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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop" known as "Petshoppers" (the full name couldn't fit, so we made Petters the shorten term for it)

& I only have 3 rules on this blog:

-No inappropriate images (like sexual or gore)
-No Trolling
-No Intense Hating

so... yeah

Welcome to Shop!!!
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Okay after a one week break which we needed after maybe the best episode of LPS since "The Secret Recipe", how will they follow up that greatness. Well they have a challenge, because one of the plots one of my least characters in the series, Sue. I don't hate her or anything, she just doesn't interesting and she just bores me, it would be interesting if they stuck with the crazy Blythe stoker character for her, it is creepy, but it is interesting at least.  The other plot centers on Pepper, who most of the time comes true with these plots, it she was the hero last episode, anyway well this episode be good, well Sue be interesting, well Pepper continue to be awesome, well only way to find out.

We being the episode at Blythe school, in which Sue is running a track meet, well in the end she wins the race and sets a record, and receives an award, only problem is she is scared of public speaking, a problem I can relate to, so off to a good start. Role opening credits.

We opening at LPS with Blythe talking to the MVP of the last episode Yongmee and Jasper, they are discussing Sue avoiding them, and Jasper takes a fall, oh Jasper.  Mrs. Twombry shows up with this week's guest camper in a cage and asks Blythe to take her to the day camp. Blythe drops off the pet and says Pepper is really going to like her, so hints already.

The guess pet finally appears and is a skunk named Mitzi. When they discover Mitzi gives off a great scent, the other pets gravitate towards much to Pepper's jealous. So it looks like we have a jealousy plot or do we?

The next scene is Blythe's school, and Sue shows up wearing a disguise, a phony mustache, I mean who is see fooling, and she runs off saying she can't give the speech. Meanwhile the LPS the other pets continue to be impressed by Mitzi's scent. It makes them and they don't know why, Mitzi agrees to their scent requests, and we get a funny fantasy of Zoey, Penny Ling, and Minka climbing a country side mountain, great stuff. Than Russell, Vinnie, and Sunil makes their request even though she is tired, Mitzi grants there request, and we get a beach fantasy, hilarious stuff, Pepper doesn't under what the fuzz is about because Mitzi doesn't even tell jokes, yup the jealousy plot, that is where we are going.

We cut back to Blythe's school, Sue finally reveals to her friends that she is afraid of public speaking, Blythe and friends agree to help her overcome this. Meanwhile back at LPS, the other pets continue to surround Mitzi, Pepper tires to get their attention by telling jokes but they ignore, she finally loses it and attacks them with an angry scent, but the other pets get Mitzi go fight is off with her scent, a sad Pepper leaves, poor Pepper, the other pets are being jerks this week.

Meanwhile Blythe and company are coming up with plans to help Sue overcome her stage fright, they come up empty. while this is going on Pepper practices her jokes while the pets ask Mitzi for a more happy scent, the other pets are starting to act like addicts. Back to the plot, Blythe tells Sue about how she once pretending everyone was bears and thinks a similar method might work, she tries clowns, but Sue is afraid of clowns, oops.

Meanwhile our addicts continue to enjoy the happy scent, when Mitzi confront Pepper and tells her she envys her, Pepper is dumbfounded and Mitzi tells her she has to give everyone their happy scent on cue or else no one will like her, we than get to the highlight of the episode, a song sung by the two skunks, and I tell you Ashleigh Ball and Tabatha St. Germain, got to hand it to them a great job. Well emotional song and they bond, but wait this was suppose to be about Pepper's jealousy, what a minute. Back to the other plot, Blythe gives Sue a recording of herself giving the speech and hopes Sue she is just intimidating well help Sue get through the speech.

The pets continue to harass Mitzi wanting more of the scent, Pepper loses it again but this time because she feels back for Mitzi, she tells them that Mitzi is tired and to leave her alone, Pepper than asks Mitzi if she ever uses her scent to express other emotion, Mitzi says no, so Pepper agrees to help her unleash her emotions.

It is time for the big speech, and Sue practice one more time and the plan didn't work, so she runs off, Jasper says something about Sue's running and giving speeches, and gives Blythe an idiot, so Jasper be the hero of the story.

Mitzi tries to act on Pepper's advice, and when the other pets ask for more of good scent she says no, finally standing up for herself. She tells Pepper it feels good to do something to make her happy.

