew you.

The next day, we are outside LPS, we see a little girl holding a balloon walking with her dad, when a ice cream truck shows up and she lets go of the balloon and drags her dad to chase after the ice cream truck. This seems familiar, I am feeling some deja vu.

Blythe enters with our guest camper of the week a groundhog named Harold, wait a minute the day is repeating itself, and only Russell is noticing.

Russell obvious tries to tell everyone they have been through this before, but no one believes it, not even Blythe, Russell blames Harold and gets along worse with Harold than the day before is that even possible.

The next day, it is the same day again, the day repeats and Russell is going even more insane. Blythe tells Russell this could be a chance for him to fix things. Russell takes that literally and fixes everything in the shop.

Well as you can guess, the day repeats again, and everything Russell fixed is broken again. This time Russell completes loses it, so much that Blythe even calls the vet. Hilarious scene.

Harold tries to calm Russell down, Vinnie says Russell has gone batty when we see a bat and tells Vinnie that comment wasn't necessary. Anyway Harold says something about hedgehogs and Peru, and Russell really goes insane.  Russell just accepts it.

Russell borrow Zoey's MP3 player the next repeat day and does it for the next few repeat days, and uses that time to learn how to dance and eventually him and Zoey have a duel dance. Russell says he understands music now. Russell than does the same and learn how to do the other pets interests, Vinnie's dancing, Pepper's comedy, Sunil's magic, etc. and gain an understanding of his pals.

Russell decides on the next repeat day to get to know to know Harold. This time the two of them hit it off, as Russell learns not to take things to seriously, and even saves Harold from getting injured. Harold even gets a fact about safety, and admits he can wrong sometimes, Russell and Harold fix the broken board, and the two of them bond, and thus the day ends.

Russell thinks the day will just repeat, and think he will see his good friend Harold the next day, but the next day finally arrives, though Russell is a bit sad not to see Harold anymore. Russell is happy though that he got to know everyone better and fixed the board. Though Russell is worried the new guest camper Crash Dangerfeather. Good luck Russell.

My thoughts on this episode.

I loved this episode. The flashback at the beginning was nice, Mrs. T had dark hair back than, I wonder how long was this flashback. It was a very cute flashback.

The episode was hilarious, I loved the bit with the balloon and the ice cream truck, the little girl is adorable, we keep seeing that over and over again to let us know what day it is.

Harold was a likable character, I thought Russell was a little rough with him at the beginning, he means well, he is not trying to cause trouble.

I loved Blythe's look in this episode, and the nature of the episode of each day over looping does make it so there can't be no subplot.

And Russell he was hilarious going crazy, and than taking advantage of the time loop, it was sad when he realized he won't be seeing Harold again.

And credit to the episode that this is canon and not a dream, like other series might do.


Russell, he is hilarious as the straight man of this episode, and also having character development

Harold, he is alright guest camper

Blythe's outfit, really loved her look, though that is part of the negative that I will get to.

The humor, from the bat joke to Russell's dancing, the humor was top notch.


Only one negative, but really a nip pick, is why is Blythe is wearing the same outfit in the last scene. The rest of the episode it made sense, but after the time loop ends, makes no sense.

This episode gets a 9 / 10, bring on the finale.

Everyone one more week to go, don't know what I will do after that, anyway have a nice LPS day or days. Ha ha.
Okay after a one week break which we needed after maybe the best episode of LPS since "The Secret Recipe", how will they follow up that greatness. Well they have a challenge, because one of the plots one of my least characters in the series, Sue. I don't hate her or anything, she just doesn't interesting and she just bores me, it would be interesting if they stuck with the crazy Blythe stoker character for her, it is creepy, but it is interesting at least.  The other plot centers on Pepper, who most of the time comes true with these plots, it she was the hero last episode, anyway well this episode be good, well Sue be interesting, well Pepper continue to be awesome, well only way to find out.

