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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop" known as "Petshoppers" (the full name couldn't fit, so we made Petters the shorten term for it)

& I only have 3 rules on this blog:

-No inappropriate images (like sexual or gore)
-No Trolling
-No Intense Hating

so... yeah

Welcome to Shop!!!
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We are at episode 20 of season 3 already, it is almost over, I am so sad, but luckily we do have season 4 in our back pockets, so I feel better.

So this week, we have a adults still acting like children with their sibling rivalry, I have seen it before, one that comes to mind is the Rugrats episode "Aunt Mirium", that one was luck warm to me, the best one in my opinion of having this adults act like children with their sibling rivalry trope was in Legend Of Korra, the Tenzin in the 2 part episode "Civil Wars", (I know we had the Bai Fong sisters problems in season 3, but that is drama, that is not played for laughs, that is a whole different story) I loved the pay off and how it was resolved, anyway let's get to this episode.

In today's episode, Roger’s super competitive sister, Mo, Blythe's aunt comes for a visit, bringing them a constant desire of outdoing each other, meanwhile Sunil and Vinnie take bets on what will happen in the immediate future.

We being our episode in which Blythe and Youngmee find Roger in Littlest Pet Shop meditating like some amateur swami, it is hilarious. It turns out Roger's sister Mo is coming to visit, and Roger is trying to convince everyone that he is over their sibling rivalry, while it is clear he isn't. While all this is going on Vinnie and Sunil and watching much to their amusement and bet what will happen in all this, Sunil's psychic ability vs Vinnie's instinct, there is also a hilarious sense with Minka taking their popcorn, but you have to see it.

Anyway we meet Mo, and to no one surprise, their one up men ship rivalry is not over, they are competing right from the get go. Upon seeing Youngmee bolts, in which Blythe hilarious yells coward, for some reason I found that hilarious.

Meanwhile Sunil and Vinnie continue to bet each other, and this time bet what will come out of Sunil's hat and the bet is a rabbit, and of course Buttercream appears, I saw that coming.

Back to the a plot, Roger and Mo continue to try to one up each other making Blythe breakfast, down to avoiding pot holes on the street, that part was so stupid it was hilarious. On their way to the market, they pretty much assault Jasper, who I guess is just there to be a whipping boy, first Brittany and her experiment and now this, poor guy.  While all this is going on, Sunil and Sunil continue to observe and make bets.

Finally we get to the market, Roger and Mo try to out juggle each other like a couple of crazy people, if this happened in real life, they would be arrested, anyway they end breaking the apple merchants card, that is important because we will get back to that. Than they try to animal whispers, here I thought we would get back to Blythe's secret, but nothing comes of it, I guess they wanted to be ironic. And here we meet our guest pet for the week, a Llama who's name is not revealed, but I really liked her, what can I say.

Here Roger tries to ride the Llama to prove something to Mo, Blythe, Mo, Sunil and Vinnie chase him on Blythe's scooter, here Blythe is clearly talking to Sunil and Vinnie,  and I thought they were going to do something with Blythe's secret, but Mo doesn't notice it at all, here Vinnie tries to show he is more crazier than Roger when he tries a crazy stunt. Blythe talks to Mo, and tells her that Roger has the younger sibling, probably just wanted Mo's approval. I get where they were going with that. Meanwhile Vinnie and Sunil agree to stop betting.

In the end, they are able to save Roger, Roger and Mo makeup, and agree to a forever truce, which lasts a few seconds, but I guess it is more in good fun than anything serious, I don't get where they going for.

My thoughts on this episode.

It was a good episode, better than I thought it would be. I am not a big fan of adult siblings acting like children, but it worked. I have seen it done a lot worse, though it is rare I have seen it done better, for example Legend Of Korra "Civil Wars" part 1 and 2, this wasn't as deep and had as good emotional pay off as it did in "Civil Wars" part 1 and 2, but still it was fine. Better than most.

I thought Mo was an okay character, and wouldn't mind seeing her again, perhaps when Blythe's mom finally appears if that ever happens.

