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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop".

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so... yeah

Petters, UNITE!
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Well it was bound to happen, the string of good luck we have had in season 3 has hit a bump in the road. First of all Jasper is back, enough said, and him and Sue are part of Blythe's cliche, which I don't like. They can be extras, they can be background characters with a couple of lines here and there, but that is it. And this week's Blythe had no pets or animals involved, which is a misakte. That being said here is my review.

Well this was a step back from last week's episode I expected that, but more of a step back that I would like, but not a terrible episode. It is like a bumpy car ride, you get there and no real dammage. It is like every few moments they did something to irritate me, but not enough to make me hate the episode.

I though the pet plot was predictable, and kind of dragged. The guest pets didn't excite me, I love that Sunil and Vinnie got focused, the whole part of the pets getting dragged into the feuds, reminds me of the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Great Divide", I always say the world would be better if more cartoons can try to be more like Avatar: The Last Airbender, but LPS chooses to be like the worst episode of A:TLA, okay but it wasn't too bad.

Now the Blythe plot, two things they did terribly wrong that they stopped in season 3 and they went back to their old bad ways. First of all, the pets were not involved at all in the plot, it was humans, even in "Some Assistance Required" Blythe plot had Cairo involved, you should always have a pet involved in someway even if it is not the 7 main pets.

And second of all, Jasper and Sue are back. No just no, I have no problem with them being extras, or background characters that have a scence and maybe a couple of lines. But they should not have important roles anymore, they are interferring with one of the elements of the human side of the show that I like, that is Blythe and Youngmee friendship, they make a great duo, I like their chemistry as characters, I am real excited about "Secret Recipe" hopefully there relationship well get that big development in that episode with you know what, anyway Sue and Jasper we don't need them mucking it up. We don't need a Larry and Elmyra to this duo. On the bright side we find out Youngmee's parents are alive. This plot was suppose to be a follow up to Blythe messing the ammusement park between season 1 and season 2, so I guess they were needed, hopefully this is a one thing. I am serious I don't want them interferring with the Blythe / Youngmee duo. Why can't they just move away.

And now onto the Biskits, they were okay. I am disappointed we couldn't follow up more on "Doorjammed" with either Brittany having her turn to bond with Blythe, or more of Blythe and Whittney bonding. I didn't like how they resolved this plot, it should have ended with Blythe talking to Whittney and tell her she should be proud of Brittany's grade and being smart is not a bad thing, and also tell Brittany not rub it in Whittany when she gets a better grade, and have the Bisktis realise knowledge is not the enemy. It is a shame they think that.

On the bright side, and I am full of bright sides today, I liked the scene when Blythe made the Biskits laugh, I thought the way the Biskits laughed at first, it does show that deep down they like Blythe and her antics, and like we saw in "Hamster Hoods", it appears to me the three of them are friends deep down, they just don't either know it or too stubbern to admit it.

And I loved the science class thing, seeing Brittany in lab coat was somthing to see, she looked cute, and what she did to Jasper, hillarous. Stuff like that happening to Jasper never gets old.

And the whole premese of feuds, I wonder if that is forshadowing to the LPS vs LEPS arc and Mrs. T and Fisher's pity feud.

So yeah this episode made a lot of mistakes, a big step back from the greatness of season 3, but it was still overal good or in the spirit of a theme of this episode passable.

The possitives

Vinnie and Sunil doing their thing

The science lab scene especially the Jasper part.

Once again showing signs that deep down Blythe and the Biskits are kind of friends, they just either don't know it or too stubbern to admit it. It is like three kids playing around just in "Hamster Hoods"

Youngmee parents confirmed to be alive. Good for her, I am glad she has not an orphan.

The negatvies

The Blythe plot have no pets or animals inolved

My score 7 / 10 If it wasn't for Sue and Jasper involvement maybe given it a higher score.
Okay I am going to do a quick review of the first 3 issues of IDW Littlest Pet Shop. I will do a quick recap of the plots, and than an overal review.

