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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop" known as "Petshoppers" (the full name couldn't fit, so we made Petters the shorten term for it)

& I only have 3 rules on this blog:

-No inappropriate images (like sexual or gore)
-No Trolling
-No Intense Hating

so... yeah

Welcome to Shop!!!
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Hello everyone, it is time for me to the latest episode of Littlest Pet Shop, can you believe we are half way through the season, and like season 3 the mid season finale was great.

This week's episode titled Petnappers, in this episode A cocker spaniel is taken by her false owner and the pets try to reenact an episode of Russell's favorite show.

We begin with the pets watching TV, and the news with Sally Hairspray giving a report on a robbery in the Stacey estate manor when Russell changes the channel to watch his favorite show the Dutches of Langerly Lane, well he would if he didn't accidentally delete it,  and boy is Russell not happy about that. We go to the opening.

We begin the episode back to when we began with Russell losing it and asking Blythe if there is anyway to get it back, Blythe says there isn't, but websites do post recaps of shows, well there also websites that videos of the episode, just watch it that way, but we can't promote piracy, so the other pets decide to read the recap and act out the play for Russell.

Just than a cocker spaniel runs into the shop, and she has lost bark, so Blythe can't communicate with her, after that in walks Youngmee and sees knows what is up with the dog who she names Nutmeg Dash, she think Nutmeg Dash is scared of something, in walks a man who claims he is looking for a lost dog, and while he doesn't have a license, he does know that Nutmeg Dash has a spot on her stomach and Blythe walks away with the dog. Youngmee is not trusting of this guy, and she convinces Blythe to tail this guy, so Blythe, Youngmee, and Zoey tail him.

Meanwhile the pets they have read the recap, they cast the parts and they are ready to do their little scheme.

Back to the more exciting plot, team Blythe have followed this guy to this moving truck with these two other guy, and they spy and Youngmee comes to the conclusion that these guys are the ones that robbed the Stacey mansion. Nutmeg is able to see them, and she leaves the trail for Team Blythe to follow, very smart of her, very Lassie like.

After a scene about Russell complaining about spoilers, we go back to the plot that maters, with Team Blythe following these crocks to their hideout, which is warehouse. We find out these guys plan to sell Nutmeg Dash to this pet collector guy, who I think ought to be arrested along with these crocks.

Meanwhile as the pets begin their little play, they quickly find out Sunil messed up and read the recap from the wrong episode, oh no. Well they decide to just improve.

We get to maybe my favorite Blythe and Youngmee disguise as this rich woman and her dog walker, and I tell you I thought Youngmee looked awesome in that disguise. They outbid the pet collector guy, and they win Nutmeg Dash, but quickly their cover is blown, with Zoey's help they get away, but Nutmeg Dash does not, so Blythe right in front of these crocks call the cops, and they crocks decide to just move their stuff and run away to a new hideout and just leave Blythe and Youngmee be. What kind of wimpy crocks are they?

Russell loves the play and can't wait to talk about this play at his TV show fan club, the pets realize that if Russell tells them about this play and claim it to be the TV show, he will make a fool of himself.

Team Blythe stall the crocks until the police gets here, using some classic 90's kids movie antics, I tell you I was at the edge of my seat, this is the most action packed LPS has ever been. They rescue Nutmeg Dash and stall the crocks when the police get there and arrest them. BTW just me or does it seem that Blythe, Youngmee and Zoey were having a conversation, she might not be able to talk to the pets, I think Youngmee have become familiar enough with the pets that she communicate with them like Blythe.

The pets tell Russell the truth before he can make a fool of himself, Russell their play was better than the show, and realizes the show is boring, and tuns the fan club into a fan fic club.

As Blythe and Youngmee are hanging with the pets at LPS, the lawyer for the late owner of Nutmeg Dash shows up and tells them that that Mr. Stacey put in his will, that Nutmeg got to pick her next owner and she picks Youngmee. And Youngmee find a pet ends on an exciting emotional note.

My thoughts Wow what an episode, I didn't think the Youngmee arc would be settled so soon, but yeah she has a pet. Over the course of the series, we have seen the Biskits, we have seen Youngmee get pets, when is Blythe getting a pet?

