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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop".

& I only have 3 rules on this blog:

-No inappropriate images (like sexual or gore)
-No Trolling
-No Intense Hating

so... yeah

Petters, UNITE!
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Okay while "Bad Bad Hair Day" was a good episode, this was the first great episode, this is the one that offically hooked me as a fan.

First we find out Zoey has a sister, an it appears she is locked up in Largest Ever Pet Shop, the most "evilest" place on earth, obviously a mix up, so Blythe try to reason with the Biskits, who have non of that. I have to take the Biskit side here or at least see things form their prospective, Blythe has no proof that that dog doesn't belong there, and later turns out they are right, anyway we meet LEPS security robot Monbam, I kind of like him, he is an awesome, Blythe is banned from LEPS for a month or double banned. And Blythe's reaction I was thinking the same thing, what kind of pet shop has a robot. I mean really.

So Blythe and the pets plot to break Gail out of LEPS, I love Sunil' reaction of how he breaks the plan done, "so we have get by a high tech security system, a robot, and two mean girls", no problem for our fearless heros.  Did I mention how I love Blythe cat burgler outfit. But the good news step the security system is disabled because it is day time, I like how Pepper put it dahh.

So the pets try to break Gail out, but one by one they get capture by Monbam, poor pets. Meanwhile the Biskits twins are slacking off and texting to themselves, that is the moment I fell in love with these characters. I thought previously they were generic uninteresting and not that mean had they were hyped to be, but that moment that was hillarous, and they were hillarous through out that episode, and in the end they were in the right. Dam Blythe and the pets, those hologans. But I will get to that later.

We also meet a very pesemetic cat at LEPS, and I like him or her, he or she is hillarous. I never found out the gender of that pet, anyone can tell me?

We get some character progession on Sunil, he hates cobra, and that is the only thing that super seeds his fears, so Blythe tells him to imagine everything in LEPS are cobras, also I love Blythe impresison of the Biskits, Sunil goes wild destorying stuff and breaks everyone out, I tell you someone recuit Sunil for GI Joe, ha ha, though he better not mess with Oracion Seis Cobra from Fairy Tail, he is one of the coolest character ever. Anyway back to the episode at hand, Sunil breaks everyone out except for the pesemestic cat, I guess life does suck for certain pets.

We find out though Gail is not Gail, it is a guy named Tootsie, we see Gail was at LPS the whole time, this whole breakout was a waste of time, thanks Zoey, what do they do next go to LEPS appology for their actions, offer to clean up the mess they made, you know the morally right then to do, nope lets have a dance party, in which many ships were born.

10 / 10, I have to, this is the episode that got me hooked so for nostalga purposes I have to give a 10 / 10, though I hated the lack of a moral message, Blythe and the pets when is comes down to do it, vandalised private property, weather you agree or disagree with LEPS business model, it was still wrong, Blythe (because the pets can't talk to other humans) should have appologied. But other than that, great episode. I loved the humor, Sunil was awesome, gret to see all 8 main characters working together, and the Biskits twins were hillarous.

Next week "Penny For Your Laughs", I have a lot of things to say, perhaps rant, I will try not to rant too much. Till than have a nice LPS day.
Okay after the two part premere, we settle into out first normal episode.

Blythe fills in for Zoey's pet grommer before Zoey's big appearance at a dog show, meanwhile Minka's painting have become the talk of LPS and the other pets try to get in on the action.

Okay the Blythe / Zoey plot, dam Blythe has some messed up dolls, and Blythe made a hologram projector how is that possible? In just our third episode we meet Zoey's owners, a couple Jon and Clarissa and I thought this was going to be a norm and wouldn't take long to meet the other pets owners, still waiting. We might have seen Penny and Pepper's owners at various points, but it was never confirmed, so that is it.

I like that Blythe did her lesson, but in the end we still felt the consiquences coutrsey of Minka.