We being the episode at Blythe school, in which Sue is running a track meet, well in the end she wins the race and sets a record, and receives an award, only problem is she is scared of public speaking, a problem I can relate to, so off to a good start. Role opening credits.

We opening at LPS with Blythe talking to the MVP of the last episode Yongmee and Jasper, they are discussing Sue avoiding them, and Jasper takes a fall, oh Jasper.  Mrs. Twombry shows up with this week's guest camper in a cage and asks Blythe to take her to the day camp. Blythe drops off the pet and says Pepper is really going to like her, so hints already.

The guess pet finally appears and is a skunk named Mitzi. When they discover Mitzi gives off a great scent, the other pets gravitate towards much to Pepper's jealous. So it looks like we have a jealousy plot or do we?

The next scene is Blythe's school, and Sue shows up wearing a disguise, a phony mustache, I mean who is see fooling, and she runs off saying she can't give the speech. Meanwhile the LPS the other pets continue to be impressed by Mitzi's scent. It makes them and they don't know why, Mitzi agrees to their scent requests, and we get a funny fantasy of Zoey, Penny Ling, and Minka climbing a country side mountain, great stuff. Than Russell, Vinnie, and Sunil makes their request even though she is tired, Mitzi grants there request, and we get a beach fantasy, hilarious stuff, Pepper doesn't under what the fuzz is about because Mitzi doesn't even tell jokes, yup the jealousy plot, that is where we are going.

We cut back to Blythe's school, Sue finally reveals to her friends that she is afraid of public speaking, Blythe and friends agree to help her overcome this. Meanwhile back at LPS, the other pets continue to surround Mitzi, Pepper tires to get their attention by telling jokes but they ignore, she finally loses it and attacks them with an angry scent, but the other pets get Mitzi go fight is off with her scent, a sad Pepper leaves, poor Pepper, the other pets are being jerks this week.

Meanwhile Blythe and company are coming up with plans to help Sue overcome her stage fright, they come up empty. while this is going on Pepper practices her jokes while the pets ask Mitzi for a more happy scent, the other pets are starting to act like addicts. Back to the plot, Blythe tells Sue about how she once pretending everyone was bears and thinks a similar method might work, she tries clowns, but Sue is afraid of clowns, oops.

Meanwhile our addicts continue to enjoy the happy scent, when Mitzi confront Pepper and tells her she envys her, Pepper is dumbfounded and Mitzi tells her she has to give everyone their happy scent on cue or else no one will like her, we than get to the highlight of the episode, a song sung by the two skunks, and I tell you Ashleigh Ball and Tabatha St. Germain, got to hand it to them a great job. Well emotional song and they bond, but wait this was suppose to be about Pepper's jealousy, what a minute. Back to the other plot, Blythe gives Sue a recording of herself giving the speech and hopes Sue she is just intimidating well help Sue get through the speech.

The pets continue to harass Mitzi wanting more of the scent, Pepper loses it again but this time because she feels back for Mitzi, she tells them that Mitzi is tired and to leave her alone, Pepper than asks Mitzi if she ever uses her scent to express other emotion, Mitzi says no, so Pepper agrees to help her unleash her emotions.

It is time for the big speech, and Sue practice one more time and the plan didn't work, so she runs off, Jasper says something about Sue's running and giving speeches, and gives Blythe an idiot, so Jasper be the hero of the story.

Mitzi tries to act on Pepper's advice, and when the other pets ask for more of good scent she says no, finally standing up for herself. She tells Pepper it feels good to do something to make her happy.

Blythe ask Sue when she feels most at ease, she says when she is running, Blythe tells to come with her as she has an idea. Meanwhile finally smarting up and apology for acting like jerks this entire episode. At least they apologies, Mitzi forgives them, she and Pepper team up to give a super scent, and than she jokingly threaten the other pets that won't allow them to abuse her scent ever again.