Issue 1- the main story is Mrs. Twombry and Blythe ate talking, they got feedback notes from the customer, they like Blythe's style, but one complaint is the pets don't look very exercised.  We cut to the pets who are lazily watching television. Blythe play a Cluemaster riddle game, though Vinnie it would  interfere with his plans to sit around and do nothing line. Russell volunteers to be the cluemaster, and has a power hungry look, Blythe suggest Penny Ling be Russell's in order to let this power go to Russell's head. They divide into two team and go around Downtown city trying to find items or tressue. This was a fun story, I liked we got to some new human extra design, on the show we have limited number of extras, so nice to see new people. I loved the part when they bumped into the Biskits, and they bought a $500 toothpick and bought it online saving the trouble of going into the next room.  

The art work ont eh pets are excellent, but the human character specificly Blythe and Sue not so good. Sue looks like her creepy stocker person we saw in "Russell Up Some Fun", I don't that is the intention, but the art work makes her look creepy, when Blythe lives her apartment, the artist has Sue make a lunge move at Blythe.  But it was a fun story.

Than there is a short story, about pet rocks and the pets being parinoid but it turns out it is rocks that Roger as part of a joke. Not to much say, but there is a Russell Indiana Jones fantasy that is awesome.

My review is 8.5 out of 10

Issue 2

Okay the main story has two plots, one Blythe plot, on pet plot, I will talk about the pet plot because is much simpiler to explain. A store called Scratching Post opens accross the street from LPS, and the pets think is is another pet store that will put LPS out of business. So they decide to go there and sabatage it. Turns out it is a coffee shop. This was a funny plot, yeah it reminded me a bit of "Books and Covers", but that is okay. This plot didn't get a lot of screen time, which is a shame, but I liked the other plot more anyway, and the pets were featured in the Blythe plot than there own plot, being in Blythe's fantasy this time.

The Blythe plot, is Youngmee ask Blythe to be her partner in a duel monster card game tournament. But Blythe is hesisdent because of her past in which she was a competitive person, ironic because that is one thing Rainbow Dash and Applejack have in common, very competitive. And I love how Youngmee makes her entrance, she is hiding in the dumbwaiter, which reminds me of the Youngmee we saw in "Mean Isn't Your Color", and hiding in the dumbwaiter, she has to learn Blythe's secret. When it comes to the supporting human characters at least Blythe's peers, all of Shannon Chan Kent characters are great. They stop by a comic book store and hanging out there is a certain comic book reviewer that knows a thing about bad comics, Linkara who is probably going on a long rant about something to this red haired lady.  I am a big fan od Yu Gi Oh, so this fun to watch LPS paroding it, two of my favorite worlds coming together.

We than have a mini story about the pets protecting LPS castle from Russell.

I thought issue 2 is an improvement over issue 1. I liked the Yu Gi Oh, and Youngmee's entrance was great, and of course the Linkara cameo, but mainly I felt the art was better. And all of the comics artwork are by the same person, I guess the artist can improve as we move on.

My review 9 out of 10

Issue 3

Blythe grade point average is in jeopardy when she has to work on a class projects with the Biskits, meanwhile Sunil makes a new snake friend. There are two plots, but they are connected, the pet plot are the pets looking for Blythe's notebook, Sunil accidently falls into the fish tank and meets a snake named Trey. It is a nice little Sunil story, Sunil fans will love it.

Now for the Blythe plot is her having to do a group report about the book The Great Gatsby with the Biskit twins. Something we don't see enough on the show, Blythe and Biskits having to co excist, we saw some of that in "Books and Covers" like to see more of that. Blythe tricks the Biskits into helping, we see traps them in the class room which was pay back for '"The Nest Hat Craz" I guess. Blythe finds out the one thing the Biskits liked about the book was the cloths, so she uses that for the project. They get some help from the boys at the drama department, and one of the boys might look familar, he is someone that appeared on the show, he was in "What's In The Batter", he was the boy that jumped into a girl's arms when the pets were revealed to be at the Biskits birthday party. They make a hillarous movie starting the Biskits, and I loved the Biskits outfits in this movie, and Brittany got to ride Blythe's scooter. So people that have driving Blythe's scooter besides Blythe, Youngmee, Discord, and now Brittany.

The short is about the Downtown Parade in which Littlest Pet Shop and Largest Pet Shop apart of. The Biskits twins are bored and not bothing nobody, for some reason that ruins the parade and Penny Ling has to teach them a lesson. I don't get it, I didn't like this one, they just pick on the Biskits for no good reason. They looked bored, so what, let is go.

I really liked the main story, didn't like the short story, the art continues to be better.

My score is 9 out of 10.

