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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop" known as "Petshoppers" (the full name couldn't fit, so we made Petters the shorten term for it)

& I only have 3 rules on this blog:

-No inappropriate images (like sexual or gore)
-No Trolling
-No Intense Hating

so... yeah

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Sorry I am late on this, I had a little emergency yesterday, and I have busy this weekend getting ready for the upcoming holiday. Also this season, I Tunes is releasing the episodes on Sundays instead of Mondays, I think it will be easier for me, since it is only one day after the air date instead of 2, to post my reviews on Sundays, it is easier for me to do the episode recap with the episode at my finger tips on I Tunes instead of going on memory or using the Daily Motion video which can be a pain with my Java Script. It is easier for me, and it is better for you guys than to have episode recap that might be out of order.

Anyway in this week's episode, Blythe acquaintances herself with an elder woman who wants Blythe to meet her granddaughters while Russell lets his dad stay with him at the pet shop.

We begin with the most epic thing ever, Vinnie and Sunil starring contest, Blythe interrupts in a color outfit and tells the pets she volunteering at a senior center and invites the pets to join her. Well Vinnie and Sunil can't go because they got their epic contest to settle which has no prize and Minka is the referee, and sadly this is all off screened, we never found out who won, in the end Russell so he can visit his dad Jerry, Zoey, and Penny agree to go with Blythe to the senior center.

Opening theme, we than cut to the first scene proper at the senior center, while Zoey and Penny are entertaining the seniors, Russell meets up with his dad Jerry, and Jerry is in Russell's words "a lot of a lot" and I agree. Anyway  turns out Jerry's owner is moving and he can't keep anymore, so Jerry has no where to go, but Russell decides to take him in, and Jerry was packed and ready to go so he was counting on that.

We cut to Blythe attending into one of the residents, an elderly woman named Laraine who Blythe has quickly befriended,  Laraine does mention how Blythe's kindness remind her of her grand daughters, we see a distorted picture of a younger Laraine and her grand daughters, I wonder who they are, perhaps someone we meet, no can't be.

The next scene Russell is carrying Jerry's luggage, as Blythe and the pets are ready to leave. We than cut to a montage of Russell experience living with his dad, and it is not a good experience for Rusty. BTW in this episode Russell told Jerry no one calls him Rusty anymore, that is not true, Vinnie has called him Rusty many times.  

Next scene is Blythe at the senior center, talking to Laraine, and it is seems they are arranging for Blythe to finally meet Laraine's grand daughter. BTW, B is a great nickname for Blythe. Laraine is cool.  Mrs. T better watch out.

Anyway next scene Russell is venting to the other pets on how hard Jerry is to live with, Jerry annoys him some more and Russell loses it, he goes off on Jerry telling on impossible he is to deal with. And Jerry is very sad and walks off, way to go Russell. Actually unlike in Pitch Purrfect I am more sympathetic to Russell here.

Cut back to Blythe, it is time for this sort of play date, and we discover that Laraine's kind grand daughters are the Biskits twins. What, I did not see that coming, in the words of M. Night Shamalayan "what a twist", okay seriously I think we all saw that coming, you have to be as dense as Vinnie to be surprised.

Blythe in her terror tries to hide from them and avoid them, though we do discover as Blythe trying to hid, the twins are legit nice to their grandmothers, they do love her, they do have a soft side. What is going on here?

Back to the pet shop, Russell is venting on crazy Jerry drives him, the other pets tell him to look at things from Jerry's perspective on being separated from his owner and how hard that must be for him, Sunil is especially wise.

Back to Blythe, they do eventually bump into each other, the twins are shocked Blythe is B, what a twist.

Meanwhile Russell talk things out with Jerry and they make up. They both realize their faults, a nice moment.

Blythe tries to play if off like they just meet, and the twins do eventually realize that and go along with, the twins are showing some intelligence first show a kind side and now smarts, who are you and what have you done to the Biskit twins? They all pretend to get along for Laraine's sake. Which is nice or them, Laraine a gift to Blythe from the twins, and Blythe is taking all in strides, she knows the twins are trapped, they have to be nice, and she knows it, way to go Blythe. I think Laraine are the twins kryptinite, they can't be their mean selves around her. In Blythe and the twins reach an understanding, just keep their time with Laraine, which is fair.

Cut back to the pet shop, we found a misunderstanding, Jerry's owner can keep Jerry, so problem solved. Though I know he is an old man and they have hearing problems, just like in the season premiere more forced misunderstandings. Episode ends.

For some reason this episode brings back memories of a Seinfeld episode "The Old Man", only the message is kind of opposite.