Meanwhile Sue gives her speech while running on a running machine, got to hand it to Blythe very clever. It reminded of how the ponies help Rainbow Dash study for the wonderbolts exam.

We end on a recap, Pepper telling Blythe what happened in the pet plot, and Blythe saying what happened in plot. Pepper gives off a rainbow scent.
The end.

My thoughts on the episode.

When I heard this episode was going to be Sue centric, I didn't really think I was going to like that much. I make no secret I don't care much for Sue, I don't hate her, she just doesn't interest me, she is miles below Yongmee as far favorites an just interesting characters, even Cora and Emma has prudential, that I don't see in Sue, that being said I really liked this episode mainly for the pet plot, but the Sue plot was okay.

They made Sue very relate able, fear of public speaking, I sympathies with her, and he reaction to public speaking was pretty funny, and the solution that was clever, though I rather they found a way for her to just get over public speaking, instead of finding a trick, a trick that reminds of Rainbow Dash in "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3" so it loses some originality, but that is okay. It was a okay plot that did better that I thought it would be. I liked Sue better than I did before this episode, so that an accomplishment.

But the best part was the pet plot, that is the MVP of the episode, I loved how they teased what the plot would be about, at first it seemed it would be about Pepper's jealousy towards Mitzi, but they turned it around to be Mitzi and her problems, I love how quickly Pepper gets over what jealous she had and befriend Mitzi and helps out and becomes like a big sister.

I love the song, it was an awesome song, Ashleigh Ball and Tabatha St. Germain was amazing singing in that voice.

The only problem I had, though I understand you needed it to move the plot, but the other pets they were acting kind of like jerks and not understanding they were making Mitzi uncomfortable.


Pepper - just being awesome. I love she just got over her jealousy issues and became a mentor or big sister to Mitzi

Mitzi - she was a great character, they could have easily made her an antagonist, but they made her adorable, and likeable,.

The song - it was just great, when it was over I was almost crying. Props to David, Ashleigh, and Tabatha.


The other pets - I know they have to act like this for the story to work, but still by the second half, they were just acting like drug addicts.

In the middle

Sue and the her whole plot, it is something in the middle between positive and negative

All and all this episode was okay, I will give it a 8 / 10.
Okay we are near the end of season 3, how time flies,

In this week's episode The pets try to help a shy peacock prepare for his big first appearance at the agricultural gardens. meanwhile Youngmee tries to convince Blythe to use her ability to help humanity.

Well this week's episode look to be interesting, as we look to have follow up of the events of "The Secret Recipe", well this episode continue to advance, well only one way to find out.

We begin this episode at Littlest Pet Shop, with Blythe and the pets, Blythe who is looking amazing this week is trying to do her algebra home work while Pepper tries to be funny, Mrs. T comes in and tells everyone that will be a celebrity guest day camper a peacock named Basil, everyone has different reactions, Zoey thinks Basil will be a diva, and Vinnie thinks Basil will be a robot that will destroy everything, I love Vinnie's fantasies.

We go to the opening, our first proper scene is still at LPS with Blythe trying to calm down Vinnie, when Basil enters and it looks like he is going to be totally cool, but turns out he is a Woody Alien type character with very high anxiety, hilarious bit with Minka asking Basil for two forms of ID, while Russell was seriously going to answer how many germs there are in the city. Blythe introduces herself to Basil and Basil is not taken a back about a human girl understanding him, but he has his own problems, Blythe goes up to her room to study algebra with Youngmee.

Our next scene in Blythe's room opens on a disturbing note, with Youngmee overly excited facial expression, Youngmee I love you, you are one of my favorite characters, but don't every do that again, she suggest that Blythe use her abilities to help humanity. You know what she is pushy, but her hearts in the right place very encouraging.

We go back to LPS with Basil reorganizing the LPS day camp storage space, what a nice guy, we find out his dream is to have his own storage space store, well we all can dream, the pets ask him if he is excited about his upcoming performance and Basil's freaks out, and Minka is not helping staying dumb stuff he making him nervous, Vinnie of course even worse by same stuff but that is what to expect from Vinnie, and to my disappointment, Pepper did not wake Vinnie with a rubber chicken. Basil freaks out.