Blythe ask Sue when she feels most at ease, she says when she is running, Blythe tells to come with her as she has an idea. Meanwhile finally smarting up and apology for acting like jerks this entire episode. At least they apologies, Mitzi forgives them, she and Pepper team up to give a super scent, and than she jokingly threaten the other pets that won't allow them to abuse her scent ever again.

Meanwhile Sue gives her speech while running on a running machine, got to hand it to Blythe very clever. It reminded of how the ponies help Rainbow Dash study for the wonderbolts exam.

We end on a recap, Pepper telling Blythe what happened in the pet plot, and Blythe saying what happened in plot. Pepper gives off a rainbow scent.
The end.

My thoughts on the episode.

When I heard this episode was going to be Sue centric, I didn't really think I was going to like that much. I make no secret I don't care much for Sue, I don't hate her, she just doesn't interest me, she is miles below Yongmee as far favorites an just interesting characters, even Cora and Emma has prudential, that I don't see in Sue, that being said I really liked this episode mainly for the pet plot, but the Sue plot was okay.

They made Sue very relate able, fear of public speaking, I sympathies with her, and he reaction to public speaking was pretty funny, and the solution that was clever, though I rather they found a way for her to just get over public speaking, instead of finding a trick, a trick that reminds of Rainbow Dash in "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3" so it loses some originality, but that is okay. It was a okay plot that did better that I thought it would be. I liked Sue better than I did before this episode, so that an accomplishment.

But the best part was the pet plot, that is the MVP of the episode, I loved how they teased what the plot would be about, at first it seemed it would be about Pepper's jealousy towards Mitzi, but they turned it around to be Mitzi and her problems, I love how quickly Pepper gets over what jealous she had and befriend Mitzi and helps out and becomes like a big sister.

I love the song, it was an awesome song, Ashleigh Ball and Tabatha St. Germain was amazing singing in that voice.

The only problem I had, though I understand you needed it to move the plot, but the other pets they were acting kind of like jerks and not understanding they were making Mitzi uncomfortable.


Pepper - just being awesome. I love she just got over her jealousy issues and became a mentor or big sister to Mitzi

Mitzi - she was a great character, they could have easily made her an antagonist, but they made her adorable, and likeable,.

The song - it was just great, when it was over I was almost crying. Props to David, Ashleigh, and Tabatha.


The other pets - I know they have to act like this for the story to work, but still by the second half, they were just acting like drug addicts.

In the middle

Sue and the her whole plot, it is something in the middle between positive and negative

All and all this episode was okay, I will give it a 8 / 10.
Okay we are near the end of season 3, how time flies,

In this week's episode The pets try to help a shy peacock prepare for his big first appearance at the agricultural gardens. meanwhile Youngmee tries to convince Blythe to use her ability to help humanity.

Well this week's episode look to be interesting, as we look to have follow up of the events of "The Secret Recipe", well this episode continue to advance, well only one way to find out.

We begin this episode at Littlest Pet Shop, with Blythe and the pets, Blythe who is looking amazing this week is trying to do her algebra home work while Pepper tries to be funny, Mrs. T comes in and tells everyone that will be a celebrity guest day camper a peacock named Basil, everyone has different reactions, Zoey thinks Basil will be a diva, and Vinnie thinks Basil will be a robot that will destroy everything, I love Vinnie's fantasies.

We go to the opening, our first proper scene is still at LPS with Blythe trying to calm down Vinnie, when Basil enters and it looks like he is going to be totally cool, but turns out he is a Woody Alien type character with very high anxiety, hilarious bit with Minka asking Basil for two forms of ID, while Russell was seriously going to answer how many germs there are in the city. Blythe introduces herself to Basil and Basil is not taken a back about a human girl understanding him, but he has his own problems, Blythe goes up to her room to study algebra with Youngmee.

Our next scene in Blythe's room opens on a disturbing note, with Youngmee overly excited facial expression, Youngmee I love you, you are one of my favorite characters, but don't every do that again, she suggest that Blythe use her abilities to help humanity. You know what she is pushy, but her hearts in the right place very encouraging.

We go back to LPS with Basil reorganizing the LPS day camp storage space, what a nice guy, we find out his dream is to have his own storage space store, well we all can dream, the pets ask him if he is excited about his upcoming performance and Basil's freaks out, and Minka is not helping staying dumb stuff he making him nervous, Vinnie of course even worse by same stuff but that is what to expect from Vinnie, and to my disappointment, Pepper did not wake Vinnie with a rubber chicken. Basil freaks out.