Speaking of Minka, I liked this plot. I love the fantasy first in the art exhibit and than of the conference room that was hillarous. Minka Inca, ha ha, oh Penny you are so adorable, Minka was also adorable in that conference room. And we saw what a strong friendship Minka and Russell have, and Minka just turning into a broken robot, hillarous though does bring up lots of questions.

And I liked how the two plots come together at the end, I don't episodes with sub plots, but I like it better when they are connected, that is a what good writers do.

This epsiode gets a 10 / 10, I have no complaints.
Okay now that LPS is on hitatous, I have decided to review all the episodes I haven't reviewed yet in order. Granted I probably won't get to them all by the time season 3 resumes, so this project could take a while, but it is to pass the time. So we will start with the first two episodes, the ones that started it all "Blythe's Big Adventure".

We begin in a small town, birds are cherping, people are getting their morning papers, everyone is happy, this town seems like it is set in the 1950's, there meet our protagonist Blythe Baxter, Blythe loves to draw sketches, she encounters a squerrel and a dog, and does wish she knew what they were saying, well Blythe careful what you wish for, you might get it. Blythe is very happy with her life and she wouldn't change a thing, well cue her dad Roger Baxter who tells her there are moving. And faster than you can say "thanks dad for the heads up", we see Blythe and dad on their way to their new home Downtown City.  And we find out while Roger might be a good pilot, he is a terrible driver, someone ought to take his license.

They arrive at their home, an apartment above a shop called Littlest Pet Shop, and we see our seven main pets, a orange hetchhog, a purple dog, a gray skunks, a blue moongoose, a green gecho, a pink monkey, and a blue panda. Unknown to Blythe someone inside the pet shop is watching them. Not long after Blythe encounters a couple girls Whittney and Brittany Biskit, they ask her in a insulting way if they want to hang out, Blythe politely declines, well Blythe quickly discovers these twins are very unusal powers, than can teleport. They don't take too kindly to Blythe's reject, and before she even settled in, Blythe had made a couple of enemies, things are off to a great start aren't they.

Blythe is misserable playing her guitar, when she noticed in room there is a passage way, she goes to see what it is, and next thing you know she slips and goes down a break away speed down a dumbwaiter all the way to the ground floor bumping her head, when she comes to she hears voices, when she sees who they are,  she is shocked to see that the voices were coming from the pets at Littlest Pet Shop, who quickly goes into a song, a song called "Meet The Littlest Pet Shop Pets" and I have to say it is catchy, I remember seeing this song online before the series peremered, and got to me to at least check the show out. The pets Russell, Zoey, Pepper, Sunil, Vinnie, Minka, and Penny Ling introduce themselves and show off their talent.  Blythe like most people and freaks out running from the pet shop, but she is stopped by the pet shop owner, the mysterous person watching her earlier Mrs. Twombry. Blythe tries to explain that the pets are talking, but Mrs. Twombry just thinks Blythe is talking metophoricly. When she hears a weird noice that turns out to be an airconditinor, she runs out of the pet shop, there she runs into other pets that talk, she continues to freak out.

Meanwhile, Littlest Pet Shop is not doing so good as it is on the verge of going out of business, the pets over see Mrs. Tromwbry talking to a woman about wanting to use LPS for her business that LPS closes down and wants to know when it will be available, Mrs. Twombry is not sure when, anyway the pets find out the pet shop is going to close. They panic but they think perhaps they can ask Blythe the only person who understand to think of something to save the pet shop. They tell Blythe if the pet shop closes, they will have to go to hell on earth, satin's pet shop, actually it is a place called Largest Ever Pet Shop, which is describe the pets is no different from hell. After giving Blythe their sad puppy eyes which we will find out is Blythe's weakness, she agrees. That is the end of part 1.

