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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop".

& I only have 3 rules on this blog:

-No inappropriate images (like sexual or gore)
-No Trolling
-No Intense Hating

so... yeah

Petters, UNITE!
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Hey, I was watching the recent episode of LPS ("Winter Wonder Wha..."), when it got me thinking...

are you sure the Biskit Twins are really like this, the whole sterotypical bratty teenage girl attitude, cause to me it feels like they're characters are so much like they're just sterotypes of rich bratty teenage girls,  it almost makes those personalities way too unrealostic, to the point where those two girls are not what they seem, I mean it's just a show, but still...

I mean, everytime I see them acting like this, it makes think that they're actually secret undercover agents, who, without Fisher knowing, took place of the real two daughters (or get adopted by Fisher, whatever works), and convinced Fisher to start a chain of Pet Shops in Big City cause they know that Zoe and Minka go to the Littlest Pet Shop, so if they tried to take it down, they'll easily have them in their grasps to use in a secret project to use the 6 animals required to find the dimension of magic (aka Equestria from "My Little Pony"), since Zoe & Minka have the same color as 2 of the Mane 6, and we haven't seen them doing that because they're always cameras everywhere and they don't want to take a risk and it's also the reason why they text most of the time and we don't see what they're talking about (which also fits the snobby personality)

yeah it's a bit far-fetched, but whenever I see them acting so stereotypical to rich bratty teenage girls all the time, it almost feels like those two are not what they seem to be,

you know what I mean?
It has been so long since we had a new episode of Littlest Pet Shop, last we left you, was the shows biggest moment in my opinion in Blythe revealing her secret abilities to talk to pet to her best human friend Youngmee. How will things be different now, well we will find out in the second half of season 3. Also Hub Network is no more and Discovery Family is here. Finally we are going to see a post secret revealed LPS world, well if you are looking for that, not this week, more on that later.

It was a good episode, I liked the ending, but as a Christmas episode not that good. It was just lacking something. It just didn't feel very Christmassy and lacked any Christmas miracles. I guess the butler getting his job back counts, but that already happened off screen.

When I found out this episode was out of order took place before "Two Pets For Two Pests" which in turn took place before "The Secret Recipe" I feel a little let down, I want to see the post "Secret Recipe" LPS world and now we we have to wait perhaps another week.

I have to give Fisher Biskit credit he is smarter than he lets on sometimes. Fisher character is very inconsistent, sometimes he is smart like in this episode, other episodes he is a big idiot like his daughters like in "If The Shoe Fits", it feels like the writers just make him whatever the plot calls for, which I find to be lazy writing.

I liked the twist that all episode the Biskit were trying to be nice for the wrong reason, in the end Blythe was nice to them for the right reason, and they had to be nice to someone else. So they have to learn their lesson even after they tried con their way out of it. I would liked for the twins to learn the lesson of giving, but at least they learned to accept two presents and they didn't completely dismisses Blythe's text about the try meaning of giving, Whittany even read it in a serious un Biskitey tone, so it is a start I guess.

As for the other plot, it felt more like a winter plot than a holiday plot, but it was good filler. I liked the guest camper, it reminds me of a character from the Woody WoodPeker show.

All in an all, a fine entertaining episode, I give it 8 / 10, probably high if it wasn't build up as a Holiday episode.
As promised  here is a retrospective of season 3 part 1 as we approach the relaunch of season 3 this Saturday, I will give my thought of season 3 so far, my expectations, what expectations they meet, what disappointments so far, and hope for the season half of season 3.

First of all let me give a quick of the episodes I have not reviewed here.


A nice start to season 3. First of all I liked Blythe's haire in this episode, I liked all the callbacks fromt the LPS commercial, to the Pet Fasion Expo, to fun Russell, some nice touches.

So they did a Weekend At Bernie's parodies, that is more for the parents than the kids, I am sure they wouldn't get it. The plot did seem to be more male focused, even the B plot was more Fisher Bisket than the Bisket daughters. This is even more of a sausage episode than "Eight Arms To Hold You" at least that had Blythe played a center role.

But I don't mind we got to see the two best duos do their thing. First of course Vinnie and Sunil, the writers have answered our requests and gave us more Sunil and Vinnie. Though I have to question who has a ratcoon for a pet? I loved the song, that is awesome, I hope we have more of those.

And the b plot, it is a human plot, that doesn't have much to do with Blythe, it is the Biskit family. And I like they were written, they were more neutral than out right villains, I guess they are still antagonist being business rivals, but that is pretty much it, they are just comic relief. And I can't help but feel sorry for Fisher, they have a Elmor Feud or Tom feel, that are such losers you can't help but feel pitty for them.  And if they had a little more of a underdog status going for them, I might even go as far to say you can't help but root for them.  And the Biskits disguices were actully good, I wish they did interact with Blythe more in disguise, maybe we might see some development in their relationship with Blythe.