I thought Jerry's owner mis heard  what he said and that turned out to be the case.

We get confirmation that Russell owner is a woman, when we saw her before it was unclear to me at least, sometimes it is hard to me to tell a old man and an old lady apart.

As for the other plot, the old lady Blythe took a liking to at the retirement home Laraine, where the Biskits twins all along, gee I didn't see that coming, I say sarcastically. It was kind of obvious especially after the distorted picture frame, which an old anime trope, which is cool for them to use that, though I wish we could see what they looked like as little kids, they were in pig tails, it might be so adorable.

We knew it was the Biskits just from the synopsis, I only had two questions related to that, one was answered, the other not yet. Where the Biskits actually nice to her or was that just Laraine's own perspective. The answer surprisingly yes, the indication are they are nice to their grandmother, they do have a soft side, in the words of Blythe in this episode, "no one would believe me anyway". Though if you read the comics, we get an idea on how Blythe feels about the Biskits at this point, which is they are not so bad. We will see where they go. I liked that they all tried pretend to get along in front of Laraine, and the Biskits were smart enough to know what Blythe was trying to do, once again surprised me, first a soft side, and now some intelligence. And they can say they only let Blythe keep the sweeter because it looked ugly on them, but the real reason they are thankful or anyone that did this for their grandma, who they love, it is too late, the cat is out of the bag, you have a good side.

The other question is Laraine's Fisher's mother or his mother - in - law, if it is his mother, Fisher just locked up in a home and took over the family business, which says a lot about him. Or if it is not, maybe we might get some info on the twins mother, this is the mother season, that seems to be the theme. The credits does list her as Laraine Biskit, but still perhaps the person making the credit just assumed.

Anyway alright episode, even though there was no song. Hopefully we get a song next week.


1) Russell, I thought his relationship with Jerry was understanding, and I thought Russell came off relate able here even though he yelled at his dad.

2) Jerry, he is an okay character, and he wasn't too over the top old.

3) Laraine, another cool old person, just put her relationship to the Biskits and she was just an old lady, I liked her, her nickname for Blythe was pretty cool. As far as being hip and with it, I think is more with it than Roger.

4) Blythe, I know her behavior is very Mary Sueish, but I don't care, I like how kind she is to everyone, all the senior citizens and her relationship with Laraine, and how she gets over her panic attack and handles the Biskits. She could have easily just went on a rant on mean the Biskits to everyone else, but for Laraine's sake and just for the sake it would be cruel of her even to the Biskits to something like that. In the end, she took advantage of this awkward situation, way to go Blythe.

5) The Biskit twins, when I heard about this episode and I knew the grand daughters I was worried, the whole kind grand daughter was just Laraine illusion in her own perspective, but all indication here are the Biskits are actually nice to their grand mother, and they do love her, give them props for that. And just like Blythe, they could have easily just yelled out in a rant how they really feel about Blythe, but they didn't. They even let Blythe keep their gift, which their reason is just an excuse, deep down they appreciate all the good Blythe is doing for their grand mother.


1) The whole misunderstanding with Jerry's owner not hearing things clearly. But it had to be done.

2) We never found out who won the staring contest, what a ripoff.

All in all, this was an episode, it is almost as great as the season premiere. There was no real game changer like Blythe's mom journal, but we get some character development and reveals, like Russell's owner's name, the Biskits twins actually having a kind side at least for one person in the world. So all and all my score is:

9 / 10. What can I say I loved it.
Okay after a two episode premiere we are back with a new episode of Littlest Pet Shop, this one titled Ivan The Terrific, a play on Ivan the Terrible.

In this week's episode

Blythe helps Youngmee search for the perfect pet while the pets deal with a circus bear at the pet shop.

The episode begins with Youngmee giving Blythe some makeup tips and boy does it backfire, also a cute moment with Blythe and Zoey saying the same thing at the same time. The conversation turns into Youngmee wanting to have a pet of her own, Zoey suggests Blythe help her pick out the pet, well she got the Bikits pets, so how hard can this be? Very.

After the opening, we move to the pet shop and Mrs. Twombly planning on Littlest Pet Street, I can't wait for that to happen.

We cut to the streets with some strange man with binoculars looking for something with fur, I swear this guy should get committed.  

Blythe continues to look for a pet for Youngmee and it is not going well.

The pets have a party and Vinnie finds a bear, the pets freak much to Penny's dismay, she is a bear after all.

Blythe and Youngmee interview this dog, and she is hilarious. If Youngmee doesn't want her, I will take her.

The pets after some debate let the bear who is named Ivan and a circus performer, he is hiding the weirdo from earlier, can't blame him.

