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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop".

& I only have 3 rules on this blog:

-No inappropriate images (like sexual or gore)
-No Trolling
-No Intense Hating

so... yeah

Petters, UNITE!
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Well I have on a realiable source if it turns out to be wrong than so be it, but Littlest Pet Shop will resume season 3 with episode 14 titled "Winter Wonder Wha...?" on December 13th on Discovery Family.

In the episode Blythe and Zoe spend a weekend at the Biskits' winter chateau, while the pets try to cheer a homesick penguin missing his home in the antartic.

Well from the episode title perhaps one of my wishes will come true and we will finally have a LPS Chrismas episode, and a Blythe / Biskit episode to boot, I always imgained if they did one it would be Blythe teaching the twins about the Chrismas episode, maybe help the normally distant Biskit family get closer together. Anyway we will see, I do hope we get to Zoey and the twin Chinchilas Cashmere and Velvet interact finally.

As for my overal thoughts on the second half of season 3, we waited long enough and what a new world with one other human knowing Blythe's secret will be. I always thought Youngmee was a great human sidekick to begin with, and now she will be an even better human sidekick than she was before.
So we have reached the half way point of season 1 and we conclude with an episode that is very bitter sweet. It had stuff I loved, but stuff I didn't like.

So we begin with A mis direction as it looks like we have an action episode in some far off land with evil poochers try to kidnap some baby tigers or something, but to the rescue is some mongoose but it turns out it is all a movie being watched by our pets. I wouldn't mind seeing more action on the show.

Now here is a part that really gets on my nerves, Sunil does his magic act, and uses Penny Ling in his trick, and makes her disappear with the intention that should reappear in a box, well the trick doesn't work as planned, but it works, Penny Ling is transported accross town, and she runs back to the pet shop which I thought was hilarious, but the pets give Sunil a hard time like he flopped. Sure the trick didn't go as planned but it worked, heck it worked better as planned, but if he couldn't make Penny disappear okay, but he did, he did real magic, hello real magic, that is impressive, I like to see them try. It gets on my nerves Sunil did something super awesome and no one gives him credit. These pets get on my gears. I wish Raven from Teen Titans or some other magic sorcerrer would show up and teach them a lesson Magic is awesome.

Okay I got that out of my system, but the pets are in obcess with some actor mongoose called Shahrukh, and man he is a jerk.But more on that later, the pets get Blythe who is looking awesome BTW to take them to the studio and we meet for the first time the security guy making his debut, one episode we meet stage manager, the two of them are work aholics how many jobs do they have, I think I might ship them. Blythe gave him a great neck name and whenever I see him I call him Tiny.

Hijinks ensues, and by the end of it Shahrukh is staying the pet shop, while Sunil is going to be in a movie. Well Shahrukh is a jerk but he is an awesome song, very catchy, one of my favorite songs. Between him and the Biskits, the jerky characters they have good songs in this series, I just notice.

Meanwhile Sunil is finding out being a movie star is not all glammer as he has to do a dangerious stund for the movie  and the director looks famialr. Is he suppose to Steven Spellburg or Michael Bay, giving the stund he has to do, Michael Bay would be very appropiate. And one of the funniest lines in the history of the series. one of the director assistants says to Sunil "careful little guy we don't want you getting hurt, now up on the letch and jump off." I laughed out loud at that.

The pets realize Shahrukh is a jerk, and they want Sunil back, dam magic critics who don't appreciate the greatnestt of magic kind of got what's coming to them, but anyway Blythe and Penny go to the studio to try to get Sunil back, but Tiny gets in the way. And there is adorable scene here when Penny try to climb out the protective ramp, it just adorable.

In the end, Sunil does some real magic to switch places with Shahrukh, Shahrukh learns to appreciate his old life, and the pets learn to appreciate Sunil, a lesson they should not have had to learn in the first place. I was disappointed in Vinnie for not sticking for Sunil and to a lesser degree Zoey to show some considence from "Blythe's Crush", as long as they never do that again I am good.

Shahrukh is an intersting character, he is the first day camper to not become friends with the pets. He is not a bad guy pet like someone we meet in season 3, but before this we have had guest pets that are antagonistic towards one if not all the pets like Esteban and Madame Palm, but by episode end they become friends with whoever they were feuding with. Here doesn't really happen. Shahrukh never appologies for the way he treated the pets or for the way he views the world in general. I am not compalining, just something I noticed.

I am sorry if I was a little negative in this review, I thought the way the pets talked to Sunil was very mean spiritness and very OOC of them. Secondly I love magic, I take magic over science and technology any day of the week when it comes to fiction. My favorite manga is Fairy Tail, Raven is my favorite Titan in the cartoon show, heck my reason for following the Ben 10 franchise is the magic theme stuff which is not the basis for the franchise it is more of a secondary thing, plus all of the magic themed characters are awesome especially Charmcaster one of the greatest characters  ever. If you are a fun complex characters check Charmcaster out. So yeah I big fan of magic in media, so anyone putting it down it is a sour thing with me.

I think I will give 8 / 10, the stuff I didn't like I really didn't like, but the stuff I liked I really loved.
Okay ready to shake you groove thing tonight as we bring you a dance party episode, feature everyone's favorite geco. In this episode Blythe to the set of his favorite show Shake A Leg a parody So You Think You Can Dance, but someone ends up living Vinnie's dream of being on said show.