So that is my review of the first 3 issues of Littlest Pet Shop IDW comic book series. I will review issue 4 next month, and issue 5 the month after, so look for that. Tell me what you think of the comics in the comics. Have a great LPS day.
Okay here is my review on this episode Two Pets For Two Pests, featuring two of my favorites, Whittney and Brittany Biskit. In this episode Blythe tries to convince the Biskits to keep twin chinchillas, meanwhile Sunil tries to convince Minka he can be a painter also.

What did I think of the episode, what did I think? Are you kidding me? I freakin love this episode, loved it, loved it, loved it. 10 our of 10, and that is saying something because you know who finally returned, thought he was an extra, so maybe I will save my Jasper return gag for an episode when he actually has a line.

Anyway awesome, we saw great character development from Blythe, the Biskits, everyone. A couple of continuity grips like the Biskit butler being back, I guess they hired him perhaps his relationship with the Biskits is like Geroge Jetson relationship with Mr. Spacely. He gets fired and rehired all the time.

We meet Velvet and Cashmere, as soon as I saw them and their hair, and their personality, and I repeat saw their hair, I know everything would turn out fine in the end. They are desinted to be with the Biskits. There is a saying called "they deserve each other" and this fits the bill perfectly. And this is the scond episode in a row when a animal surprised Blythe can understand, I thought it was establish that all the pets in downtown city know, a little continuity please. I guess you can excuse that, Sunshine was in the zoo, and who knows where Velvet and Cashmere were before this episode.

For those that mis Pound Puppies, this episode can fell that void, this does feel like a Pound Puppies episode, especially the part when Blythe offers to find Cashmere and Velvet find other owners, but they say no, they just know Whittany and Brittany are meant to be their owners, I have seen that many times on Pound Puppies, when the puppy of the week just knows who his or her perfect person is.

I thought Penny and Vinnie were kind of underused, but they are supporting players in the plot. This more about Velvet and Cashmere, so that is okay I forgive the writers.

But I do feel the Sunil b plot was flat, perhaps they could have done without a b plot, I had no problem with the other pets not having a plot at all in "Some Assistance Required", it feeled forced in, and I love Sunil. Perhaps if they had a song, like the b plot in "Door Jammed" was also a weak plot when think about it, but it had a great song to make it seem better.

Anyway I love this episode, I love how smart Blythe was using reverse psychology, Lucky would be pround. And she helped these 4 shallow people find each other, the Blythe in the beginning of the series wouldn't have done that. And the Biskits twins get some much needed character development, and I like Cashmere and Velvet, I thought they were hillarous just like their owners, and I like how the writer made the point clear Cashmere and Velvet didn't just want to be for the Biskits because of their wealth, that is part of it, but they like Whittney and Brittany, that seperates from the free loaders that go to the Biskits parties. I thought at the end when Blythe referred to Cashmere and Velvet as Cashmere and Velvet Biskit was a nice added touch.

I thought they could have gone farther with Whittney and Brittany unsure of keeping Cashmere and Velvet, perhaps we could have saw the chinchillas orphanage which is really a pound, and find out if no one buys them within a few days, they will put to sleep. And that could have been the final straw to melt Whittney and Brittany's heart, like what happen to Ralph in the Honeymooners episode "Every Dog Has His Day", which everyone should check out, it is a classic hillarous episode.

So 10 out of 10, I loved this episode, I hope Blythe is right we haven't seen the last of Cashmere and Velvet, I wonder what role they will play in the LPS vs LEPS feud, they are on team LEPS so in reguard to that storyline, they are techinically villains now, so add them to Tangier as antagaonist pets.

I don't know if we will see Velvet and Cashmere in next week's "Feud For Thought", but I am sure we will see them in "If The Shoe Fits", so that should be interesting.

One little nippig, I am disappointed no camero of Buttercream and Sugar Sprinkles. Just a cameo is all I ask, it makes sense for Youngmee to have them as her pets for pet appriciation day. Though we don't see Youngmee at all in the gym when all the pets were being presented. So I am going to assume off screen Youngmee was there somewhere in the far corner with Buttercream and Sugar Sprinkles. Though I am not sure what Sugar Srpinkles deal is, does she just live in the Sweets Delight truck and have no owner, I know Buttercream is Aunt Christy's pet, so yeah you would think at least Buttercream would be there.