Though the lack of pets was disappointing, nice to see more Youngmee, but no more of the "Secret Recipe", when Blythe called a coward I was laughing so much and Jasper they just bring him in just to abuse him, it seems that way.

But we did to get some Sunil and Vinnie bromance greatness, and since they are like putting up against Roger and Mo sibling rivalry, it is saying Sunil and Vinnie are as close as brothers. Which I approve.

I loved the lama, did we get her name, whoever voiced did a great job. And the apple merchant, when the apple cart was destroyed a second time, I was screaming "my apples", maybe that will be recurring thing, I know people will cry rip off, but the best things are ripped of.


The Llama, awesome guest character, I really like her voice.

Mo, she was an okay character, I wouldn't mind seeing again, perhaps if Blythe's mom ever appears or at least addressed.

Vinnie and Sunil being like brothers, having their plot be parallels to Roger and Mo's plot, does show that they are like brothers.


Not enough pets, I don't mind not all the pets in the episode, but the whole episode was more about the humans than pets, I don't mind the human plots, but I like to have more balance, the Vinnie and Sunil plot didn't get much screen time and development

Upon re watching it a second time, I will get give is a 7 / 10, it was an okay episode. Have a nice LPS day.
Okay we have another week, another new episode of LPS and man it this one a big episode.

The plot is Blythe helps Cheep-Cheep a cousin of Minka, when he believes his scientist owner a helmet for pets to speak with humans, meanwhile Youngmee after finding out Blythe's tries to talk to pets herself. Well any of them succeed or not? Only one way to find out.

Our episode begins at Sweet Delights in which Youngmee is trying to talk with Buttercream, and like Blythe said Buttercream is the wrong pet to try that on, it is a hilarious scene and we get a Diff'rent Strokes reference. Youngmee wonders like the pets did a couple of episodes ago how Blythe can talk to pets. Blythe again says she doesn't know I wonder if this big setup, perhaps in the season finale that question will be answered.

We go to the opening scene and we start the episode proper with a man and his pet monkey at LPS, he is a animal communication helmet on the monkey, and it spouts nonsense words instead of what he is really saying. The man is a scientist and realize the helmet is a dub and plans to announce at a college in which he was hoping to gain money for his invention. He leaves his pet monkey named Cheep-Cheep at LPS and we find out he is Minka's cousin.  

Cheep-Cheep how frustrated he is, that he can't communicate with his owner, and thinking how nice it would be if that could happen, we than go into a song, a very good song, which reveals some more owners. The only real reveal was Russell's owner, Penny and Pepper's owners have been seen before but here it is confirmed that they are the owners, and we see Zoey's owner Clarissa again, though John is no where to be seen, I guess he was busy. We also get a hilarious misunderstanding scene with Youngmee thinking she could understand Russell, but that misunderstanding is quickly resolved, which surprised me at first.

But we get another misunderstanding in which Cheep-Cheep meets Blythe and assumes the helmet works and runs out of the shop and plans to go to the college his owner is at and announce it to the world that helmet works, and talk to humans on the way.

Once everyone finds out, we get a three way chase sense as Russell, Minka, Blythe, and Youngmee split up to find Cheep-Cheep, with Russell and Blythe teaming up, while Minka and Youngmee team up even though Youngmee can't understand pets, Blythe reassures Youngmee that she will figure it out.

So we have our chase, while Cheep-Cheep "talks" to some "rude" humans, at least that is what he thinks, while Minka and Youngmee try to get past their language barrier, but we do have a great Indiana Jones fantasy, and in the fantasy Minka and Youngmee do talk to each other, and that is a big deal, because even in the fantasy Blythe is the only named character human to ever communicate with the pets, any other humans that talk with the pets in these fantasies are unnamed extra type characters. We also get a funny over head shot of everything like an old school video game like Pac Man or Frogger. Back in reality, even though they can't understand each other, Minka and Youngmee were able to do some team work, which does excite Youngmee. I am so happy for her. Youngmee is so excited she wants to tell Blythe, but there is no time.