Anyway I do love that we actually get some real villains here, the world of LPS we have jerks, our antagonists, but never anything criminal. I guess the world of LPS is not rainbows and unicorns after all. Though still there were very tame, they didn't have any weapons, when Blythe and Youngmee they didn't tie them up or anything.

Watching the Russell plot, I was like please let's back to the main plot here, it was so action packed, I was at the edge of my seat, granted still it is more little kid movies action, it is hardly like the old Jem and the Holograms cartoon, now that is action, no one was tied up inside a volcano or anything.

And the fact that Nutmeg Dash was too tired to talk, made it feel more like Lassie, and it give Youngmee the chance to show how she can connect with a pet without having Blythe's ability.

As for the Russell plot, I was so happy to see all these cameos, let's see we had Mary Francis, Tootsie, Digby, and Scout Carey It was a funny little plot, though it did fill up time between the action plot.

And it ends with Youngmee getting her pet, I was so happy, this episode this is except for maybe the season premiere, the best episode of the episode, gold tier episode for sure. I wonder if we will see those crocks at the end, I am all for more real villains.


1) Youngmee - this was Youngmee episode to shine, I love that she got her pet, I love how she shows her own way of communicating with pets.

2) Real danger and villains - we have some actual real villains this time, and there was a sense of danger I never felt on LPS ever before, he was so much fun to watch.

3) Nutmeg Dash - she is so adorable I just love her.


1) None really, the B plot got way of the exciting A plot, but I have nothing to complain about from that.

So you guessed it, my score for this episode which I think except for maybe The Tortoise and The Heir, is by far the best episode of the season.  So tell next time have a nice LPS day. Bye.
Hello welcome to another episode of Littlest Pet Shop. I saw this one and the next one already, but I will wait till next week to post my thoughts on that one. We are getting close to the half way point of the final season, I am so sad. But the quality this season has been excellent for the most part, so LPS is looking to end strong.

This week's episode, Guilt Tripping. In this episode, Blythe feels guilty when she unintentionally causes Whitney and Britney to be suspended from school while Pepper goes numb while waiting for punishment from Vinnie when she accidentally breaks his lucky rock.

So what happens is at school Blythe like she is Sailor Moon is late for school, she breaks the no running rule, trips, starts a human domino that results in the Biskits twins pulling a fire alarm. The Biskits get in trouble, Blythe tries to clear things up with the teacher, but the Biskits interfere, so they can get suspended for something that is not their fault, though part of it is their own fault for not interrupting Blythe, so the Biskits rudeness was their undoing. You see kids it pays to have manors.

After the opening, we begin the episode proper with the Biskits being suspended, and the whole school loving it. Blythe is a hero, it just not Blythe's friends, the whole school is celebrating. Dam the Biskits are unpopular, poor girls, Blythe really is their best friend.

Meanwhile at the pet shop, Pepper being rude this week, again don't be rude kids, takes Vinnie's lucky rock and juggles it and breaks it. Vinnie is devastated like he is Darth Vader at the end of episode 3. Pepper to let Vinnie think of a punishment, but Vinnie is too sad to think of anything, so Pepper is just going to have wait and that is punishment onto itself.

We cut back to Blythe, and I tell a little glimpse of what kind of relationship she has with the Biskits, she is so used to them, that when they are not around to annoy her, she feels kind of empty, not to mention she feel guilty. Which is a good message, wrong is wrong no mater who the victim is. I am glad Blythe knows that, two wrongs don't make a right.

Too bad Blythe jerk friends don't know that, you know I don't mind their initial reaction to all this, but once it is clear Blythe feels terrible, Blythe's feelings should mater more than any disdain feelings have for the Biskits. I don't mind that from Sue, she is kind of a minor character, but Youngmee with the all the development she has gotten, how much of a bond she has build with Blythe in this series, she should know better. She should know when Blythe is feeling terrible, that should be more important to her than any negative feelings she has for the Biskits. But next episode makes up for that.

Anyway we exchange scenes with Blythe and Pepper just feeling guilty over everything. The climax is a duet song called "The Guilty Tango" which is a good song though he sounds a lot like "Unleash The Magic" from Equestria Grils: Friendship Games. What happens is finally Blythe decides to confess to the principal, and she agrees to confess to the Biskits and face the consequences, which she does, and something that was going to punishment for her, turns out to be punishment for the Biskits, because Blythe is going to tutor them and help them catch up with their school work weather they like it or not, now it is Blythe's turn to show tough love if you all remember what happened in "Spendthirty".

