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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop".

& I only have 3 rules on this blog:

-No inappropriate images (like sexual or gore)
-No Trolling
-No Intense Hating

so... yeah

Petters, UNITE!
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Okay what a ride we have half way through season 3, and we know go on a hitaous. I guess a well deserved break. This season was really strong, mostly every episode was excellent. Sure there a a couple of clunkers here and there, but every show has those, and it ended with something from most fans wish list and certainly on mine finally happening, and that is Blythe revealing her secret to someone. And even better of my short list which was like 3 characters, the person at the top of my list Youngmee Song, she was the person to find out Blythe's secret.

That being said what is next, we still have 13 episodes to go at least, hopefully more beyond that, what do you want to see, and / or what do you think we will see on LPS? Well there here is my list.

1) Have Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret acutally used in the story. Don't have Blythe reveal her secret and have it be a big deal, if nothing will come of it. What I would like to see is Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret come in handy in the future, be a situation that if not for Youngmee and her knowing what is going on, saves the day. For example, Fisher Biskit, or some other person is starting to suspect Blythe of having a secret and wanting to find out, and Youngmee plays a big role in covering for Blythe and protecting her secret.

2) Most developments on the Biskits twins and their relationship with Blythe, you have to a good start in "Two Pets For Two Pests", we actually saw a good side to the twins and see they are capable for caring for someone besides themselves. Also Blythe helped them better themselves, Blythe had her own reasons but still it does she cares about them enough to do something, the old Blythe wouldn't have done that.  We all remember "Penny For Your Laughs" when she said the twins was a lost cause.

Also I do like in "Fish Out Of The Water", LEPS is treated like a normal pet shop by our heros, the girls were looking at their fashion, it is nice that LEPS is no longer protayed as pet shop from hell like it was in the beginning of the series.

3) More of the guest pets to return, besides Buttercream and Sugar Sprinkles, the other guest pets I want to see some of them back, first of all Cashmere and Velvet bring them back, I want to see Tangler again, it is nice to a pet villian and he could be Russell's nemesis, bring back Madam Palm, I read the latest issue of hte comics and I liked her, as for others, bring anyone back except for those korallas, I didn't really like them.

4) Holiday themed episodes. the hitatous does give me hope, we will see some holiday themed episode and that might be the reason for the hitaous, I want to see a Halloween episode that would be awesome, a Christmas and other December holidays episode, maybe one that does feature the Biskits, normally holiday episodes they show a soft side to the normally antagonistic characters and written more possitive.

5) Learn more about Youngmee, now that she knows, I want to see an episode when we see where she lives, I want to see her place at least once, and maybe meet her parents, if not other family members. I have this idea of her grandfather being voiced by George Takei or James Hong. They are both great.

6) A nice warp to the LPS and LEPS, like I mention before LEPS is treated more like a rival pet shop and not an evil pet shop, like it was in the past. I like to see a peace treaty finally happen, perhaps the pets, Cashmere and Velvet they can play a role in wrapping this storyline up.

So yes those are some of my ideas and predictions. Mostly ideas. Tell me your ideas and predictions for season 3.

PS: I almost forgot, I always want to see Security Guard and TV Producer / Stage Manager date and become a couple.  That is my ship. Ha ha ha.
OMG it is finally here, the long waited, antcipated "Secret Recipe", the one in which Blythe might reveal her secret to her best human friend Youngmee. Well Blythe reveal her secret? Or will she chicken out? Will the writers dare to change the status quo and strive for greatness like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which like it or not, they do constantly change the status quo, or will they play it safe and just be another cartoon. Well let's find out.

At last "The Secret Recipe" has aired, ever since I heard about the synophis, I thought this could be the biggest game changing episode of LPS, I thought this was a big episode for the show, not so much the characters, but for the show legacy, for it to be either on the same level as MLP:FiM or just be another cartoon, would the writers take a big chance or play is safe. They choose to take a chance. So kudos. So this is "Mystery Magical Cure", the "Light In The Dark", heck the "Hunter's Moon" of the series.

So we began in class, when Blythe and Youngmee are doing a class presentation, we have a apperance by the Biskits twins who are there usual disinteresting slacker selfs, Youngmee with that bunny puppet, she reminded me of Jerri from Digimon Tamers, I got flashback to that series which is never a bad thing.