The next scene is in Blythe's room, with Blythe and Youngmee continue to discuss the idea of Blythe helping humanity, why the hell not? Youngmee suggest a pet translation video called barks on desks, and we have a fantasy infomercials, which is normally a pet thing, but I think it is refreshing to see the humans take part in the fantasy skits, especially Blythe and Youngmee they are make a great team, though I really want to know what Zoey was saying. Blythe wants to study algebra, but Youngmee is just getting started, Youngmee you are adorable.  

Next scene back at LPS, Pepper is determined to help Basil and remember the letter p, and we get a Weber cameo.

Next scene, Youngmee next idea, pets weather reporting, now this sounds like a great idea, we see adult Blythe, she looks great, and Sunil as the hapless weather reporter, poor Sunil, but hilarious non the less. Blythe will never get to do her algebra.

Next scene, the pets try to help Basil, but it is not working, perhaps Basil needs a special way of getting his confidence up, Vinnie continues to make things worse and this time he gets hit with the rubber chicken. Thank you Pepper.

Our next scene, we see Blythe upside down and the most awesome hair due she has ever had to date, love it, and this time Youngmee's is for them to become detectives, and we get another SCI skit, Blythe and Youngmee are waring the same outfits the Biskits wore, and I love the skit, they are showing the Biskits how it is done, and I love Blythe's detective voice, she sounds like Batman. Blythe admits she likes the idea, and Youngmee totally freaks out, you can kiss your hopes of doing studying algebra goodbye Blythe.

Next scene, Pepper is determined to help Basil find his inner peacock, and we get an awesome training montage, awesome music, but still not working. Blythe comes by to LPS and talks to Pepper and asks how things are going, Pepper says it is not going well. Blythe suggest using Basil organizing skills and a lucky charm to get his confidence up, Pepper gives Basil a bow tie claiming it can make who ever has it do anything they want, we get a mention of Shahruck, Madam Palm, and we even get a mention and a picture of Old Bananas, oh the callbacks, yup this won't end well, but her heart is in the right place.

Next scene is the the big show, Basil debut at the guardian, at first it goes well until Basil loses the bow tie and realizes he lost the bow tie, and he loses his confidence, but Pepper is able to convince that had all inside all along, but pretty predictable, but heck it is a nice message. Basil is able to recover and close the show strong.

The next scene is in Blythe's room, with Blythe trying to study her algebra, when Youngmee enters in her detective outfit, so hilarious, Youngmee at her best in this episode, Blythe tells her she understand where Youngmee is coming from wanting Blythe to use her gift to help humanity, but right now she wants to be a normal kid, Youngmee says she understand and realizes she went over board. They thinks of an idea using Blythe pet hats and Cora's words again with the call backs, to have a festival for pets and their owners, I am excited, especially if that means we will see all the pet owners. So they start planning as the episode ends.

Now my thoughts on this week's episode.

Okay this might be the best episode of the second half of season three, at least it up there in the top 3.

The pet plot with the guest day camper Basil was alright, a lot of it was predictable but for the story it was telling it was okay. I love all the callbacks, from Bananas to Scout to Weber, etc. This was like Where's Waldo edition of LPS. I liked how Pepper, Zoey, Russell and the rest of them tried to help Basil and his anxieties, only problem was Vinnie and to a lesser extent Minka being idiots.

Now as for Blythe plot, this is what made the episode, Youngmee who originally was the most forgettable of Blythe's human friends, she continues to be awesome, and is probably my second or third favorite human in the series except for Blythe of course and maybe Roger. I really wanted Youngmee to learn Blythe's secret, I was so happy when she did, and we saw some great follow up in "Pet Sounds", but this totally validates that decision for a story telling prospective, I love how excited and enthusiastic Youngmee is about Blythe's gifts, it remind me of the rest o the mane 6 excitement to Twilight becoming a princess Allicorn.