The next scene is in Blythe's room, with Blythe and Youngmee continue to discuss the idea of Blythe helping humanity, why the hell not? Youngmee suggest a pet translation video called barks on desks, and we have a fantasy infomercials, which is normally a pet thing, but I think it is refreshing to see the humans take part in the fantasy skits, especially Blythe and Youngmee they are make a great team, though I really want to know what Zoey was saying. Blythe wants to study algebra, but Youngmee is just getting started, Youngmee you are adorable.  

Next scene back at LPS, Pepper is determined to help Basil and remember the letter p, and we get a Weber cameo.

Next scene, Youngmee next idea, pets weather reporting, now this sounds like a great idea, we see adult Blythe, she looks great, and Sunil as the hapless weather reporter, poor Sunil, but hilarious non the less. Blythe will never get to do her algebra.

Next scene, the pets try to help Basil, but it is not working, perhaps Basil needs a special way of getting his confidence up, Vinnie continues to make things worse and this time he gets hit with the rubber chicken. Thank you Pepper.

Our next scene, we see Blythe upside down and the most awesome hair due she has ever had to date, love it, and this time Youngmee's is for them to become detectives, and we get another SCI skit, Blythe and Youngmee are waring the same outfits the Biskits wore, and I love the skit, they are showing the Biskits how it is done, and I love Blythe's detective voice, she sounds like Batman. Blythe admits she likes the idea, and Youngmee totally freaks out, you can kiss your hopes of doing studying algebra goodbye Blythe.

Next scene, Pepper is determined to help Basil find his inner peacock, and we get an awesome training montage, awesome music, but still not working. Blythe comes by to LPS and talks to Pepper and asks how things are going, Pepper says it is not going well. Blythe suggest using Basil organizing skills and a lucky charm to get his confidence up, Pepper gives Basil a bow tie claiming it can make who ever has it do anything they want, we get a mention of Shahruck, Madam Palm, and we even get a mention and a picture of Old Bananas, oh the callbacks, yup this won't end well, but her heart is in the right place.

Next scene is the the big show, Basil debut at the guardian, at first it goes well until Basil loses the bow tie and realizes he lost the bow tie, and he loses his confidence, but Pepper is able to convince that had all inside all along, but pretty predictable, but heck it is a nice message. Basil is able to recover and close the show strong.

The next scene is in Blythe's room, with Blythe trying to study her algebra, when Youngmee enters in her detective outfit, so hilarious, Youngmee at her best in this episode, Blythe tells her she understand where Youngmee is coming from wanting Blythe to use her gift to help humanity, but right now she wants to be a normal kid, Youngmee says she understand and realizes she went over board. They thinks of an idea using Blythe pet hats and Cora's words again with the call backs, to have a festival for pets and their owners, I am excited, especially if that means we will see all the pet owners. So they start planning as the episode ends.

Now my thoughts on this week's episode.

Okay this might be the best episode of the second half of season three, at least it up there in the top 3.

The pet plot with the guest day camper Basil was alright, a lot of it was predictable but for the story it was telling it was okay. I love all the callbacks, from Bananas to Scout to Weber, etc. This was like Where's Waldo edition of LPS. I liked how Pepper, Zoey, Russell and the rest of them tried to help Basil and his anxieties, only problem was Vinnie and to a lesser extent Minka being idiots.

Now as for Blythe plot, this is what made the episode, Youngmee who originally was the most forgettable of Blythe's human friends, she continues to be awesome, and is probably my second or third favorite human in the series except for Blythe of course and maybe Roger. I really wanted Youngmee to learn Blythe's secret, I was so happy when she did, and we saw some great follow up in "Pet Sounds", but this totally validates that decision for a story telling prospective, I love how excited and enthusiastic Youngmee is about Blythe's gifts, it remind me of the rest o the mane 6 excitement to Twilight becoming a princess Allicorn.