As for the other plot, Vinnie decides that all he wants is an apology, and seeing how bad Pepper feels, he thought that was punishment enough, and besides he has a bunch of lucky rocks.

Okay my thoughts on the episodes.

So the Biskits twins redemption arc continues,The way Blythe got the Biskits in trouble, for some reason seeing a teenage girl run late for school makes me thing of anime, particularly Sailor Moon, and Blythe plays some domino with the class, the Biskits knock the fire alarm and get in trouble.

And you know all could have been settled quickly if the Biskits kept their mouths shut and let Blythe talk. It is one thing when it is Blythe's friends, but the whole school hates the Biskits, I am sorry I can't help but feel some what sad for them.

Seeing those flashbacks of the Biskits excuses that was hilarious, and it shows they are delinquents, who knew that? Every time we see the Biskits, they are just lazy snobby rich girls, that trope and the bad girl delinquent just does not mess, yay for breaking stereo types although off screen, and I tell learning that side of them, yes that is bad, I find that very cool, and in real life not only are they rich, but have this bad girl rebel side, kids would hang with them. What kind of school is this? A bunch of Blythe Baxter goodies goodies.

And when Blythe friends were telling her to just leave well enough alone, part of me was saying the Biskits helped her in the last episode, so she kind of owes them, though Blythe doesn't know what the Biskits did in the last episode, but you think re guard less of how they feel about the Biskits, they would know Blythe well enough, that she does the thing, she is a do gooder, so don't fight back. One thing for Sue, but Youngmee I am so disappointed, what happened to the Youngmee that assumed the Biskits for their screw ups at the Pet Fest.

I do like though that Blythe is so use to the Biskits, without them around, it throws her off her routine. It is like being used to an annoying sibling, when they are gone, you just feel empty. And those fantasies, just like the other way around in the last episode, this time it shows Blythe cares about them, she just can't admit it, just like the Biskits they care about her too. It is so adorable, what we have seen with the Blythe / Biskit relationship this season.

And in the end, what stared out as Blythe punishment turned into Biskit punishment, how ironic, though where is the butler?

As for the other plot, Pepper being rude and using others people's properties without permission, I hope she learned her lesson. But I liked that Vinnie was the bigger person, he took some time to think and realized Pepper felt bad and didn't need a harsh punishment. I do also like that Sunil is the one who is more angry at all this than Vinnie, it is like you can hurt me, but hurt my friends that is even worse. I like that message.

And the song, the nice duet between Blythe and Pepper, it was a good song, I don't know where it ranks among the songs this seasons, but is was a good song.

My thoughts on this episode it was another good one, though seeing next week's episode, it lowers my opinion a bit, because the next episode is so great. Tell than bye.


1) Blythe - I tell you she has a good head on her shoulder. She knows she did wrong right here, and doesn't try to justify things even though the would be easier for her.

2) Vinnie - he is sad, but still compassionate.

3) Biskits - I love finding out about this vandal rebel side to them. Normally rich snobby girls are too lazy to pull pranks like that.


1) Blythe's friends - especially Youngmee and that hurts to say that because you know much I love her, I don't care how you feel about the Biskits, Blythe's feelings should mater more. Bad friends bad. Thankfully for Youngmee next week's episode makes that all a distant memory

2) Pacing - just me or did the pacing feel a bit off, I mean the Blythe should take a few days, but the pet plot should have been handled in one day.

So this was  a good episode, it is not as good as next week's episode, I can't wait to review that. So for this I will give a 7.5 / 10, tell next week with what could be the best episode of the season so far, have a nice LPS day.
I put this off long enough, it is not because I didn't like the episode, quite the opposite, I loved the episode and I wanted the review to be perfect. I guess that is asking too much. This week's episode is titled Snipmates.

Blythe and her ex-F.U.N. roommate, McKenna Nicole compete in a fashion show while the pets try to figure out the cause of Sugar Sprinkle's recent illness.