Poor Blythe just wants to do algebra, but instead we get some human fantasies and skits that we normally see with the pets, and thanks to someone knowing Blythe's secret, we can actually do that, it is no longer a pets or Blythe and the pets exclusive, which gives them more opportunity to do stuff like that, and I love the skits, the old school infomercials, Blythe the weather reporter and I love how Blythe looks as a grownup weather girl maybe her mom looks like that, and SCI callbacks, showing the Biskits how it is done, also Blythe and Youngmee they have great chemistry, they play off each other well, since "Books and Covers", I thought the two of them make a great team. Youngmee is on a way higher par than any of Blythe's other human friends.

I love that what this could set up, this could be for shadowing for the season finale, maybe Blythe's secret will be revealed to the world. I think perhaps episode 25 cliffhanger will be everyone finding out Blythe's secret, and episode 26 they will have to deal with that and maybe have to convince the world what they saw is a mistake, and perhaps Youngmee could be the one to do that. If Youngmee gets to be the big hero and save the day, I am all for it. At least see all of the pets owners this time, please let it happen.


Basil, he was a entertaining guest camper

Youngmee, she was awesome, she was at her best, she has come a long way from when she was the most forgettable of Blythe's human friends, and is my 2nd or 3rd favorite human character on the show, by far the best of Blythe's original 3 human friends.

Pepper, she was so likable trying to be helpful, in a way I think that is suppose to mirror Youngmee in the Blythe plot.

The callbacks, I love them all, from mention of past characters and events, to past character cameos, some people call it fan service, I don't care


The pet plot was kind of predictable, but that is more of a nip pick.

Vinnie having the idiot ball again.

The pet plot was okay I give is a 9 / 10, the Blythe plot was excellent I give it a 10 / 10, so I guess is even outs to a 9.5 / 10.

Okay hope you enjoyed the review and have a nice LPS day. Bye. Can't believe it, Blythe and Youngmee as detectives.
Okay I am back to review the latest episode Littlest Pet Shop, well I have to say with episodes like "Why Can't We Be Friends" and "Pet Sounds" LPS has been on a roll of late, can it continue, will we end this month with a strong episode of LPS, well only one way to find to out.

We being today's episode at LPS, in which we see our pets looking at something, what could it be, it is Penny Ling's pet ant, that is right a pet has a pet, very clever idea, reminds me of Raph's pet turtle on the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  but turns there a more ants and LPS is swarmed with ants, so they have to close down while this is being taking care of, so what do they do? Where do they keep the pets, is there another place from them? Well at Mrs. T suggest, there is Largest Ever Pet Shop, but Blythe shoots down that, though I don't understand, giving the events of "Winter Wonder Wha...?", doesn't Fisher owe Blythe a favor. It would have made more sense if it was the other way around, Blythe suggests it and Mrs. T shoots it down.

So instead they go to a hotel run by Mrs. T's friend Sophie, and Sophie has an assistant, an old familiar face who has worked at LPS twice, has worked LEPS, and now working at this hotel, so she gets around. She is like the Larry and Steve of this series, or is she? The hotel looked great on the website designed by Madison who might have found her talent, but it is run down, so Blythe and the pets help Sophie fix the place up.

Meanwhile, the Biskit family riding on a rickshaw driven by their Butler, the money must be good if he puts up with that, nice that after 17 years, Kramer and Newman's vision finally came to pass. The twins they notice LPS is closed, and there is a pet hotel about to open, Fisher is furious because he has a similar idea, and I guess forgot to take his jerk pills because he goes insane and wants to close the place down.

Fisher hires a man to be a inspector and close the place down, he shows up at the hotel and warns them that if they don't meet regulation, the hotel will be closed down, Zoey notices something familiar about the man's stench.  Later Zoey and Pepper tell Blythe, and she has Madison walk them. They spot the man talking to Fisher Biskit and now Zoey knows why, he smells of Biskit, great line by the way.