So the plot and we see Buttercream make her season 3 debut and she is not in a good mood, as Youngmee is testing her recipe on her, and she is not liking it. Blythe enourages her and says bunnies can be picky eaters, am I the only one who didn't think of Angel in "Puttin Your Hooves Down". Rabbits can be divas on these shows. Blythe makes a big mistake instead of being honest with Youngmee about her pet food, she lies to spear her feelings, and in the long run it is only going to hurt more, and the pets show what great actors they can be.

So we have another reality show, what is it with this cartoon and reality show, I think they go to that well one too many times. Blythe is thinking perhaps it is time to tell the Youngmee the truth, the whole truth, about her abilities. And this is something I have waited for forever, to at least find out why Blythe is so scared to tell anyone, and we find out she is afraid to being called weird. I thought that was a big let down, I was expecting something more than that, perhaps being afraid of being locked up in a mental institution, or being experimented on, but being called weird, okay it is not like the Biskit twins have called her weird a bigillion times. I know she care more what Youngmee thinks than the Biskits, but we have seen her be called weird before and the world is still intact.

What I would like to have seen is Blythe imagine, the worst possible scenereo of Youngmee's reaction of being told about her abilities. Perhaps have Youngmee run away and scream "get away from me you freak".

Than we get the song, awesome song, I think it is best song of the season, I mean it, also most of the seasons have been subpar, and no Biskits twins song all season, come on.

So instead Blythe has this crazy little scheme of switching the pet treats, if it worked what would she do next, would she have to become a baker and secretly switch the pet treats everytime Youngmee cooks, long term she would have found out eventully, but her heart was in the right place. It backfires Youngmee think Blythe is trying to sabatage her.

In the all go to the tv taping, and though Youngmee is still mad at Blythe, I do like how she takes some of Blythe's tweats and pockets it because she realised Blythe would never sabatage her, it was a two street both Blythe and Youngmee learned a lesson about friendship and trust.

In the end, the moment Blythe reveals her secret, I was looking at the time at how much time is left in the episode, I love Christy, I was yelling at her to go away get out of the scene, so Blythe can reveal her secret, we don't have much more time left in the episode. Tell me you all weren't thinking the same thing. And the moment we all waited for, I was worred with how long Blythe dragging this out, that someone was going to intrupt perhaps Christy or one of the judges, but the secret revealed. And the confirmation for Youngmee the pets nodding, showing what a bond Blythe has with them, and than the flashbacks, it looked like she was going Avatar state, we see a bunch of flashbacks including "Standup Stinker" in which Youngmee was not in that episode but I assume she was unseen in the audiance, we see Youngmee put two and two together, I like that, it shows she is not stupid and has some common sense.

The secret revealed, status quo is changed, Blythe and Youngmee friendship is taking to another level, they both learned something, Blythe learned to trust Youngmee not to call weird and be afraid of her, and Youngmee learned to trust Blythe that she would not sabatage her. Also Youngmee gets her own goal and story at the end, just like Blythe has with fashion, and the show by taking this chance, is now no longer just another cartoon, it is on MLP:FIM level now.

So this episode gets a 11 / 10. Yup 11 / 10.

And now LPS will go on hitatous but leaves on a high note, it will return when My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic season 5 premeres. In the mean time, I will reviews all the episodes I haven't reviewed starting form the beginning, also I will still do my mid week random LPS blogs whenever I have something LPS on my mind, so I am not going away just because LPS is for a bit.
I finally of Littlest Pet Shopw issue 4 comic book. It was good.

The main plot was about Zoey wanting to be a tv star, she and Blythe audtion for a Michael Bay type character and compete against other dogs including Madam Pom, meanwhile the other pets are at the pet shop when they receive a package of gerbals and believe me there are lot of them.

First the Zoey and Blythe plot,  it was entertaining, the director wanted real hero dogs for his show, and thus Zoey and Blythe try to do good deeds, it was hillarous they volunteered at a pet shelter that nothing but cats, later they volunteer to help out a cranky old lady. Meanwhile is being more successful  at doing good deeds, and it appears we got to see Madam Pom's owner, who appears to be a blonde haired woman,  we see her twice at a coffee shop and later after the winner of the audition is announced,  but she is wearing a different outfit, is the same person? Who knows, and I want spoil who won. Let's just it is a twist.