All and all a good start, looks like we are back to the season 1 type of goodness. I just wish the female pets had more to do, though I liked Penny's crush on Mr. Von Fizzlebutt, she is cute when she flirts. This episode I am sure Gene from the video store will love it, props to anyone that gets that reference.

" War Of The Weirds"

Well I see Largest Ever Pet Shop recovered quickly from the last episode. As soon as I heard the radio advertising, I knew where they were going with the whole ufo thing. I knew LEPS was behind it, I though this was going to end up with them trashing and vandalising LEPS again and show no remourse or aplogetic for their action. I have seen our so called heros do that a couple to that a couple of times to LEPS or the Biskit family, so thankful no. The writers finally get it, you can only give comeuppings to the Biskits and / or LEPS when they actully deserve it.

The aliens in their imigination they look just like the aliens in the first episdoe of South Park. And where is Kent Brockman when you need him to welcome our new overlords. We get some continuity with Minka's Mars visit and the other pets still have not come clean about their trick. And they still haven't. And Blythe not a smart move to ask the guy that believe in Big Foot to be rational about aliens.

And Madison is back, I thought she could be the Larry and Steve of this series, and have recurring gag of jumping from job to job, that would be a good role. Though here is Trombry hiring her again, I have to give it to Mrs. T, she has a good heart, giving that idiot another chance.

And Fisher Biskit he has Scrooge McDuck cheep rich guy personna. If he is so rich, why not hire real actors for your commercial instead of his daughter, cheep skate.

The twist at the end, Mrs. T saved the world, and Uptown does excist, I knew it.

"Some Assistance Required"

Okay we find out who Mona Autumn's assistant who is now a named character went insane. That poor woman, she needed a day off, she needs a month off.

So we finally have a pet villain. At first I thought this plot was going to be about Zoey being paranoid. But she is not, it develops the Russell / Zoey relationship. Zoey who had been jealous of Russell in the past has grown past that and is now looking out for him which is nice character development.

And Blythe saves the day at the end, and Mona becomes more and more like a mentor to Blythe. I am disappointed that the pets were in the same building as Mona, and they don't meet or interact with Ciaro. I hope they would meet someday.

A solid episode all in all, event hough the cast was small.

Okay now that, that is out of the way let's get down to business.

My hope and expectation for season 3 is more building on the greatness establish in the first two seasons, expand on stuff from season 1 and 2, and do new things never done, have they done that, well let's take look.

I want to see the pets develop more and get more screen time and have some continuity to the past. Well first of all, they building on Russell's modeling career, and the bond between him and Zoey in the "Expo Factor", well done. Also the "Secret Cupid" with all the romance and ship teases, I loved that. Seeing more of Sunil being brave, I want to see more of that, and Penny being less timid, she is not the wall flower we knew in the beginning.  And Minka being more useful and not just comic relief. She was active in helping Blythe in "Secret Cupid" but really stepped up in "Tongue Tied".  

As for our lead outside of the pets, Blythe. At the beginning of the season she was coming off her moment glory in the Pet Fashion Expo, now that, that part of her her story is done, what to do next. Well in the first episode she really didn't do much, her presence was minimal, it had me worried that the writers ran out of things for her, but luckily I was proven wrong. They focus on other stuff, mainly her confidence in herself. First with her abilities and able to be proud of them as others start to find out about it and depend on it as we saw in "Tongue Tied", but also confidence with her love life, and we got to know more about Josh, that is great.  She has developed some what this season, mainly her relationship with other characters. Specifically three characters all voiced by the same person ironically, the Biskits twins and Youngmee Song. I will get to Youngmee latter, but let's start with the Biskits.