We began with Blythe going crazy jumping and bouncing up and down the day camp which is similar to the beginning of the season 1 finale, which I guess that is the point, because guess where we are going? Blythe has been chosen to go on a show called Snip, so Blythe is going on another reality show, and the pets call on it, talking about how so called camera shy has been on countless reality shows and that is not even counting Tiniest Animal Store, granted some of those pets has been because a pet has drag her to it for their own gain. But the pets got their own problem as Sugar Sprinkles arrives and she is very depressed.

Opening credits and we start the show proper at the site of the TV show Fashion University North, I told you that reference to season 1 would come back, Blythe knows she is up against tough competition, the best of the best like the mustache dude, mo hawk girl, sweeter vest and other mo hawk girl, I have to give the show credit they speak for the fans because Blythe gives extras nicknames based on appearance that we fans do all the time with extras on this show and others. It is so popular another series center their entire 100th episode on that.

But besides those extras and I have my mustache dude you look way to old to be here, Blythe into a couple of familiar faces, first of all her old F.U.N. hat obsessed room mate McKenna Nicole, she is not wearing a hat, I guess she has changed a bit, but I am still the same person we know before,  she said she would do anything to win but I am sure those words aren't important, and believe or not the Biskit twins, Blythe why they are here, and they say they are here to win prizes, well I am sure they are here just to cause trouble, those dam Biskits, at least we have a friendly face in McKenna to help out if needed against those no good Biskits.

Meanwhile at LPS, Sugar Sprinkles is going insane and I love it. The pets why that is, but Russell she is having her period, no I mean she lost her sugar sprinkles and when that happens, you see the result.  

Back at the competition, we are introduced to our host Mona Autumn because of course it is, I don't see her assistant Phebe anywhere, must in an insane asylum, poor Phebe. She tells Blythe she not going to show her any favoritism in face quite the opposite might be the case. First round, they have to find fabric and make the most of it, Blythe tells McKenna her secret of making the most out of less, and Blythe finds some golden fabric, and McKenna steals it, bad move Blythe telling your competition your secrets, but despite that Blythe is able to make it past the first round. However the Biskits are not so lucky, you know I have to give the twins props they actually worked out and tried, I wish they would have made it past the first round, just make it past one dam round just to teach them that hard work can pay off. The twins are out and I guess we won't see them anymore. Blythe confronts McKenna on why is trying to screw her over, and she says the fashion world is a crual world, you have to do what you can to win, and she learned that fast hand, looks like she had a little run in with an obnoxious Latin fashion designer with an annoying laugh, who do we know that fits that description?

Meanwhile at the pet shop, the pets divide a plan to get SS her sugar sprinkles back, one team will go to Sweet Delights and get the sugar sprinkles, while the other team distracts SS, the distraction team will have more dangerous mission while the team that gets the sugar sprinkles will have a safer mission, so of course the girls distract SS while the guy get the sugar sprinkles. Penny tries to calm down SS by hugging her but that only temporary works, and the guys brink back cookies, they screwed up and Zoey has an hilarious line about that.

Back at the competition, now that Blythe is on to McKenna and her cheating ways, I am sure Blythe will have her guard up and McKenna won't be able to pull anymore tricks. You would think that, but nope McKenna pulls another fast one on Blythe, but Blythe is able to advance. But McKenna one big mistake she does an obnoxious evil laugh, that infuriates the Biskits because gimmick infringement and no one messes with Blythe except for them. Which means Ramon and Dick Von Pat better look out for the wrath of the Biskits if they ever find them and find out what they did. They offer to Blythe, but Blythe turns it down because she wants to win fair and square.

At the pet shop, the pets finally get the sugar sprinkles, but it is in the wrong order, so SS is still crazy, but though high jinks they are able to get in the right order, and Sugar Sprinkles is back not remember  anything that happen.

Back at the competition, final round, first part of the round again McKenna pulls off a nasty trick, and that is it, the Biskits have seen enough, time for them to just this once be heroes, and I love it. No one messes with their girl but them, and you can tell they are mad because they call McKenna by her real name, the Biskits don't know anyone's name except for their butler, their pets, and Blythe, so you know this is serious, and they trick McKenna into playing fair. So in the Blythe wins, because she know Mona very well having worked with her, so why tricks could McKenna have done to off set that, I don't know, I don't think there was nothing she could to off set that, I am over thinking it, the Biskits saved the day, and lets leave it at that, because often is that ever going to happen.