And what was with Francois winking at Blythe, is that suppose to mean he kind of knew what Blythe was up to? That is the interpretation I got, maybe he knows that having pets might be good for the Biskits, and despite them firing them, maybe deep down he does care. Of course I am reading to much into this, but I do think the wink meant he knew what Blythe was up to.

So what did you think of the episode? What did you think of Velvet and Cashmere, is Blythe correct in we will see them again?
I know I did a blog yesterday, but breaking news is out, I think it is best we discuess immadately. With the synophis for season 3 episode 13 "The Secret Recipe", and it sounds like this could be the biggest most game changing episode of Littlest Pet Shop yet. If this is just the mid season finale, what does the season finale have for us.

Anyway here it is.

"The Secret Recipe" written by Julie McNally Cahil and Tim Cahil - In order to save their friendship, and Youngmee's appearance on television, Blythe may have to debulge her secret.

Here is my thoughts on it.

I think Youngmee could find out Blythe secret, it is possible. Two reasons it is an distinct possiblity.

1) The timing - it is episode 13 of season 3, the mid point. LPS had made big chances at the mid way point before. Mid way though season 1 is when Sweet Delight, and LPS had new neighbors, it introduced Buttercream and Sugar Sprinkles as new recuring characters and the unoffical 8th and 9th pet.

And more important

2) The writers - Julie and Tim are writing this, they are the shows creators and show runners. If this episode did not have them involved in the writing, I say there is not a chance Blythe's secret will be revealed. Some random writers just can't do that, Julie and Tim is ultimately there call to make a dramatic change.

I am not saying it will happen, but with those factors I say it possible. I give it a 50 / 50 chance, espeically with reason number 2.

It will be interesting to see what will happen in future episodes if that is the case. It could another dynamic to Blythe / Youngmee. Other examples, after 1 and half seasons Harper found out the Russos were wizzards in Wizzards Of Waverly Place. With all due respect that is a much dealer than this. If Harper and later Zek can know about wizzards and a whole magical world, than why can't Youngmee know about Blythe's abilities.

Also like to mention Trixie and Spud from American Dragon: Jake Long, they at first didn't know about Jake bring a dragon and the magical world, but found out early in season 1, Jazz Finton in Danny Phantom, she didn't know Danny Finton was Danny Phantom at first, though it didn't take that long for her to find out, and when she did Danny didn't know that she knew, and that secret of a secret went on for a whole season. It took a while for Jazz to reveal to Danny that she knew his secret. And compared to those secrets, Blythe abilities is nothing. I am sure there are more examples that I can't think of now. Feel free to add more examples in the comments.

Hopefully it is not a complete tease like the Jem and the Holograms episode "Glitter and Gold", but luckily there is no Synergy to interfere and show Blythe a over dramtic worse case scenero if she revealed her secret.

I think it could this be interesting if it happened, Blythe would have an allie that fully know what she has to deal with, that isn't the pets, only so much they can do. Let's say Fisher starts to suspects something is up with Blythe and wants to find out her secret, the season began with him obcessed finding out the secret to LPS secret, what if he thinks it has something to do with Blythe, and full cross press to find out, maybe Youngmee help to keep Fisher and the Biskits off of Blythe's trail.

We will see what happens, but I am saying it is 50 / 50, at least based on Julie and Tim involvement. What do you think?

I don't do blogs everyday, this was an emergency breaking news blog I hope you understand.
Hi everyone I didn't know if I was going to do a mid week journel this week, I debated and debated it. I know next week I will review issue 3 of the IDW comics, or maybe all 3 issues. I don't have it yet, and it is on its way, if you have read it, please don't spoil it.

Which brings me to this week's journel, issue 3 we suppose to have Blythe and the Biskits work together, the next two episodes "Two Pets For Two Pests" and "Afeud For Thought" will features my favorite twins (well at least they are up there with Desna and Eska from Legend Of Korra, but that is a debate that is not important, I have yet to see any crossover fan art of the two twin duos, someone make it happen) Whittney and Brittany Biskit, I am excited.