Well I am glad that the writers have slowly turned the Biskits from vileness antagonist characters to neutral comic relief characters, something that should have happened a long time ago, season 2 perhaps, but better late than never.  Especially after an episode like "Door Jammed" in season 1, you tease the audience it is okay to like them or at least one of them, only to tell them nope you have to hate them, but finally we are back on track. It starts with the season premiere in which the B plot had the Biskits family as the protagonist in their own storyline. Though out the season so far, the Biskits have not messed with Blythe, they haven't gone out of their way to do anything mean. I like to think there totally humiliation at the Pet Fashion Expo was the turning point, I think they learned let's not mess with Blythe and just let her be. And Blythe herself, she is more patient and tolerant of the Biskits being the Biskits than they she has been in the past, I like to think she knows them well enough that they are all bark and no bite, they are not really bad people, they just want people to think they are, so she hasn't really lost her cool at the Biskits like in the past, the only time a Biskit got on Blythe's nerves was Fisher in "Hamster Hoods" when he called LPS a dingy store.  In that same episode, you see how Blythe and the twins relationship has evolved, when the twins played their little detective game at LPS, I swear I thought saw Blythe chuckle a bit at their antics, that was so cute, they look like three little kids playing a game and Blythe is just humoring them. This is not the same Blythe from "Penny For Your Laughs" that is for sure, who took the Biskits way too seriously and thought they were irredeemable and hopeless of every becoming better people. I am so proud of Blythe.  And we seen Blythe actually help them and become better people, when she tricked them into getting pets of their own in "Two Pets For Two Pests". I think now Blythe and the Biskits they are friends deep down, they are just don't know it. It is one of those subconscious things.

And let me talk about the LPS and LEPS rivalry for a bit. A quick thought, I like that LEPS is portrayed as just a rival pet shop and nothing more, and not this evil hell on earth like they have done in the past. I liked in "Hamster Hoods" when Pepper said it was wrong to steal from them, in the past the attitude towards LEPS was they are evil and you can do anything bad to them because they deserve it. Blythe and the pets they vandalized LEPS in "Gailbreak" for no what turned out to be no good reason and showed no remorse for it and didn't even apology for it. I am glad the writers get is, LEPS is a rival pet shop, not an evil pet shop.

Now onto the big one Blythe's relationship with Youngmee. The big game changer, but before we get to that, let's talk about Youngmee herself and how she has developed as a character. I will make it brief since most of my thoughts on that subject can be read on my Youngmee Song character retrospective blog. We actually get to know more about her and her own dreams, and become a character in own right outside of just being Blythe's sidekick. She wrote a song, I didn't know she had interesting in writing music, and she had her dream of having her own pet food business. I loved the idea of Youngmee having her own interests, she has been supportive of Blythe and her fashion dreams during the pet fashion expo arc, so in turn hopefully we get to Blythe return the favor and I am sure we will, we were off to a good start in the "Secret Recipe". She has become a full on character in her own right instead of a character that just fills a certain like she was in the beginning. I loved how she helps Blythe with her crush on Josh, giving her advice and stuff. And she saved Blythe from trouble in "Tongue Tied", and she has proven her trustworthy on many occasions like when she said she would never tell Josh about Blythe's feelings for him, and she was the one who went out of her way that Blythe was not seriously injured in "Feud For Thought", I thought that was a cute moment. All big  setup for "The Secret Recipe".

I thought it was about time that Youngmee found out Blythe's secret, I wanted to see it as early as "Sweet (Truck) Ride", it reminds me of other series like Harper in Wizards Of Waverly Place or Trixie and Spud in American Dragon: Jake Long in which the best friend doesn't know the main character secret, but finds out later on. And who knows like in both examples the best friend would save the main character's life a couple of times, and had the status quo not changed the main character would be dead, the one that comes to mind was the AD:JL episode "Ski Trip", no doubt about it, Jake wold be a dead dragon if it wasn't for Trixie and Spud in that episode. So perhaps Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret would come in handy later on and we be thinking good thing Youngmee knew Blythe's secret or else there would be trouble, not to the point of saving Blythe's life, this isn't an action show, but perhaps she could help cover Blythe's secrets if others like Fisher Biskit or someone worse start to get suspicious  of Blythe and try to find out her secret.

Speaking of someone worse than Fisher Biskit, I wonder where the LPS vs LEPS arc is going. I love to see a new enemy emerge, a truly evil cooperation opens up a super large pet shop and is a threat to both LPS and LEPS, and the two shops have to put aside their differences and team up. BTW, poor Fisher, he already has to put up with his dumb daughters, but now he has to put up with Madison, who make Whittany and Brittany look like geniuses.

Has season 3 meet my expectations, hell yes. It is the best season of the series so far, there weren't many if any bad episode. The show is really on a groove, I am glad we are seeing all sorts of character development. And the big status quo change in "Secret Recipe" the greatest episode of the series by far.

My hopes for the second half of season 3, well as I already mention I want to see them do something with Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret and use that in an episode. I want to see Zoey and the Biskits pets Chinchillas cross paths. And I want to see Tangler comeback, I love that we have a pet villain at last, perhaps a Tangler / Ramon team up? Maybe that is not a good idea. What I really want to see in the season finale, I doubt it will happen, I want to see Blythe's mom, at least see her in a flashback. Does she also have Blythe's abilities, a popular theory among fans including myself if Blythe's mom can talk to pets and Blythe inherit that ability from her and bumping her head in the first episode unlocked that power. And heck just to be greedy, it would be nice to see Whittany and Brittany's mother. Anyway  keep up the good work Julie, Tim, and everyone else at LPS.
Okay half of season 1, so we begin this episode which orginally suppose to be episode 15, but what the hell. It is about Russell going to Blythe's school, the pets try to cover for Russell, while Zoey falls in love. A lot to cover.