Poor Blythe just wants to do algebra, but instead we get some human fantasies and skits that we normally see with the pets, and thanks to someone knowing Blythe's secret, we can actually do that, it is no longer a pets or Blythe and the pets exclusive, which gives them more opportunity to do stuff like that, and I love the skits, the old school infomercials, Blythe the weather reporter and I love how Blythe looks as a grownup weather girl maybe her mom looks like that, and SCI callbacks, showing the Biskits how it is done, also Blythe and Youngmee they have great chemistry, they play off each other well, since "Books and Covers", I thought the two of them make a great team. Youngmee is on a way higher par than any of Blythe's other human friends.

I love that what this could set up, this could be for shadowing for the season finale, maybe Blythe's secret will be revealed to the world. I think perhaps episode 25 cliffhanger will be everyone finding out Blythe's secret, and episode 26 they will have to deal with that and maybe have to convince the world what they saw is a mistake, and perhaps Youngmee could be the one to do that. If Youngmee gets to be the big hero and save the day, I am all for it. At least see all of the pets owners this time, please let it happen.


Basil, he was a entertaining guest camper

Youngmee, she was awesome, she was at her best, she has come a long way from when she was the most forgettable of Blythe's human friends, and is my 2nd or 3rd favorite human character on the show, by far the best of Blythe's original 3 human friends.

Pepper, she was so likable trying to be helpful, in a way I think that is suppose to mirror Youngmee in the Blythe plot.

The callbacks, I love them all, from mention of past characters and events, to past character cameos, some people call it fan service, I don't care


The pet plot was kind of predictable, but that is more of a nip pick.

Vinnie having the idiot ball again.

The pet plot was okay I give is a 9 / 10, the Blythe plot was excellent I give it a 10 / 10, so I guess is even outs to a 9.5 / 10.

Okay hope you enjoyed the review and have a nice LPS day. Bye. Can't believe it, Blythe and Youngmee as detectives.
Okay I am back to review the latest episode Littlest Pet Shop, well I have to say with episodes like "Why Can't We Be Friends" and "Pet Sounds" LPS has been on a roll of late, can it continue, will we end this month with a strong episode of LPS, well only one way to find to out.

We being today's episode at LPS, in which we see our pets looking at something, what could it be, it is Penny Ling's pet ant, that is right a pet has a pet, very clever idea, reminds me of Raph's pet turtle on the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  but turns there a more ants and LPS is swarmed with ants, so they have to close down while this is being taking care of, so what do they do? Where do they keep the pets, is there another place from them? Well at Mrs. T suggest, there is Largest Ever Pet Shop, but Blythe shoots down that, though I don't understand, giving the events of "Winter Wonder Wha...?", doesn't Fisher owe Blythe a favor. It would have made more sense if it was the other way around, Blythe suggests it and Mrs. T shoots it down.

So instead they go to a hotel run by Mrs. T's friend Sophie, and Sophie has an assistant, an old familiar face who has worked at LPS twice, has worked LEPS, and now working at this hotel, so she gets around. She is like the Larry and Steve of this series, or is she? The hotel looked great on the website designed by Madison who might have found her talent, but it is run down, so Blythe and the pets help Sophie fix the place up.

Meanwhile, the Biskit family riding on a rickshaw driven by their Butler, the money must be good if he puts up with that, nice that after 17 years, Kramer and Newman's vision finally came to pass. The twins they notice LPS is closed, and there is a pet hotel about to open, Fisher is furious because he has a similar idea, and I guess forgot to take his jerk pills because he goes insane and wants to close the place down.

Fisher hires a man to be a inspector and close the place down, he shows up at the hotel and warns them that if they don't meet regulation, the hotel will be closed down, Zoey notices something familiar about the man's stench.  Later Zoey and Pepper tell Blythe, and she has Madison walk them. They spot the man talking to Fisher Biskit and now Zoey knows why, he smells of Biskit, great line by the way.

We than go to a Biskit song, and Fisher gets his first song of the series, which I wasn't expecting, it is a pretty good song, and the twins get a song in season 3, I am not a fan of self aware villains and they did call themselves villains in the song, I prefer when bad guys think they are the good guy, that is the way it is in real life.

Now that they know, they tell Blythe, Blythe convinces everyone that the inspector is a fake, and they decide to make him confess with their own fake inspection. A hilarious bit ensues with the inspection, and the man who is named Dale confesses and Blythe recorded on video phone.

The day is saved, the hotel opens and we see Madison her talent in art and web design, which surprised me, she had a character arc that just concluded. And Dale is now the twins rickshaw rider for some reason.

Okay my thoughts on the episode.