Part 2 begins with Blythe beginning her first day of school in Downtown City. We also see the Biskits twins dropped off by their dad, who tells them not to get exspelled, which reveals they have gotten in trouble before. Blythe having trouble opening her locker when randomly three classmates appear, a asian girl called named Youngmee Song, a dark skinned boy who is either afican american, latino or a mix of both named Jasper Jones, and a ginger named Sue Patterson. Jasper opens Blythe's locker, while the three of them instantly bond with Blythe and become her friends. One of my pet peeves is the way Blythe meet her friends was so random and uninteresting, ever other character that was introduced was in an interesting way that showcase their character. These three just show up, bond over not liking the Biskit twins, and boom their friends. As much as I love Blythe and Youngmee relationship, one negative they will always have is how they meet. They inform Blythe that Littlest Pet Shop has been doing bad since Largest Ever Pet Shop opened, LEPS owned by Fisher Biskit, father of the Biskit twins dum, dum.

Blythe is thinking of an idea on how to save the pet shop, when she shows her friends her sketches, all of a sudden Biskits out of no where again, seriously what is up with that? They take Blythe sketch book and taunt her with it and says she will never save Littlest Pet Shop, and return her book. Blythe gets an idea of how to save Littlest Pet Shop thanks to a idea she got from the Biskit twins. If the Biskits goal is to destroy Littlest Pet Shop, they are terrible at their job. Speaking of them, the way Blythe's friend describe the Biskits, they really hype them up as really mean terrible girls, and when I saw them in action, well disapointed and let down, they are not mean girls, they just snobs. Well mean girls well go out of their way to make your life messerable, and well bully at every turn, the Biskits don't do they, first of all they are too lazy and they aren't very smart, and they have no lackeys either so it is not like they are popular they have no friends, and here they are actually being more helpful. Yeah I expected more from that as far as villains are concerned.

The pets meanwhile have a dream a very disturbing dream. In this dream the Biskit twins are disguised as Mrs. Twombry and they are in Largest Ever Pet Shop aka the pet shop from hell. When the Biskits revealed their disguises, Mrs. Twombry split into two, that was diserbing image, you know for kids.

Blythe tells Mrs. Twombry about her idea to have a pet fashion show, when did she get the pets owners permission, well ignore that plot hole, the pets can't hear what they are saying, but lucky for them Zoey can read lips, or thinks she can, she interprets the conversaion of Blythe saying she found a way to set fire to the pet shop. First the pets nightmare and now this, this episode continues to really give us some dark imagily. Anyway all misunderstandings are resovled as the fashion show is a good. Blythe and the pets pass flyers all over town, including Largest Ever Pet Shop, where those so called mean Biskit twins find it and plot to find a way to sabatage the show.

It is the big night of the show, Blythe's friends come to wish her good luck, they ask how she is going to give people free money, Blythe and Mrs. Twombry are confused, they realise their flyers have been tampered with, someone wrote free money on it, who would do such a thing?, someone very mean, well it can only mean the Biskit twins. So the Biskit twins scheme was to tell people there is free money which will only increase the audiance for the fashion show in thus helping LPS get a bigger auidance, brillant did a mention they are not real smart. I tell you if these are Blythe and the pets main foes, I think they will be okay. But that is not all for some reason the Biskits are causplaying as cats, okay whatever  am sure sick guys enjoyed that, and plan of throw mud on Blythe and the pets, lucky for our heros Russell discovers that, and saves the day.

The fashion show goes without a hitch, we see Vinnie do a great Michael Jackson impression, and even have a human woman faint over him, the Biskits are humilated, and Littest Pet Shop is saved. We see LPS doing great, with so much business, Mrs. Trombry gives Blythe a job at the shop where she can design pet outfits. As LPS enjoy its success, Roger returns and has no clue what has happened while he was away.

The end.

Well it was an excellent start to an excellent series, I loved the song, I thought the pets personlaity were showcased well, I thought every thing was funny. My only gripes I thought Yongmee, Jasper, and Sue introduction were kind of weak, and the Biskits are not real good villains. They were funny, but not real threatening.

9 / 10

I know this was a long journel, but I had to mention all the character introductions and this was a two partner. Next week "Bad Hair Day" which will be the lengh of my normal reviews. So I hope you enjoyed this and have a nice LPS day.
Hi well earlier this month MagiShine2005 announced his resignation as group leader. Well he has named me interm leader, and I will do my best to continue what MagiShine2005 statted. And MagiShine2005 if and when you are ready to ressume your role as leader, let me know, you are more than welcome to take back what is yours. This is your group, I am just holding the fort.

