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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop".

& I only have 3 rules on this blog:

-No inappropriate images (like sexual or gore)
-No Trolling
-No Intense Hating

so... yeah

Petters, UNITE!
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Well we continue towards the half way point of season 1, we are up toe episode 9 "Dumb Dumbwaiter". No guest pet this week, so let's talk about the plot.

Blythe and female pets have slumber party, they minus Penny Ling get stuck in the dumbwaiter, and it is up to Penny and boys to save the day.Okay I loved the emergency comb flashback, it reminds me of a State Farm commercial, didn't like Minka lack of respect for other people's property, which will come into play in a later episode.

The song "If You A Guy" a tribute to classic musicals like West Side Story, it was an okay song, not one of my personnel favorites, but okay.

I  didn't like the male pets sudden sexiest attitudes, that just seem come out of no where to playgrate  the plot. It wasn't even needed, they could have understemate Penny because of her shy sweet personality, still good to see Penny stand up for her self, and the bubblegum ride looked like fun, I want to do that.  And other hero Minka and emergency comb who died a honorable death, rest in peace emergency comb.

Anyway a good episode, I hope you enjoy this review. 8 / 10.
Check this out, I think I found some season half of season 3 clips in this promo. The 0:09- 0:10 mark that is new footage, 0:18  to 0:20 that looks like it is from season 3 episode 14 as it could be the big aftermath of "Secret  Recipe", you see Youngmee looking at Buttercream and asking Blythe "how does she do it", I am sure she is referring to Blythe's abilities to talk to animals and she says "it just happens." And the monkey he looks like one of the pets from the Cosmetic Toast LPS web shorts. I am not sure about Sunil and the other pet screaming at each other, I think I saw that before, but I am not sure.…
Okay people I am back, I went to Comic Con this past Thursday, and it was awesome. No LPS related stuff, but I got to see this week's Legend Of Korra episode before anyone else and I found out IDW is releasing a Jem and the Hologram comic book and I met Veronica Tylor.  I had a great time. What does that have to do with this week's review nothing, I just wanted to share with you guys.

Anyway this week's Blythe is determain to return a key, Sunil has doubt about this magic abilities, meanwhile Vinnie is trying to proove this week guest day camper is a liar. We begin with Zoey being her inner dog as she can't find her berray that is on her head, dogs sometimes misplace stuff that i right front of her, I saw a simialr joke in Fairy Tail. Sunil helps find her hat, and that scene was so cute, adorable, and hillarous at the same time. Zoey is convinced Sunil is a master psycic.

After the opening theme,  Blythe is rolling skating doing something only Rainbow Dash can do when she bumps into this boy named Josh, and you can tell Blythe is attracted to him. She notices he drop his keys and is determain to find him. Blythe tells the pets about this and Zoey tells them Sunil can find him because of what happened earlier, and Sunil gives Blythe a clue and she follows the lead with Zoey tagging along. So beings the chase.

Meanwhile we meet our guest camper a parret named Esteban and he rubs Vinnie the wrong way. Vinnie does some research, and finds out he is a liar, before he can tell the others, Sunil tells everyone he might have sent Blythe to the wrong place, and they go looking for Blythe. So we know have two chases, one with Blythe and Zoey chasing Josh and another one with the pets chasing Blythe and Zoey.

There is this running gag about the pets being insulted of places that don't allow pets, Vinnie confronts Esteban, and they become friends and Vinnie keeps his secret. My favorite part is Blythe skateboarding to find Josh, even though she could have just walked around the ramp, but I found it hillarous especially Zoey says "Blythe stop this crazy thing." Another favorite part of mine was the song "Crush" Zoey performs it and it just rocks. LPS has been on the whole with the music.

In the end, Blythe finds Josh and returns his keys, the pets find Blythe, and it turns out Sunil was right all along of where Josh was, just the timing was a bit off.

Great episode, 9 / 10.
Okay what can I say about this episode, well it is a tale of two episodes. One tale is freakin awesome, had a great song, while the other not so much.  And we a great moment for a couple of characters I like even though it is minor.