Okay this was fun episode, I love the whole Godzilla / King Kong parody. Vinnie just going crazy destroy Downtown City, all because he lost his remote. Also I loved Blythe's outfit in this episode, looking stylish.

Blythe offers to take Vinnie to hollywood to see his favorite show Shake Leg in person on Roger's next trip there, when did she get Vinnie's owner permission is beyond me. These owners must really trust LPS, because they let them take their pets to any place even in another country as we will see in future episodes.

Vinnie tries to show his moves to the judges, and any normal human wouldn't take that seriously, they would say how cute, but nope these judges are insance they judge Vinnie like they would a contesdent, they clearly need a vacation. And their review is not so nice, crushing Vinnie's confidence.

Meanwhile because Blythe resembles a dancer that is not available, the show's stage manager who later find out works like 15 jobs asks Blythe to fill in, but Blythe is camera shy. She has those issures, which is brought up again in the future, which I like. And Vinnie being depressed that he is, abandens Blythe in her moment of need.

Vinnie meets some street performer lizzards, and they do an awesome song, and get Vinnie groove back, Vinnie realize what a jerk he was abanden Blythe rushes back to the studio to save the day.

Than comes one of the more informus moments in the series, one that defies physics, Vinnie hides under Blythe's dress (that is kind of iffy having a male character do that, but that is not the main controversy moments) Vinnie carries Blythe and dances, what kind of strengh does Vinnie have, that just not possible. Anyway Vinnie saves the day, and Blythe is able to overcome her camera shyness at least for one day.

We also have another plot with the pets trying to find a place to hole the remote so it won't be lost again, personally I felt that plot was unnecessary, not every episode do all the pets need screen time. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic understands you don't have to have all the mane 6 in every episode and being involved in the plot. LPS was still learning so I give them that.

Dance show has been a thing for a long time, people may not remember American Bandstand, Solid Gold, or my personnel favorite Soul Train, look it up. Just saying.

Anyway good episode, if it wasn't for the B plot, I give it a higher score, but 8 / 10. Next week we will reach the half way point of season 1, dam time flied. When will season 3 resume. I can't wait to see what a Youngmee knows Blythe secret world will be like.
Okay we move onto episode 11, and this was an excellent episode I loved it. I might be in the minority here I liked the Blythe plot better than the pets plot, taking nothing away from it, just had some character development from a some characters which I will get into later.

The pet plot, when a siamese cat named Scout is a guest day camper at LPS, the pets think she is a spy. Well the fantasy sequences were great, I especially loved Russell, he is awesome. I know the pets they don't understand such things and are uncapable of thinking fully logically, but if Scout was a spy, how will she relay informantion to anybody, other than Blythe, don't understand, unless LEPS or whoever might be spying on them as someone with Blythe's gift, it doesn't make sense. But sometimes you have to suspend your sence of disbelief.

Now onto the Blythe plot, this is one of my favorite human plots of season 1. I tell you why, first of the all the plot is in order to win the matthlete competition Blythe enlists the Biskits help to win because she thinks they are smart. Well I loved this, first of all it is nice to see Blythe and the Biskits not be complete enemies. Up until now except for their cameo in "Russell Up Some Fun", everytime we see the Biskits it is always to be antagonists towards Blythe. Though out this episode they seem less hostile, and Blythe herself wasn't hostile. In the early episode Blythe was always hostitle to the Biskits as well, and slowly she learned to just either ignore their Biskitiness or take it in strides. It is like she learned that in the end they are harmless, no need to act like they the holly grail of evil.

I liked the development of Blythe and the Biskits, and seeing Blythe and Whitney one on one screen time and Blythe saying "just pretend I' m your sister" I thought was cute and funny, and gives a hint of what is to come later on. I also thought the Biskits texting each other was hillarous, that never gets old.

And finally I didn't know it at the time, this was a big episode for Youngmee. She had some funny moments in "Mean Isn't Your Color", but this was her first big episode in which she steps out of the shadows, this is where she comes into her own and finds her role as Blythe's human sidekick. Seeing Blythe and Youngmee together reminds of classic duos like Lucy and Ethel from I Love Lucy, Laverne and Shirley from Laverne and Shirley, Blythe is the idealist with a crazy idea lead character and Youngmee is the best friend that goes along for the ride. This is the first episode I thought to myself, when Blythe and the pets can't be together and go on an adventure together, Youngmee is a worthy substitute. And who knew this was just the beginning that would eventully lead to the biggest moment in LPS "Secret Recipe".

So this episode gets a 10 / 10, very underrated episode if you ask me.
Okay this episode is a very good episode, I found it hillarous. In this episode Blythe is left in charge of LPS while Zoey has to deal with an old rival.

I thought Madam Pom was a good character, she is one of my favorite day campers. She was snobby and kind of a jerk but they did a good job of having her go to far in making the ending when she and Zoey patch things up to be too much of a 180.

Vinnie and Penny's plot was funny, I thought though it suffered with too many plots, which meant this plot did feel underdevelop, as well as Sunil's plot with the toy mouses.

But my favorite plot has to Mrs. Twombry, I just love insane Twombry, the end when she just loses at super store that was awesome, Twombry at her best. And one minor I really liked Blythe look in this episode.

This episode while I felt it had too many plots, I still give it a 9 / 10. So till next week my friends, have a nice LPS day.
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