We get to the college at last, and Cheep-Cheep is about to make the announcement when Cheep-Cheep interrupts, the people in the audience think this is part of an act, but Blythe thanks to something she learned form Minka and Youngmee experience together, tells the professor just because pets and humans can't talk to each other, they can still understand each other and tries to get the audience to think that is part of the professor plan, and that saves the day.

We end at Sweet Delights again with Buttercream, and Youngmee learns a lesson of just because she doesn't have Blythe's abilities doesn't mean she and Buttercream can't communicate with one another.

What a great episode, not hard to grade. First of all we finally get a follow up on Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret. I have been waiting for this since the show came back from hiatus. It is kind of what I thought would happen, Youngmee being curious but also hoping to try to communicate with animals herself.

Also a great song, and we get to see more pet owners. The only reveal was Russell's owner, we get more confirmation of Penny and Pepper's owners, and already meet Zoey's owners. Perhaps one day we will see all the owners.

I liked Cheep-Cheep he was a great guest pet, I loved the overhead view, which was a reference to old video games. The action was great, this episode was entertaining. And Youngmee got to talk to Minka in the fantasies, that is the first time that a named human character other than Blythe communicated with the pets in the fantasies, so that is neat to see. This what I was hoping to see post "Secret Recipe" and that is Youngmee going on these pet adventures.

I love the message at the end, that you don't have to have Blythe's abilities to talk with your pets. And I loved Buttercream rant in the first scene, did I hear a Diff'rent Strokes reference.


A follow up on Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret. Also Youngmee going on pet adventure. Nice to see those two worlds of Blythe kind of get merge at least once in a while.

The song, and we get more of the pet owners reveal. This is a double dose of big events.

Cheep-Cheep, I don't know I just liked him

Great adventures, the episode was just entertaining, it was hilarious at time, there was really no bad notes.


Sunil and Vinnie don't talk, and except for Russell and Minka, the rest of the pets get sidelined, but I guess that was necessary.

We don't see Minka, Sunil, and Vinnie's owners. Maybe next time.

My score

This episode because of following up on Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret, getting more pet owners reveal alone gets a 10 / 10, but the episode was entertaining and fun, so even more reason it gets a 10 / 10. Did anyone expect anything else.
There is some great news, Littlest Pet Shop will have a 4th season, big thanks to Wingedartist28

Links below…

So your thoughts? I am excited, I was worried over the lack of seasons, if season 3 doesn't give me everything I want, I now know it ain't over yet, perhaps we will see Blythe's mom.
Okay time to look at this week's LPS, and dare I say it was a good one. In this episode Blythe hits it off with a fashion-minded girl at a thrift shop and neglects her "old friends," while Vinnie befriends a genial spider but must hide him from arachnophobic Sunil.

So we begin with Vinnie not learning his lesson from "What Did You Say" and chasing a fly, when he meets a spider, who is a very likable charming fella. Vinnie wants to be friend but than remembers his best friend Sunil is afraid of spiders and plots to hide him. Cue the opening.

We than cut to Blythe and Youngmee, I mean Blythe and Sue? That is something we haven't seen since season 1, but but whatever. Blythe unloads old cloths at the thrift store and meets his fashion minded girl named Kora, voiced by Sugar Sprinkles, so I know I am going to like her. They hit it off, thought Blythe unintentionally is blowing off Sue and later Youngmee.

Sue being the insecure person that is she, is hurt by this, though Youngmee initially understands Blythe is just fashion minded, but seeing Blythe with Kora, even Youngmee is a little put off.

The other pets knows about the spider, and help Vinnie hide him from Sunil, and also build him a home sort of. Sunil feels he is isolated from the group, but comes to the conclusion it is a surprise party.

Meanwhile Blythe shows her old pet fashion designs to Kora, and she likes them and likes the pets to, but she continues to ignore her old friends.  When Blythe does realize her mistake, it is to late they are already mad.

Meanwhile Sunil discovers the spider in a hilarious way, Sunil asks Blythe for advice, and Blythe tells him if the other pets is helping the spider, than he can't be all bad, so she helps him talk to the spider. The spider has a name, his name is Weber, and everyone but Vinnie gets the joke. Sunil slowly decides to get past his fear and befriend Weber. Weber also has advice for Blythe on how to deal with her problems.