Blythe wins the prize of having her display exhibited on a famous department, which it is for a few seconds, because fashion is fickle.

My thoughts

OMG, I admit as the season started I really didn't think it would happen, maybe I am naive, maybe after watching a week of Steven Universe episodes that just completed an epic redemption arc, I think this season we could be in the middle of a Biskit twins redemption arc. I mean if Pacificia Northwest, if Diamond Tiara, if Peridot  can get a redemption arc, than why not. I wasn't sure at first, but this episode not to mention the synophis  for next week's episode, makes me think maybe just maybe were are on a wild redemption ride baby.

You have to admit the three characters that stole the show this episode, not regulars, nor really guest characters, recurring, Sugar Sprinkles and of course the Biskits.

First let me say I like this self aware jokes, like for someone who is camera shy Blythe has been on TV a lot in this series, and that is not even counting Tiniest Animal Store sitcom that was based on her and even had the main character named after her, and what Blythe calls the other contestants who are the extras, she calls them what we the viewers would call them, mo hawk girl, weird guy with glasses.

Normally I start with the A plot, but let me start with the B plot, so I can get that out of the way, and rant on the Biskits. I have a lot to say about my girls. Anyway Sugar Sprinkles awesome, she was hilarious. I know it is risky, if they wanted to, they could have slipped in a PMS joke, I know that is what I was thinking the whole time, poor Sugar Sprinkles she is on her period.

It was funny little plot, some might say it is just to get the pets out of the way and something, which is needed for the A plot to work. How can they put the sprinkles in the certain order. And poor Penny, she was brave.

Now onto the A plot, how many times is Blythe is going to be on television? When the world finds out her secret, I guess she will be on TV all the time, though I am not holding my breath on that.

And what I feared happened happened, this was going to be like "Pitch Perrfect" again, in that took a character we already know and was not an antagonist, and turn her into an antagonist, but this time they explain it. The writers they are self aware they changed McKinna to a totally different character, but I like that they give us a reason, and you know what it makes total sense. Especially since what McKinna about ruthless and competitive the fashion world is, she is right, we saw it in "The Big Feathered Parade" and "Plane It On Rio".

And remember people, in those cases if it wasn't for the pets, Ramon would have won, and what Ramon did and tried to do with Blythe, now picture this, McKinna someone who has no pet friends to help her, and not as strong willed as Blythe, has someone like Ramon do to her what Ramon tried to do Blythe and succeeds, of course you might come out jaded. And because they give us her logic, so perhaps we will see her again and maybe Blythe might turn her back. If they do an episode with Blythe competing against both McKinna and Ramon, maybe than Blythe can turn McKinna back around. We know who she used to be, someone that loves fashion just like Blythe, and didn't get into fashion just for money or fame. And Ramon is a deterrent for anything, because I wouldn't want to grow up to be like him. Just tell McKinna you continue down this path, this what you are going to turn into.

Anyone to the real stars, the Biskits. I just love the twins in this episode. Forget what they did for Blythe, even if that happened, I am proud that they actually tried in the first round and did their best. Give them some credit for effort. I wish they would have made it past the first round. I mean why couldn't the writers reward them for that. That is one problem with the series, the Biskits never get rewarded when they actually show effort.

Can you imagine if Mona married Fisher and became their stepmother, that actually might be good for them, Mona would mold them into shape.

The Biskits don't like no picking on Blythe but them, they were like gang leaders or mobsters claiming their turf, Blythe is their turf, don't mess with them.

All the Biskits did at the end was made McKinna play fair, but Blythe because she know Mona better than the others, I don't think there was anything she could have done to counter that. Forget logic, the Biskit saved the day. I am in a good mood, I will let the twins have this moment of glory.

Anyway if the Biskits do kind good by the end of the series, this episode I mark as a big turning point, even more so than "Senior Day".


1) The Biskits - I have to give credit to my girls, first of all loved that actually did some hard work, too bad that didn't pay off in one first round victory,  but in the end, they are very posessive of Blythe, non messes with Blythe except for them. Blythe would have still won because you can't cheat out experience, but they tried to help in their own way.