First of all the way pets look at school like great thing, I love it, it makes the world seem so much bigger when you look at it from their eyes. Rusell just breaking rules that seems so un Russell like, but I like that, it shows some continuity from "Russell Up Some Fun."

Anyone Russel sneaks up to Blythe's school, it is awesome to see a pet in that world. And we see a hint of Blythe and the Biskits perhaps they aren't so different after all, they have the same taste in backbags, and I loved Blythe's outfit in this episode.

As for the other plots, first of all seeing Zoey act so shy and nerves, normally she is so confidence and everything, but to see her insecure side, it is nice to see, it shows she has some character depth, and Penny Ling really stepped up as a friend helping Zoey out. This Digby guy turned out to be okay, is just me or does he sound like Shinning Armor, is is the same voice actor I don't know?

As for the c plot, Minka is awesome, nuff said.

My favorite part was Blythe and Russell to get back to the pet shop before they got in trouble, it reminded me of the climax of a movie called Ferris Butler's Day Off, all that is messing was that music used in that race to get home scene. Also Blythe creating a skate board, reminded me of Back To The Future, so we get some 80's movie references, right up to the episode title Trading Places, one of the funniest movies of all time, if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and see it, especially aroudn the holidays.

This episode gets a 9 / 10.

A big announcement as you may or may not know, season 3 resumes in a couple of weeks, so I will be back doing my latest episode reviews, so I decided to put my retro reviews on hold starting now. Next week I am going to do a season 3 retrospective, talking about my possitives and negatives, what expectations were meet, what I hope they still meet, and what I like to see in the second half of season 3, so till than. Have a nice LPS day.
Well I have on a realiable source if it turns out to be wrong than so be it, but Littlest Pet Shop will resume season 3 with episode 14 titled "Winter Wonder Wha...?" on December 13th on Discovery Family.

In the episode Blythe and Zoe spend a weekend at the Biskits' winter chateau, while the pets try to cheer a homesick penguin missing his home in the antartic.

Well from the episode title perhaps one of my wishes will come true and we will finally have a LPS Chrismas episode, and a Blythe / Biskit episode to boot, I always imgained if they did one it would be Blythe teaching the twins about the Chrismas episode, maybe help the normally distant Biskit family get closer together. Anyway we will see, I do hope we get to Zoey and the twin Chinchilas Cashmere and Velvet interact finally.

As for my overal thoughts on the second half of season 3, we waited long enough and what a new world with one other human knowing Blythe's secret will be. I always thought Youngmee was a great human sidekick to begin with, and now she will be an even better human sidekick than she was before.
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MagiShine2005 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hey, I got a little question here about the Biskit Twins, are you sure these twins are really like this, the whole sterotypical bratty teenage girl attitude, cause to me it feels like they're characters are just sterotypes of rich bratty teenage girls,  it's almost like those personalities are way too unrealostic, I mean it's just a show, but still...

I mean, everytime I see them acting like this, it makes think that they're actually secret undercover agents, who, without Fisher knowing, took place of the real two daughters (or get adopted by Fisher, whatever works), and convinced Fisher to start a chain of Pet Shops in Big City cause they know that Zoe and Minka go to the Littlest Pet Shop, so if they tried to take it down, they'll easily have them in their grasps to use in a secret project to use the 6 animals required to find the dimension of magic (aka Equestria from "My Little Pony"), since Zoe & Minka have the same color as 2 of the Mane 6, and we haven't seen them doing that because they're always cameras everywhere and they don't want to take a risk and it's also the reason why they text most of the time and we don't see what they're talking about (which also fits the snobby personality)

yeah it's a bit far-fetched, but whenever I see them acting so stereotypical to rich bratty teenage girls,
 it's feels like those two are not what they seem to be,

you know what I mean?
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GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! (Not really bad this time, Fry?)
TV has confirmed that Snow Stormin' the 15th Episode of Season 3 will air on December 20th after Winter Wonder Wha...? Same time at 12:30/11:30c. We're now getting weekly episodes through December, January and February, straight on!

NOTE: I used the Dish Network Schedule and it shows the Dec. 20 lineup. If you want to see the real schedule, scroll down to Discovery Family, click on it, then scroll down to Dec. 20 to see the airdate for LPS Season 3 Episode 15.

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New Promo for LPS Season 3's return on December 13, 2014:…
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