Blythe decides to apology to Sue and Youngmee, and have them and Kora talk and have them all become friends. Sue and Youngmee admit maybe they were a little harsh, this time they also realize their mistakes unlike in "Penny For Your Laughs", Blythe shows them her first people design, animal hats, which I want.

Cue closing credits. My thoughts.

What an episode, I liked it, Blythe's friends got redeemed for their behavior in "Penny For Your Laughs", this time they learned their lesson.

I found it unique that in the beginning, it was Blythe and Sue hanging together with no Youngmee, haven't seen that since season 1. though I think their a reason for it, the plot called for it. Sue is a very insecure person so when Blythe pays attention to someone else she can't deal with it, Youngmee is much more of a secure person, so Sue had to lead her to those feelings of neglect, Youngmee initially was cool with it, I mean Youngmee knows Blythe's secret, so that is a trump card of friendship status, so if I was Youngmeee I wouldn't be so insecure. So it makes more sense Sue takes the lead, and heck she was the one that took the lead on not supporting Blythe and getting possessive of Blythe in "Penny For Your Laughs".

Blythe was wrong for being rude to her friends, but she didn't do it on purpose, but Sue and Youngmee could have handled more maturely. But in the end it all works out, and did I mention love Kora. I love her look, except for the glasses, she looks like a previous generation Blythe, and she is kind of like a human less hyper Sugar Sprinkles.

And yes Kora is a popular in animation now a days, not only the title character in Legend Of Korra, but there was also someone with that name in Sofia the First. Remember the overprotective big sister mermaid?

As for the pet plot, I love Vinnie trying to catch the fly at the beginning, I guess he didn't learn his lesson from "What Did You Say", I love Weber, he is so adorable, and Sunil thought there was a surprise party for him, and the shower scene was hilarious, in the end they all made friends and Sunil has one less fear. And Vinnie he is slow to figure out the joke about Weber's name.

And I loved Blythe's hats, they are awesome.


Weber - he was a excellent guest camper. He was likable

Kora - I love her two, not only because of the name, but I thought going into this episode, they were going to make her a villain and have the episode be about Blythe neglecting her friends while being used by her new friend. But nope they didn't go that route, and I hope to see her again

A two way lesson - Blythe learned about neglecting old friends, but this time unlike "Penny For Your Laughs", her friends also learned a lesson themselves of being possessive. So this is like a "Penny For Your Laughs", it is like the writers knew they messed up there.

Vinnie - he was just his normal hilarious self

Negative - still no follow on Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret, are they ever going to follow up on that?

I think I will give this one a 9 / 10, this was actually pretty good.

So till next week, have a nice LPS day.
Okay happy new year, and we begin our first new LPS for 2015, and boy while not the best episode ever, it certainly from the synopsis I read my expectations were low and exceeded that, I wasn't expecting a bad episode, but just a average ho hum episode, and this one I enjoyed more than I thought I would. So my ratings are higher just for that.

I wasn't expect much from this episode, I thought just an average episode, but it blow past my expectation.

So the plot is Blythe second-surmises her frilly room in the wake of perusing a magazine about popular high schooler rooms while the pets get peppered by a curious kitten.

Okay we begin with Blythe looking totally stylish this week, I really like her look this week and her confidence, I thought the look she gave to the camera before the opening was an awesome expression. Blythe not to show up at LPS till she is done remaking her room, well that come into the plot?

Meanwhile, at day camp the pets meet today's guest camper Meow Meow, Meow Meow like some little kid just asks why for no reason, he reminds me of Mindy from Animaniacs with his just why. Of course the pets are too naive to get that, and take him very seriously.

Meow Meow made Vinnie cry, and the pets realize Blythe is not there, Meow Meow wonders who Blythe is, and the pets tell him about Blythe and how she can understand them, and this when the episode takes  a great turn from normal episode to great episode, Meow Meow asks why Blythe can understand them, and the pets starts to wonder that to. Meanwhile continues to work on her room.