We than go to a Biskit song, and Fisher gets his first song of the series, which I wasn't expecting, it is a pretty good song, and the twins get a song in season 3, I am not a fan of self aware villains and they did call themselves villains in the song, I prefer when bad guys think they are the good guy, that is the way it is in real life.

Now that they know, they tell Blythe, Blythe convinces everyone that the inspector is a fake, and they decide to make him confess with their own fake inspection. A hilarious bit ensues with the inspection, and the man who is named Dale confesses and Blythe recorded on video phone.

The day is saved, the hotel opens and we see Madison her talent in art and web design, which surprised me, she had a character arc that just concluded. And Dale is now the twins rickshaw rider for some reason.

Okay my thoughts on the episode.

This was a great episode, it had its problems, but the positives out weigh the negatives.

First of a pet having a pet having a pet or a pet pet I thought was very clever, it reminds on Raph having a pet turtles in the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. And the place got infected by ants, I was thinking in my head canon this was a continuation of the latest episode of Regular Show.

I so wish they found a way to mention that Blythe the Biskit twins lives, so by that logic should have asked LEPS for help, because Fisher owes her one. I wish they would give Fisher some inner conflict, between his hatred of Twombry and any appreciation for Blythe and what she has done for him, he saved your daughters lives come on, at least hesitate.

In my head canon, Fisher Biskit is bipolar, sometimes he is good, other times he is bad, sometimes he is smart, other times he is an idiot. When I saw the Biskit family in this episode, it occurred to me, they really need a good wife /mother figure. I don't know what happened to the twins mother, is she dead, did she leave Fisher, but an idea I have, Fisher should marry a nice good hearted woman, who will keep them all in line. Fisher is not evil, but sometimes he goes too far on the wrong path, if someone was just there to pull him back before he makes these mistakes. That is a difference with the Baxters and the Biskits, Roger and Blythe they don't need a wife / mother as badly as the Biskits, they need that hole in the family to be filled. Maybe in season 4 Fisher can meet someone.

I did like the song, though as a father, Fisher was teaching the twins terrible morals. While I prefer villains not be self aware and call themselves evil or villains, I like it better when they think they are good guys, but this is a slice of life comedy show I will let it slide, if this was an action show like a good action anime or a show like Legend Of Korra, I would be mad, but here it is okay.

As for you Biskit twins haters, you will be happy to know that the twins barely appeared in this episode, this was more of a Fisher and Dale episode. Heck the twins could not have been in the episode and the plot would still have worked out. And where are Cashmere and Velvet, did they die of starvation, wouldn't surprise me.

I did notice that since revealing her secret to Youngmee, Blythe seems more comfortable about her abilities, when the adults asked her how she knew that the inspector was a fake, Blythe didn't over react, the old Blythe would have panic. So some character development them

Speaking of character development, they actually had a Madison arc and it ends here. Madison found her talent and her place in the universe. I thought they unjustly tried to villanfy her in the season 1 finale and season 2 premiere, working in the pet shop is not for everybody, being around animals is just not for her, doesn't make her a bad person, I am glad they corrected that, and they could have made her the Larry and Steve of this series, just going from job to job as a gag, but no they actually developed her, I am not a huge Madison fan, but good for her.


All the pets get to do stuff, and the pet pet idea.

The song, I loved the song and Fisher shined here.

Madison finds her talent.

Blythe shows less anxiety towards her ability.


Bipolar Fisher, make up your minds writers, is he good or bad?

No guest pet, not necessary, but always nice to see.

No Cashmere and Velvet, seriously did they die of starvation because of neglect ion.

All and all, it was a good episode, just messing a guest pet. But I give this episode a 8.5 / 10.

So that is my review, hope you enjoyed reading it, have a nice LPS day.
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