Blythe and Youngmee interview continues, and we find out a little bit about Youngmee's relationship with her parents.

There is a recurring joke of Blythe and Mrs. T think each other checked in Ivan to the day camp.

We cut back to the pet interviews, and the past candidate appears, the gold fish, he may not talk much, but come on so did Tank, and Tank turned out to be awesome.

Mrs. Twombly has a confrontation with the weird man and she does not like him.  She has a second confrontation with him, and she really doesn't like him.

Well Blythe finds a sign left by Ivan's owner and calls him. And not long after he comes to pick Ivan up and this guy is some kind of mine, how Blythe talked to him on the phone is beyond me.

As Ivan is leaving the pet shop, he bumps into the weird man who he thought was a animal control guy that was going to take him away, but turns out he is just a hat inspector, I don't get it.

In the end, Youngmee does not get a pet, looks like this is going to be a season long plot, I have my prediction on how that will conclude, more on that later.

Well this was an alright episode. They finally mentioned that Penny is technically a bear which is a dangerous animal.

I thought the bear plot was fine, love the name Ivan I wonder if it was based on a pro wrestling that had the nickname bear Ivan Koloff. I thought it didn't need the hat inspector character, it was pointless.

As for the Youngmee plot,it reminds me a lot of the MLP:FiM episode "May The Best Pet Win", and the lesson is of course you can't force, it has to come natural. Looks like Yongmee has an arc here herself. So far we three ongoing character arcs here, first is Blythe and her mother's journal, second is Mrs. Twombly and the Littlest Pet Street, and now Youngmee finding a pet, all these plot center on the human characters, interesting observation.

As for how I think this plot will turn out, I could see it go many ways. Here is my list of possibilities.

1) Sugar Sprinkles - I am pretty sure she doesn't have an owner, she kind of knows Youngmee though I don't think Youngmee knows her. Only problem is I think Sugar Sprinkles is not a owner animal, I think she likes having the freedom to go where ever she wants. I don't think having an owner is for her.

2) This monkey toy I have seeing in LPS commercials lately, I forget the name of the character, but you all know what commercial I am talking about.

3) Someone completely new we haven't seen yet.

Anyway it was an okay episode, so what can I say.


1) Ivan - I liked him and the fact he is a tribute Ivan Koloff is a plus.

2) Youngmee - her plot of wanting a pet is a nice plot and I love how she is getting used to Blythe's ability.

3) Mrs. Twombry - continue her plans for LPS street and giving the weird man what he deserves.


1) Hat inspector guy - he was annoying and unnecessary.

My overall score here, I liked this episode, I am interesting in this Youngmee plot and glad she is getting her own story, I liked Ivan, the only negative was this circus inspector guy, I swear he makes me miss Ramon, 8.5 / 10.

I hope you all read and review this. Have a nice LPS day.
Well this is the second episode of the two episode premiere, these two episodes were not a two parter, so I am doing this separately, this episode Pitch Purrfect.

In this episode, The pets form a singing group and compete in a championship. Meanwhile, Blythe becomes preoccupied with her mom's journal and doesn't help look for Mrs. Twombly's missing doorknobs.

This is an unusual plot breakdown in that the A plot or the one that gets more screen time and attention the Zoey singing group plot. But it is the B plot about Twombly missing doorknobs and Blythe journal is the ones that is moving the  overall plot.  

After the first episode with Blythe's mom and the journal, had me really excited, and I am kind of toned out with everything else. In this episode, I am suppose to side with Russell in all this, but I was with Blythe, I want to know more about her mother, and I sympathize with Blythe, she has probably never meet her mother, or at least seen her in a long time, Russell is so insensitive, he is the worse. Okay no he's not, but the hints that Blythe's mom is dead, I feel so bad for Blythe.

We open with Blythe reading her mother's journal, and Russell gets on her case for being obsessed with her mom's journal, once again insensitive, and besides Blythe is not obsessed with the journal, you want someone obsessed with a journal, I present to you Dipper Pines. Well we soon find out Mrs Twonbly doorknobs are missing, dum dum. I also thought Blythe saying "sup" was so funny, it is the first time we saw her inner Rainbow Dash make an appearance, that is such a Rainbow Dash line.

Now we begin the A plot even though the B plot has all the game changer stuff, with Zoey audition to be part of a ally cat singing group, and you notice at the audition she is the only cat there, oh oh this could be a trap, this is the plan for the cats to destroy their superiors the dogs.

Seriously that does prove important as Zoey doesn't make the cut because she is a dog. We see Delilah and is she such a ditz, or part of some devious plot, Delilah always been someone that shows no emotion so I can't read her, she a less monotone Maud Pie.