This was a great episode, it had its problems, but the positives out weigh the negatives.

First of a pet having a pet having a pet or a pet pet I thought was very clever, it reminds on Raph having a pet turtles in the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. And the place got infected by ants, I was thinking in my head canon this was a continuation of the latest episode of Regular Show.

I so wish they found a way to mention that Blythe the Biskit twins lives, so by that logic should have asked LEPS for help, because Fisher owes her one. I wish they would give Fisher some inner conflict, between his hatred of Twombry and any appreciation for Blythe and what she has done for him, he saved your daughters lives come on, at least hesitate.

In my head canon, Fisher Biskit is bipolar, sometimes he is good, other times he is bad, sometimes he is smart, other times he is an idiot. When I saw the Biskit family in this episode, it occurred to me, they really need a good wife /mother figure. I don't know what happened to the twins mother, is she dead, did she leave Fisher, but an idea I have, Fisher should marry a nice good hearted woman, who will keep them all in line. Fisher is not evil, but sometimes he goes too far on the wrong path, if someone was just there to pull him back before he makes these mistakes. That is a difference with the Baxters and the Biskits, Roger and Blythe they don't need a wife / mother as badly as the Biskits, they need that hole in the family to be filled. Maybe in season 4 Fisher can meet someone.

I did like the song, though as a father, Fisher was teaching the twins terrible morals. While I prefer villains not be self aware and call themselves evil or villains, I like it better when they think they are good guys, but this is a slice of life comedy show I will let it slide, if this was an action show like a good action anime or a show like Legend Of Korra, I would be mad, but here it is okay.

As for you Biskit twins haters, you will be happy to know that the twins barely appeared in this episode, this was more of a Fisher and Dale episode. Heck the twins could not have been in the episode and the plot would still have worked out. And where are Cashmere and Velvet, did they die of starvation, wouldn't surprise me.

I did notice that since revealing her secret to Youngmee, Blythe seems more comfortable about her abilities, when the adults asked her how she knew that the inspector was a fake, Blythe didn't over react, the old Blythe would have panic. So some character development them

Speaking of character development, they actually had a Madison arc and it ends here. Madison found her talent and her place in the universe. I thought they unjustly tried to villanfy her in the season 1 finale and season 2 premiere, working in the pet shop is not for everybody, being around animals is just not for her, doesn't make her a bad person, I am glad they corrected that, and they could have made her the Larry and Steve of this series, just going from job to job as a gag, but no they actually developed her, I am not a huge Madison fan, but good for her.


All the pets get to do stuff, and the pet pet idea.

The song, I loved the song and Fisher shined here.

Madison finds her talent.

Blythe shows less anxiety towards her ability.


Bipolar Fisher, make up your minds writers, is he good or bad?

No guest pet, not necessary, but always nice to see.

No Cashmere and Velvet, seriously did they die of starvation because of neglect ion.

All and all, it was a good episode, just messing a guest pet. But I give this episode a 8.5 / 10.

So that is my review, hope you enjoyed reading it, have a nice LPS day.
We are at episode 20 of season 3 already, it is almost over, I am so sad, but luckily we do have season 4 in our back pockets, so I feel better.

So this week, we have a adults still acting like children with their sibling rivalry, I have seen it before, one that comes to mind is the Rugrats episode "Aunt Mirium", that one was luck warm to me, the best one in my opinion of having this adults act like children with their sibling rivalry trope was in Legend Of Korra, the Tenzin in the 2 part episode "Civil Wars", (I know we had the Bai Fong sisters problems in season 3, but that is drama, that is not played for laughs, that is a whole different story) I loved the pay off and how it was resolved, anyway let's get to this episode.

In today's episode, Roger’s super competitive sister, Mo, Blythe's aunt comes for a visit, bringing them a constant desire of outdoing each other, meanwhile Sunil and Vinnie take bets on what will happen in the immediate future.

We being our episode in which Blythe and Youngmee find Roger in Littlest Pet Shop meditating like some amateur swami, it is hilarious. It turns out Roger's sister Mo is coming to visit, and Roger is trying to convince everyone that he is over their sibling rivalry, while it is clear he isn't. While all this is going on Vinnie and Sunil and watching much to their amusement and bet what will happen in all this, Sunil's psychic ability vs Vinnie's instinct, there is also a hilarious sense with Minka taking their popcorn, but you have to see it.