Meanwhile the pets are having their hands full with the gerbal, who appear to be multiply it, in the end they find a way to deal with them and help Littlest Pet Shop.

The short this issue  has not pets, it is just about Blythe and Roger, and Roger being his hillarous self, they go to a concert together as part of a father's day gift, and we get a Josh appearance. It is worth a read.

That is all I have to say, I give it 10 / 10, there is no weak points in this issue.
Sorry for the delay here is my review. I can't believe it one more episode till "The Secret Recipe"

Okay at last my review of this episode. Well Dolores she reminded of Invader Zim. It is like Zim has invaded the Littlest Pet Shop. It seemed all the lesson Pepper learned from "Penny For Your Laughs" is thrown out the window, I thought she knew about sensitivity now.

So the pets anger Delores and they and LPS are shrunk? This can't be real right? Conveniently Zoey had to go for a walk, it looked like she had to use the little doggies room.

And if things couldn't get worst, the little monster is back. Alice from "What Did You Say" is back and for the second episode in a row we get an actually flashback, I hope the animation budget is okay. Actually I am pretty I saw Alice and her mom in the pet fashion expo in "The Expo Factor" and I noticed Vinnie and had a reaction, back to this episode. So Vinnie did tell the pets about his traumatic experience. We get more Vinnie and Sunil bromance. I tell you Alice's mom she is bad as a parent as Fisher Biskit maybe even worse. Maybe those two ought to go out and neglect their children together.

Anyway Blythe and Zoey find Delorus she tells them what happened, and Zoey goes all police dog on us and find them. They find Alice and we she has no soul as she is not effected by Zoey's sad eyes, what is wrong with you? So there is a fun chase scene, and we find out Alice messed Princess Precious. And Vinnie is touched by that for some reason. Blythe makes a deal with her, LPS is restored back to normal.

Than it gets trippy, and as we all suspected it was all a dream and non canon. Though I wonder when did things start to become part of Vinnie's dream?

It is an alright episode, I am gald it is over and now we can focus on the epic next episode "The Secret Recipe". I think we are suppose to feel sorry for Alice. If so, didn't really work with me, it is like the opposite with the Biskits in the early episdoes. In the early episodes they are suppose to be villains are suppose to hate, but I ended up liking them and sympatise with them, Alice on the other hand I don't feel much for her, she is better than she was in "What Did You Say", but still I didn't cute or adorable or anything.

Before you say I am person that hates kid characters, I don't some of them I love, like Elicia Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist, Asuka Connell from Fairy Tail (especially the Natsu and Asuka omake chapter, she is so adorable I hope that gets animated), or heck even Meelo from Legend Of Korra (though not so much this season, he is a little psychopath this season but in the past he has been okay) And no they don't have to be perfect angels, I like seeing kid characters be rumbunches, but balence with seeing their innocense and cuteness. I never saw a cute innocent side from Alice.

All and all a good episode, 8.5 / 10 for me

It is an alright episode, it is a good calm before the storm episode, because next week is going to be epic.
OK, guys I have a confession to make

I haven't been up to speed lately and isn't really commited to the series

I apologize, seriously how do I even call myself a fan of the show, let alone the leader of a group of fans

I mean you guys are really commited to the show, you have all kinds of fan fictions, fan art, fan games, fan music, fan everything, but me... I just sit here on my bum just accepting images to the gallery, and every new episode that comes out, I just speed through just to keep my free time on the internet

I mean, I only made this group cause I felt bad for the LPS fans for the Bronies for ranting on and on cause it was a HUB video that wasn't ponies,

and you know what, I seriously don't think that's a good reason to make a fandom, I mean... can you even make fandom....

so... with a heavy heart, I've decided to resign as leader of petters

I will have an election to find a new one, there will be 3 slots open for the election, any member can nominate anyone in this group, but you can't nominate yourself, 2 nominations mean your on the ballot, you can vote only one time, and voting will close on the final day of this month (Sunday, August 31st, 2014)

here are the slots:

#1:  OPEN
#2:  OPEN
#3:  OPEN

thank you for your consent, and maybe someday... if I become more of a better fan, maybe I will return to my place as leader of the petter

until that day, this is MagiShine2005, signing off for all of pet kind... everywhere...
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