Zoey is upset, but not because her dog hood was questioned, but because she was rejected, personally I thought she had her priorities all mixed up, I be more concerned with proven my dog hood, but that is just me.

As for the more important B plot, Russell and Minka as his adorable assistant are on the case to solve the case of the missing doorknob. And we have help from Pepper whose role in this episode is really disappointing, she should have not been in the episode at all, if she is going to do nothing, and help from Blythe, Russell tells her to cut down on the reading of the journal, Russell is so getting on my nerves here.

Meanwhile Zoey enlist Vinnie, Sunil, and Penny to form her own singing group, No Stopping Us Meow, even though there is no cats in the group, which should be a dead giveaway that Zoey does not belong in this contest, just let it go, you are not a cat, you are a dog, I think she has some specie issues.

Now back to the other plot, we have an hilarious scene with Russell accidentally accusing himself of stealing the doorknobs, and Minka arresting him, with the little handcuffs, it was so adorable and funny.

So onto the singing contest, and it turns out Delilah group Pitch Purrfect took Zoey that they were going to use in the contest. I give them the benefit that it was accident, they didn't expect Zoey to be in this contest, she is not even a cat.

All hope looks lost, when Vinnie comes up with the idea of using a commercial jingle for No Stopping Us Meow, which they do and they walk away with the trophy. Do they win, more on that later, but they get the trophy, and the judges liked their song.

Back to the other plot, well poor Blythe is still distracted by the journal, which I am cool with, I mean dam it Russell leave her alone. And Twombly slips by her, but luckily Russell has cracked the case,  and the culprit is Mrs. Twombly, what wait, turns out Mrs. T has sold her doorknob collection to make a small fortune and open a new attraction Littlest Pet Shop Street, that is big news, that is a big game changer, I can't wait to see it open, though I am sure Fisher Biskit might have something to say about that. Who knows maybe he will open Largest Pet Shop Avenue.

We than we find out Zoey's group has the trophy, it was never stated they won. I prefer the idea, that they were not eligible for this contest, but they took maters into their own hands, I think it would be funny if they did what Mabel and her friends did to those unicorns. Yeah for violence.

Okay my thoughts.

Well a follow up to the premiere, with Blythe's mom journal, she is obsessed with it, but you know what I think she has a right to be, she probably hasn't seen in mother in many years if at all, I don't know if she ever knew her mother, so I sympathize with her, I think we were suppose to side with Russell, but I was on Blythe's side, Russell should be more supportive and let Blythe get it out or her system. I might also feel that way because I care more about finding info on Blythe's mom than solving the missing Twombry door nob mystery, which I knew who took the door nobs form the beginning.

I do have to say Minka is adorable as Russell's assistant, and we find out Twombry took the door nobs, big surprise. And know Twombry has money, does that put her in the same league as Fisher Biskit, can she compete financially with him, probably not, but  the gap closed a bit. Speaking of Fisher, I wonder if he is going to try to stop the Littlest Pet Street from happening, wouldn't put it past him.

As for the other part, don't know what to make of it. Was Delilah really an antagonist or was she and her friends that much of a ditz? Was this misunderstanding or intentional sabotage, and it was never resolved at the end.  And if I was Zoey I be more worried or offended that I am losing touch with my dog side, forgetting you are a dog, I would be more motivated to get in touch with my dog side, but that is just me.

The songs were okay, but not as catchy as the song from the latest LPS short "What's Next".

Anyway the singing contest plot still better than the B plot in the previous episode, but after the reveal of Blythe's mom in the previous episode, it wasn't very interesting to me. Having these two episodes premiere in the same week hurts my interest in any non Blythe mom stuff, because I am so excited the reveal that Blythe's mom can talk to animals and that there are more people that can talk to animals like Blythe.


1) Minka is best assistant ever

2) Littlest Pet Shop street, I am so excited

3) Continuity on Blythe's mothers journal


1) Pepper was the only pet not to have a major part, she should not have been in the episode as all if this what they gave her to do.

2) Russell is a major jerk to Blythe, this is the only connection to her mom, what is wrong with you?

3) Why does Zoey care what these cats about her, you are not a cat deal with it.

My score, coming off the last episode, it is hard to top it, but the LPS street reveal, Russell and Minka detective even though I didn't care much to much for Russell for this episode, really kept the momentum going, 8 / 10.

Have a nice LPS day. Bye.
Okay after over 6 months since the Pet Fest in the season 3 finale, we begin season 4, and this time we have two episodes this week. In the journal I will only talk about the first one, I will about the second one in a separate journal to be released tomorrow.