2) Sugar Sprinkles - what more can I say she is just awesome. I love her when she is mellow, and when she is crazy and scary. She gave me nightmares.

3) McKenna - say what you want, but she is better than Ramon, leave it at that.


1) Reality shows again, I have had enough of that.

2) Blythe designs only get displayed for a few seconds, what a rip off.

So my overal score, not the greatest episode in the world, but a few characters really shined, and I am excited about a possible Biskit redemption arc, so I will give an 8.5 / 10. Next week the Biskits redemption continues perhaps, till than have a nice LPS day.
Well I had a lot of personnel stuff to deal with this week, so I am late with this review, not that it maters, I have had any comments in my review in weeks, so why do I keep doing it, because I like it. And this episode reason to keep doing it.

Pump The Panda, in this episode Blythe debuts her new pet beachwear line; Penny Ling meets a lobster eager to get her in shape; Sunil and Vinnie face off in an intense sandcastle-building contest.

So Blythe wants to show off her beach pet fashions, and in real life it wouldn't sell, because how many beaches allow animals, not where I live, but whatever.

They go to the beach and the pets do this awesome song called Summer Sensation and how much admit it is catchy, I can't stop singing it all day.

After that we get to our plots, Penny who is having trouble catching her breath after jogging a few feet, which a lobster by the name of Snappy Clawster, and he says Penny is out of shape and offers to train her, you get a hint of what kind of trainer he is, when he introduces himself, the crabs he was training sneaks away.

Meanwhile Sunil and Vinnie compete in a sand castle competition, and a misunderstanding causes them to get very competitive and sabotage each other.

Also a editor of a pet fashion website named Leonardo Pardo, yes that exists, is impressed with Blythe's beach wear design and wants to publish on his website. Things seems to be well, though he did say he would air brush any flaws. That should a hint of where this is going.

We get another version of Summer Sensation sung by Penny, Sunil, and Vinnie, and dam it is hilarious as they sing about the good time they are having, but are not.

While Penny's training was tough, she thinks it helped, but she still looks the same, she thinks she is letting Snappy down. But Blythe and the pets says, she is a panda and that is her natural body, great message.

We see Blythe's design on the pet fashion website and turns out Leonardo air brushed everything and the pets look different and in some cases human.

Blythe is outrage by this and they all come back to the beach the next day so Blythe can give Leonardo a peace of her mind.

Sunil and Vinnie finally make up, and the misunderstanding is resolved, they agree to build a sand castle together, but they lose when their sand castle is destroyed and because the contest was for people.

Snappy drops Penny as a client because she looks the same, Penny yells at him saying that she is a panda and that is her natural body, well a few seconds later the current takes Snappy and his new client away, Snappy because he is a lobster can't swim, and Penny saves him and he realize the errors of his ways.

Blythe demands Leonardo change the photos back or she will reveal everything on his website is fake, he give sin, and the un airbrushed photos are a hit, everything work out.

Here my thoughts on the episode

Well this was surprising good, you see what happens when our characters have a brain?

This episode had a great message of be proud of your body and don't go crazy with worrying about your outward appearance, even though a lot of the focus of the series is fashion and sweets.

Snappy reminds me a bit of Iron Will only more likable. Penny did need to exercise, because being tired just running a few foot that would be alarming, but don't over do it. And even after all the things he put her though, Penny still saved the Snappy's life. What a nice panda she is.

As for the other plot, first of all Leonardo Pardo, he was kind of shaddy, but more likable and not much of a jerk as that tv producer from "Tiniest Animal Store", so thankfully we don't get another character like that or Ramon. He just a liar, but Blythe sticks at her morals and doesn't give in, and really who wants to see pets that are shaped like humans? Makes no sense.

The sand castle plot was okay, but it mostly just to fill out time, and it was okay. I did love the song, it was great.

Now I wish we get back to some of the plots like Blythe's mom's diary, did they just forget about that?


1) The song I just love the song.

2) Blythe, I love how she handled herself and even had time to give Penny good advise.

3) The pets, Penny, Vinnie, and Sunil they were all entertaining and funny, and I really loved how Penny stood up for heself


1) Don't really have any, I guess the air brushed photos, why is human shaped pets such an improvement?