In this episode Russell tries to prove to the other pets he can be fun and not so uptight all time, while Blythe has to deal with her psychotic friend who thinks she is perfect.

The pet plot I loved it, I love Russell in his hawian shirt, looks real stylist. He showed his doubters he can have fun, though he took it to far. And for your shipper, when get some Penny x Russell. But the best part by far is the song, "Fun Being Fun", it is so catchy. At the time I thought nothing could top "BFF', but this might have, one thing I notice about this series, Daniel Ingram keeps topping himself with these great song. We also have our first guest day camper a male pig named Mary Francis, not a memoriable character but not a bad character either. He was just there.

Now onto the Blythe plot, Blythe you don't want to hang with the Biskit twins because they are little mean, but you are cool hanging out with this psychopath. I am kidding, Sue is not a psycho (except for some panels in the first comic, that is more of an artestic issue but that is another story), she is normal in every other episode but here she is boarderline crazy. I understand being stressed out about the track tryouts, but still control yourself. Blythe's friends they are not really main character (except for Youngmee later in the series) so it is not important that they do the right thing or learn a lesson, but some of their decession I have to question. First they are overly judgemental and pocessive in "Penny For Your Laughs", and here I don't want to say, Blythe get a restraining order. Anyway  I talk more about this in my Youngmee Song character restrospective blog, so read that, I don't want to repeat myself. But I let you in on a bit of my non LPS interest, I am a big anime fan, and if there was some mature anime series I know of, Sue would be a villain that goes on a murder rampage. Or the least popular character in a harem. I am getting off base, just wanted to share with you a little bit of my non LPS interests. As for the song, it has a good tune, the lession of being yourself is cool, but the Sue lyrics are desterbing for a kids show.

Now as I teased before, I thought a great character moment by a couple of characters though minor I loved it. And that is the Biskit twins. They were acutally nice, you see it is just a foreign concept that they are in incapable of kindness. Heck in earlier episodes they in their own mind, tried to be nice and the execution was terrible and it came off as mean and insulting, first when they meet Blythe and asked her to go shopping, I thought that was a nice gesture and indent, and than their overthanking after Blythe helped against a bully, but here they were successful so good fo them.  I hope we get to see more of that side of them in the future.

Overal, I think I will give this a 9 / 10, the good out weight the bad, mainly an awesome song, Russell was great, and the Biskits having an awesome moment in their own right, so that is enough for me to overlook stalker Sue and give it a 9 / 10.

Next week. Blythe meets a boy, hillarity insues. Till than.
Okay we are into episode 6, after last week's train wreck of an episode, can LPS rebound? Well let's find out.

The plot here is Penny does't like the outfit Bythe designed for her, meanwhile Blythe is stressed out when she find out her dad is dating.

Okay I really liked this episode, it wasn't all time great, it was good enough and a good rebound episode. I thought seeing Penny's rage side was cute and scary. Shows some character development, Penny is not one to mis with it, after all she is a panda. Thinking an overside man suit was for her is a bit silly, but it is excusable for the pets not to think completely logicly.

As for the other plot, like week's episode when I read the synophis but disappointed with not getting something I thought we were going to get, but unlike last week's episode, it overcame the disappointment. I thought Roger was dating for real, and maybe we get some insight on Blythe's mom, but I knew as soon as Roger mentioned his special girl, I know he was talking about Blythe. And I really liked Blythe's outfit this week.

And as I mentioned in the character retrospective, after not being seen in a possitve light in "Penny For Your Laughs" and being invinsible in the series premere, Youngmee climb to awsomeness begins. Here she doesn't do anything special, but she was just funny, this is the first time any of Blythe's human friends I though was funny. And I thought her trying to help Blythe with the steps was very nice, and playing off of Blythe's paranoid behavior was funny, and the I so do not give you the willies was hilllarous, so a small step from going from minor character to important character begins. Though a real turning point don't happen until a few episodes.

Anyway a great episode, I give it a 9 / 10. So till next time, have a nice LPS day.

By sure coisidence our pals at The League Of Pet Shoppers is reviewing the same episode this monday. So check them out.…
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