Anyway we meet Mo, and to no one surprise, their one up men ship rivalry is not over, they are competing right from the get go. Upon seeing Youngmee bolts, in which Blythe hilarious yells coward, for some reason I found that hilarious.

Meanwhile Sunil and Vinnie continue to bet each other, and this time bet what will come out of Sunil's hat and the bet is a rabbit, and of course Buttercream appears, I saw that coming.

Back to the a plot, Roger and Mo continue to try to one up each other making Blythe breakfast, down to avoiding pot holes on the street, that part was so stupid it was hilarious. On their way to the market, they pretty much assault Jasper, who I guess is just there to be a whipping boy, first Brittany and her experiment and now this, poor guy.  While all this is going on, Sunil and Sunil continue to observe and make bets.

Finally we get to the market, Roger and Mo try to out juggle each other like a couple of crazy people, if this happened in real life, they would be arrested, anyway they end breaking the apple merchants card, that is important because we will get back to that. Than they try to animal whispers, here I thought we would get back to Blythe's secret, but nothing comes of it, I guess they wanted to be ironic. And here we meet our guest pet for the week, a Llama who's name is not revealed, but I really liked her, what can I say.

Here Roger tries to ride the Llama to prove something to Mo, Blythe, Mo, Sunil and Vinnie chase him on Blythe's scooter, here Blythe is clearly talking to Sunil and Vinnie,  and I thought they were going to do something with Blythe's secret, but Mo doesn't notice it at all, here Vinnie tries to show he is more crazier than Roger when he tries a crazy stunt. Blythe talks to Mo, and tells her that Roger has the younger sibling, probably just wanted Mo's approval. I get where they were going with that. Meanwhile Vinnie and Sunil agree to stop betting.

In the end, they are able to save Roger, Roger and Mo makeup, and agree to a forever truce, which lasts a few seconds, but I guess it is more in good fun than anything serious, I don't get where they going for.

My thoughts on this episode.

It was a good episode, better than I thought it would be. I am not a big fan of adult siblings acting like children, but it worked. I have seen it done a lot worse, though it is rare I have seen it done better, for example Legend Of Korra "Civil Wars" part 1 and 2, this wasn't as deep and had as good emotional pay off as it did in "Civil Wars" part 1 and 2, but still it was fine. Better than most.

I thought Mo was an okay character, and wouldn't mind seeing her again, perhaps when Blythe's mom finally appears if that ever happens.

Though the lack of pets was disappointing, nice to see more Youngmee, but no more of the "Secret Recipe", when Blythe called a coward I was laughing so much and Jasper they just bring him in just to abuse him, it seems that way.

But we did to get some Sunil and Vinnie bromance greatness, and since they are like putting up against Roger and Mo sibling rivalry, it is saying Sunil and Vinnie are as close as brothers. Which I approve.

I loved the lama, did we get her name, whoever voiced did a great job. And the apple merchant, when the apple cart was destroyed a second time, I was screaming "my apples", maybe that will be recurring thing, I know people will cry rip off, but the best things are ripped of.


The Llama, awesome guest character, I really like her voice.

Mo, she was an okay character, I wouldn't mind seeing again, perhaps if Blythe's mom ever appears or at least addressed.

Vinnie and Sunil being like brothers, having their plot be parallels to Roger and Mo's plot, does show that they are like brothers.


Not enough pets, I don't mind not all the pets in the episode, but the whole episode was more about the humans than pets, I don't mind the human plots, but I like to have more balance, the Vinnie and Sunil plot didn't get much screen time and development

Upon re watching it a second time, I will get give is a 7 / 10, it was an okay episode. Have a nice LPS day.
Okay we have another week, another new episode of LPS and man it this one a big episode.

The plot is Blythe helps Cheep-Cheep a cousin of Minka, when he believes his scientist owner a helmet for pets to speak with humans, meanwhile Youngmee after finding out Blythe's tries to talk to pets herself. Well any of them succeed or not? Only one way to find out.

Our episode begins at Sweet Delights in which Youngmee is trying to talk with Buttercream, and like Blythe said Buttercream is the wrong pet to try that on, it is a hilarious scene and we get a Diff'rent Strokes reference. Youngmee wonders like the pets did a couple of episodes ago how Blythe can talk to pets. Blythe again says she doesn't know I wonder if this big setup, perhaps in the season finale that question will be answered.