So all in all, despite have so many plots which I thought hurt the episode, this is one of the best episodes of the season so far. 9 / 10 I loved it. Tell next week where an old character comes back. Tell than have a nice LPS day.
Okay sorry it took so long, but the holidays got in the way, plus to be honest I didn't really like this episode, so I wasn't sure how to review this, because I want to keep everything positive. I will keep this short and sweet.

Un-vetted - Zoe develops a crush towards her new veterinarian's German Shepard while Blythe and Russell spend the night camping on a freezing mountain.

We begin with Blythe trying to talk her dad into living in the mountains for a year because Mona Autumn, she read it on their universe version of Wikipedia so it must be true. Roger talks into it just being an over night trip because he is not insane like his daughter.

We find out though that Russell has to stay at LPS over night, but they allow him to tag along on the Baxter's camping trip, and it turns out to be  a god send.

Meanwhile the other plot, Zoey is afraid to go the vet, and you know what the part that really irritates me it is Mrs. Twombry takes her, it is not Jon, it is not Clarissa, I rather see them than Mrs. T for the billionth time, nothing against her, but come one give me something different.

On the camping trip, because of Blythe being uncharacteristically dumb by refusing to hire a guide, they get lost.And they have no food either, dam they are screwed.

At the vet, Zoey's fear goes away when she meets the vet's pet, Dr. Handsome, and she is smitten, how many love interest has she had in this show, she is like Rarity when it comes to love. And of all the love interest, Dr. Handsome I like the least, he is like Prince Blueblood, just dull.

Meanwhile, things could not look any worse for our campers, but they find some mountain goats, and they let the way to safety, who turned out to the guide.

As for the Zoey plot, she so wants to see Dr. Handsome again, so badly that fakes illness and injuries in order to get sent to the vet, how sad, and for this guy of all males.

We find out the Mona legend of staying in the wild for a year was not true, gee what a shock. I feel bad for Blythe, why do they have to make her look like a fool.

With the Blythe and Russell plot over, they can help solve the Zoey plot. They all pinch in to open Zoey's eyes to realize Dr. Handsome is not a doctor, in fact he is not very bright.

But what gets Zoey to realize that, is when Dr. Handsome bashes her singing. So the day is saved.

Now for my thoughts.

How many crushes has Zoey had in this series? She is the Rarity of the series when it comes to romance, and each love interest becomes more superficial than the last.

Well once again Blythe acts really un level headed, wanting to spent a year in the mountains because of some unconfirmed rumor, she is her father's daughter after all. Thank fully we have Russell there to bring some sanity to that group.

Why is Mrs. T taking Zoey to the vet? Shouldn't her owner do that, this was a great chance to bring back Jon and Clarissa, a great opportunity wasted by the writers, I rather see them than a character I see all the time. But we got a reveal Littlest Pet Street already exists, I thought that was going to be an epic season finale thing, but nope it was off screened.

Zoey has her head in the clouds, this guy is obviously not a doctor or even knows anything, he is just good looking, just admit Zoey you only liked because of his looks.

Meanwhile Blythe, not wanting to take a guide, what is wrong with her,  where is the level headed Blythe, when is comes to fashion she loses her head,  but thankfully those Mountain Goats are here to save the day. The theme of the Blythe plot is smart animals saving dumb humans from themselves, and in the end this rumor was fake.

Once the Blythe ends, Blythe realize what a fool she was, saves Zoey from her foolishness. In the end Zoey comes to her senses, but only for the silliest of reasons, because the guy is a music critic.

All and all, did not like this episode, it some funny moments, I liked the goats, but this an episode you can skip.


1) Russell - I tell you he saved the episode, at least the Blythe plot which I liked more than the Zoey plot.

2) The Mountain Goats - I like them, they were cool.

3) Zoey's fake injuries - while I didn't like what she was doing, I thought that montage was funny.


1) Dr. Handsome - what a dull uninteresting character.

2) Blythe - I want my level headed Blythe back.

3) Zoey's owners non appearance - I rather see them take Zoey to the vet than Mrs. T I am sorry.

So overall score, 6.5 / 10, didn't care for the episode, I am sorry I wanted to like it, but they all can't be gems. So tell 2016 have a nice LPS day.
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