In the meantime, as my first act as leader I invited and she accpeted SilverEagle1991 to be my co leader. Offically she is co founder, I think she has more than shown her devotion to LPS and I think together we can keep the standard of excellence going. For now we will be co leaders, Offically I am still the head leader. But perhaps that can change in the future, me and SilverEagle1991 switch roles perhaps. We will see how things go, that is up to SilverEagle1991 as much as it is me.

SilverEagle1991 I can not thank you enough for agreeing to help me out. I hope this is a plessent experience for you. Everyone SilverEagle1991 is as much as the new leader as I am, so treat her like you did MagiShine2005 in the past.

Thank you for your time, thank you MagiShine2005 for everything,and thank you SilverEagler1991.
Okay what a ride we have half way through season 3, and we know go on a hitaous. I guess a well deserved break. This season was really strong, mostly every episode was excellent. Sure there a a couple of clunkers here and there, but every show has those, and it ended with something from most fans wish list and certainly on mine finally happening, and that is Blythe revealing her secret to someone. And even better of my short list which was like 3 characters, the person at the top of my list Youngmee Song, she was the person to find out Blythe's secret.

That being said what is next, we still have 13 episodes to go at least, hopefully more beyond that, what do you want to see, and / or what do you think we will see on LPS? Well there here is my list.

1) Have Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret acutally used in the story. Don't have Blythe reveal her secret and have it be a big deal, if nothing will come of it. What I would like to see is Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret come in handy in the future, be a situation that if not for Youngmee and her knowing what is going on, saves the day. For example, Fisher Biskit, or some other person is starting to suspect Blythe of having a secret and wanting to find out, and Youngmee plays a big role in covering for Blythe and protecting her secret.

2) Most developments on the Biskits twins and their relationship with Blythe, you have to a good start in "Two Pets For Two Pests", we actually saw a good side to the twins and see they are capable for caring for someone besides themselves. Also Blythe helped them better themselves, Blythe had her own reasons but still it does she cares about them enough to do something, the old Blythe wouldn't have done that.  We all remember "Penny For Your Laughs" when she said the twins was a lost cause.

Also I do like in "Fish Out Of The Water", LEPS is treated like a normal pet shop by our heros, the girls were looking at their fashion, it is nice that LEPS is no longer protayed as pet shop from hell like it was in the beginning of the series.

3) More of the guest pets to return, besides Buttercream and Sugar Sprinkles, the other guest pets I want to see some of them back, first of all Cashmere and Velvet bring them back, I want to see Tangler again, it is nice to a pet villian and he could be Russell's nemesis, bring back Madam Palm, I read the latest issue of hte comics and I liked her, as for others, bring anyone back except for those korallas, I didn't really like them.

4) Holiday themed episodes. the hitatous does give me hope, we will see some holiday themed episode and that might be the reason for the hitaous, I want to see a Halloween episode that would be awesome, a Christmas and other December holidays episode, maybe one that does feature the Biskits, normally holiday episodes they show a soft side to the normally antagonistic characters and written more possitive.

5) Learn more about Youngmee, now that she knows, I want to see an episode when we see where she lives, I want to see her place at least once, and maybe meet her parents, if not other family members. I have this idea of her grandfather being voiced by George Takei or James Hong. They are both great.

6) A nice warp to the LPS and LEPS, like I mention before LEPS is treated more like a rival pet shop and not an evil pet shop, like it was in the past. I like to see a peace treaty finally happen, perhaps the pets, Cashmere and Velvet they can play a role in wrapping this storyline up.

So yes those are some of my ideas and predictions. Mostly ideas. Tell me your ideas and predictions for season 3.

PS: I almost forgot, I always want to see Security Guard and TV Producer / Stage Manager date and become a couple.  That is my ship. Ha ha ha.
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