We go to the opening scene and we start the episode proper with a man and his pet monkey at LPS, he is a animal communication helmet on the monkey, and it spouts nonsense words instead of what he is really saying. The man is a scientist and realize the helmet is a dub and plans to announce at a college in which he was hoping to gain money for his invention. He leaves his pet monkey named Cheep-Cheep at LPS and we find out he is Minka's cousin.  

Cheep-Cheep how frustrated he is, that he can't communicate with his owner, and thinking how nice it would be if that could happen, we than go into a song, a very good song, which reveals some more owners. The only real reveal was Russell's owner, Penny and Pepper's owners have been seen before but here it is confirmed that they are the owners, and we see Zoey's owner Clarissa again, though John is no where to be seen, I guess he was busy. We also get a hilarious misunderstanding scene with Youngmee thinking she could understand Russell, but that misunderstanding is quickly resolved, which surprised me at first.

But we get another misunderstanding in which Cheep-Cheep meets Blythe and assumes the helmet works and runs out of the shop and plans to go to the college his owner is at and announce it to the world that helmet works, and talk to humans on the way.

Once everyone finds out, we get a three way chase sense as Russell, Minka, Blythe, and Youngmee split up to find Cheep-Cheep, with Russell and Blythe teaming up, while Minka and Youngmee team up even though Youngmee can't understand pets, Blythe reassures Youngmee that she will figure it out.

So we have our chase, while Cheep-Cheep "talks" to some "rude" humans, at least that is what he thinks, while Minka and Youngmee try to get past their language barrier, but we do have a great Indiana Jones fantasy, and in the fantasy Minka and Youngmee do talk to each other, and that is a big deal, because even in the fantasy Blythe is the only named character human to ever communicate with the pets, any other humans that talk with the pets in these fantasies are unnamed extra type characters. We also get a funny over head shot of everything like an old school video game like Pac Man or Frogger. Back in reality, even though they can't understand each other, Minka and Youngmee were able to do some team work, which does excite Youngmee. I am so happy for her. Youngmee is so excited she wants to tell Blythe, but there is no time.

We get to the college at last, and Cheep-Cheep is about to make the announcement when Cheep-Cheep interrupts, the people in the audience think this is part of an act, but Blythe thanks to something she learned form Minka and Youngmee experience together, tells the professor just because pets and humans can't talk to each other, they can still understand each other and tries to get the audience to think that is part of the professor plan, and that saves the day.

We end at Sweet Delights again with Buttercream, and Youngmee learns a lesson of just because she doesn't have Blythe's abilities doesn't mean she and Buttercream can't communicate with one another.

What a great episode, not hard to grade. First of all we finally get a follow up on Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret. I have been waiting for this since the show came back from hiatus. It is kind of what I thought would happen, Youngmee being curious but also hoping to try to communicate with animals herself.

Also a great song, and we get to see more pet owners. The only reveal was Russell's owner, we get more confirmation of Penny and Pepper's owners, and already meet Zoey's owners. Perhaps one day we will see all the owners.

I liked Cheep-Cheep he was a great guest pet, I loved the overhead view, which was a reference to old video games. The action was great, this episode was entertaining. And Youngmee got to talk to Minka in the fantasies, that is the first time that a named human character other than Blythe communicated with the pets in the fantasies, so that is neat to see. This what I was hoping to see post "Secret Recipe" and that is Youngmee going on these pet adventures.

I love the message at the end, that you don't have to have Blythe's abilities to talk with your pets. And I loved Buttercream rant in the first scene, did I hear a Diff'rent Strokes reference.


A follow up on Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret. Also Youngmee going on pet adventure. Nice to see those two worlds of Blythe kind of get merge at least once in a while.

The song, and we get more of the pet owners reveal. This is a double dose of big events.

Cheep-Cheep, I don't know I just liked him

Great adventures, the episode was just entertaining, it was hilarious at time, there was really no bad notes.


Sunil and Vinnie don't talk, and except for Russell and Minka, the rest of the pets get sidelined, but I guess that was necessary.

We don't see Minka, Sunil, and Vinnie's owners. Maybe next time.

My score

This episode because of following up on Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret, getting more pet owners reveal alone gets a 10 / 10, but the episode was entertaining and fun, so even more reason it gets a 10 / 10. Did anyone expect anything else.
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