This episode answer so many questions we have been asking for years, while also setting up new questions. Questions like whatever happened to Blythe's mom, is Blythe the only human that can talk to pets? Well some of them were answered, others not so much.

Our episode begins with Blythe making a vlog about her future, this recording could be what is used to reveal Blythe's secret to the world, so Blythe is taking a risk here. Penny and Vinnie argument, frustrate Blythe, she gets frustrated and says she doesn't want to talk to pets, Vinnie over sees it, while Blythe doesn't mean it, a misunderstanding plot, ugh.

Russell is being sensible here, thinks it is a misunderstanding, and talks to Blythe to clear it up, unfortunately Blythe has headphones and can't hear him and ignores him, and the misunderstanding continues, ugh. This episode is getting off to a horrible start.

We meet our guest pet a tortoise named Speedy. Oh the irony, Speedy is 150 years old, meaning he was alive during the civil war, dam he has seen a lot.  

We continue the misunderstanding plot when the pets imagine life in 150 years, and yes we get a Jetsons parody, awesome. Just wish old lady Blythe talked, love to hear what she would sound like.

Blythe talks to Speedy, turns out one of his previous owners can talk to pets, her name Betty Smith, anyway earlier Blythe was saying she is the only human than can talk to pets, well that is proven wrong, Blythe has a kindred spirit cool, and that is just the half of it.

Blythe talks to Roger about her future, and the subject of Blythe's mom comes about, and are you ready for this, we find out this Betty girl that used to be Speedy's owner is Blythe's mom. OMG OMG OMG, I have saying for years, that Blythe inherited her abilities from her mom, so yeah for me, I called it I called it, to be fair I am sure I am not alone in that department.

Anyway Blythe finally talks to the pets, and this misunderstanding is finally resolved. Turns out Speedy is gone, and it up to Blythe and the pets to find them.

Blythe does say Speedy is the only connection to his mom that she has, which indicates that Blythe's mom is no more, that is so sad. If that is the case, I hope we at least see her flashback.

Anyway they chase after Speedy, and Speedy is just hilarious, he mistakes some object for a female tortoise, they find him, and Speedy leaves Blythe a journal that Blythe's mom wrote, and he thinks Blythe and her mom are one in the same, yup he is getting up there in age.

End of episode

OMG, confirmation that Blythe inherit her abilities from her mom, I feel like doing a call it dance, though I am sure I am not the only one who thought the same. We get some hints that Blythe's mom might not be alive, which makes me sad.

This is an episode that has a great A plot / lousy B plot. The revelation about Blythe's mom made this episode. I didn't like the whole misunderstanding plot, but it was wrapped up by the end of the second act thankfully, thought I liked the Jetsons parody.

Speedy was cool, but why does he wear glasses, he is like a Jewish Mr. Magoo.  And he was alive during the Civil Wars, how many owners did this guy have.

Anyway I liked how the vlog is Blythe's version of the journal her mom had. Again maybe people feel old.

I hope Blythe's mom turns out to be alive, but not sounding very likely from the sounds of it.

A great episode if you ignore the stupid misunderstanding sub plot.


1) Finding out info about Blythe's mom

2) Speedy, he is awesome. Him and Tanks out to meet

3) Finding out Blythe's mom can also talk to pets


1) The whole pets think Blythe is not talking to them story.

2) Lack of a song, I think this episode could have used a musical number.

My score, even though it got off to a bad start, the good just out weighs it so much, I have to give it at least a 9 / 10.

So everyone have a nice LPS day.  Read and review.
Well in case you haven't heard, season 4 of LPS will be the last, while this is sad to hear, we should be proud of the joy it gave us and after 4 seasons we would have 104 episodes that is a great accomplishment.

It appears that the producers were giving early warning that this was going to be the last season, and I hope that is the case so we can get a real finale. Even if that wasn't the case, I do feel "The Expo Factor" and "It's The Pet Fest" could both work as series finales.

Thank to Julie and Tim, and everyone involved for giving us this great show for 4 years.

So what would you like to see in a series finale. For me here is what I am hoping for.

1) Blythe could go public with abilities. It be great is she grew her self esteem issues and be proud of her abilities.

2) Find out the secret of Blythe's abilities, how did she gain the ability to talk to animals.

3) Meet more people with the same or similar ability.

4) Blythe / LPS make peace with the Biskits / LEPS, dam it if the Holograms and Misfits can have a truce , than why can't they.

5) An actual romance becomes canon, weather it is Blythe and Josh, Roger getting engage, or some thing with the pets, it is not as important as my other 4, call me a sucker for romance.…
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