Than we get the best part of the episode, the pet theories of the reason for Blythe's abilities, they were all excellent, I thought Sunil theory was funny, though Minka was the best IMO. They don't notice that Meow Meow has wondered to the dumbwaiter rope is caught on the top of the rope under the cart, in which if Blythe decided to comedown could hurt Meow Meow. So the pets know they have to do something. Minka tries and she fails, but I liked her attempt. Sunil and Vinnie decide to walk over to Blythe's room and they get tired out.

Meanwhile Blythe is done redesigning her room, when Roger comes to see, and you can tell he is sad to see the old room changed, and Blythe notices that which really shows the father / daughter bond they have, and I guess with no mother figure, it makes it even stronger. The pets get Blythe's attention and tells them about Meow Meow, they than are able to get Meow Meow to Blythe's room, Meow Meow ask Blythe why she changed her room in which Blythe doesn't really have a good answer, Blythes takes Meow Meow back to day camp, and Blythe changer her room back.

Blythe goes down to see the pets, and the pets ask why Blythe can understand them and no other human can, before she can answer Meow Meow and says something else other than why he says the pets asks a lot of question, Blythe says she doesn't know why can understand animals and no one else can, and doesn't care because she is happy she can understand them. Blythe than shows the pets her room and we see it is back to normal. End of episode.

Okay now time for my opinions on the episode.

I thought the episode based on my low expectations, really surpassed it by far. I thought Meow Meow was adorable I thought the question of why can Blythe talk to animals is that is a nod to the fans, the writers they know fans want to know, so this is a little nod to the fans which I liked. It reminded of the ending of "Operation Bai Fong" in Legend Of Korra when Toph said the reason Katara didn't get involved in the water tribe civil war. I thought Minka made the most sense, and baby Blythe and young Blythe was so cute. And the other theories were good to.

For the record my theory is Blythe inherit her abilities from her mother, and when she bumped in the first episode it unlocked that ability that has been dormant before hand.

As for the Blythe plot, I liked it. The song was okay, when she said let's get physical before she put in her head phones I thought we were going to hear Olivia Newton John's song "Physical", most of you are too young to know what I am talking about. I liked the reason Blythe did what she did was not because of peer pressure, well sort of the magazine is sort of a peer, but any other series would have set this plot by the Biskits making fun of Blythe's room and Blythe going out of her to way to "show them" and prove them wrong. So I am glad, Blythe wanted to redesign her room because she wanted to, and she changed it back because she wanted to.

I love that Blythe that she has such a good head on her shoulder, she knows what she wants, and she is not going to let her peers tell her what to do. Good for you Blythe.

I thought Vinnie and Sunil they were hilarious as always, and Meow Meow saying other words at the end that was great, and I thought the answer of why Blythe can understand pets was a nice answer, we don't know but who cares she is happy that she can.  But you never know this could be a set up for the season finale, perhaps we will find out why Blythe can understand animals, perhaps we well meet other people that have that ability, or if my theory is correct, see Blythe's mom.

The positives

The big question is finally addressed, why can Blythe understand the pets and no other human can? While we don't get an answer I do appreciate the acknowledgement that fans want to know that.

The reason Blythe fixed up her room, there was no peer pressure, she decided to redesign her room because she wanted to, and not because others like the Biskits put pressure on her to do so. Any other including My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic would have made it about peer pressure. But Blythe she is to smart, has to much self esteem to allow the opinions of others at least others that aren't close to her effect her. Great role model for kids.

The pet theories, especially Minka's, but they were the highlight of the episode.

The negatives

Meow Meow's constant whys eventually got old, but I think it is suppose to be that way, I am just looking at straws to find negatives

Not enough time devoted to the big question, for such a big question that we all want to know, why does Blythe have those abilities, could have used more time.

Anyway my score is 8 / 10, this episode really surprised me how much I enjoyed it. At first I was going to give it a 9, but thought 8 is more appropriate. Still really enjoyed the episode.
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