Yeah I am big fan of the Biskits, well I was in season 1, and am again in season 3. Season 2 was a giant step back for those characters. Every episode except for maybe one they were villains, season 1 mixed up, and they should have followed up on that and mixing it up, but whatever, in the words of Monk Gyatso, "we can't concern ourselves with what was, but must act what is". I know second time I mentioned the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise, but I am fan of that also just like I am of Littlest Pet Shop. Season 3 it is not even mixing it up, so far the Biskits have not been villains at all, or at least understand where they are coming from. In "Hamster Hoods", when the Biskits did there SCI stick, Blythe's reaction was more of a look of affection and taking things in stride instead of taking them seriously and being mad. They look like 3 kids playing a game, gasp I think Blythe and the Biskits are friends and they don't know it or want to admit it.

I want to talk about the next two epsiodes before they air and maybe talk a little bit about "If The Shoe Fits".

In "Two Pets For Two Pests" Blythe tries to encourage the Biskits to keep two twin chinchillas they have owned for one day.

No mater what, this does show character growth from Blythe. She is actually trying to help the Biskits better themselves, Blythe is not the same girl she was in "Penny For Your Laughs" (an episode I thought had prodental if instead of just focusing on Blythe being taking in by the Biskits material things, she and us the audiance took that opportunity to get to know them, see what makes them thick, go into their world) that Blythe wouldn't give a dam about helping them become better people. In "Penny For Your Laughs" she could have at least tried to teach them about friendship and how to be a real friend and become better people like Roger did in "Grounded".

This premese excites me and I hope they don't mess it up. What I worry the Biskits are just going to villainified as hopeless bitter people that will never change. I am worried it will end with Blythe just giving and finding other owners for the chincillas. Granted I think Blythe is more trying to help the chincillas who I guess grew a liking to the Biskits, more trying to help them than the Biskits. But still she is trying, the old Blythe would have convinced them to look for other owners because the Biskits are terrible people that will never change, which is pretty much what she said in "Penny For Your Laughs". Better not have a bitter ending. The producers they are so scared to change the status quo, I mean can one person know about Blythe's ability?

So I thought of two possible outcome, first one obvious Blythe succeeds and the Biskits decide to keep the chincillas and take a giant step in character development and learning to love others besides each other. That is the most obvious route they can go. Also if the chincillas become friends with the pets, techinically they would be on team Largest Ever Pet Shop, I wonder how that will play into the LPS vs LEPS feud?

Another possibility and I can't believe I didn't think about it, we don't know how the Biskits got these chinchillas, maybe they already have owners. Perhaps the ending could be them becoming attached the chinchillas, and have to give them up to their rightful owners, which would show character growth, as the Biskits have done anything selfish ever. Than again why is Blythe encourage to keep other people's pets, Blythe would the chinchilas if that was the case, so I doubt this scenero would happen. But it would be a way for the Biskits get some character development and the precious status quo can be maintained.

So I am on baited breath for the next episode, at the very least Blythe is making an effort to help them, something she failed to do in the past when the opportunity was there.

In "Feud For Thought", Brittany ignores Whittany after she has a higher score on a test. I was hoping that one day there would be an episode when the Biskits twins had a falling out and see what would happen when they are not in sync. A pleassent suprise it is not over a boy, I always thought if it did happen it would be over a boy. So proops to the show, they have no love triangles in this series, which I hate. One of the things I hated about Legend Of Korra, the only love triangle was Zoey / Digby / Penny Ling, and that was just in Zoey's imagination, so that really doesn't count.

This could be a follow up to "Door Jammed", when Blythe and Whittany bonded for a bit. We don't know for sure if Blythe will have role in this plot, will this be just the Biskits own thing like in "Sleeper", but I think Blythe will play a role in this. I think one if not both of them will try to get Blythe to be their sister's replacement. And Blythe will have to mediate things to get them back together. But could this episode have more Blythe and Whittany, or this time is Brittany's turn to bond with Blythe. I never believed Whittany excuse of Brittany not liking Blythe. It is obvious Whittany doesn't like Blythe because she thinks Brittany doesn't like Blythe,  while Brittany doesn't like Blythe because she thinks Whitney doesn't like Blythe. Or Whittany didn't want to admit she was hurt by the time when Blythe rejected their offer of friendship in the first episode, and that is the real reason she has acted the way she has.

I don't know if it will happen in this episode, I want to see one of the Biskits take a trip to the fire heidren slide and cry. I don't mean in a comical way, I mean a serious cry. One of the things we know about the Biskits, they sincerely love each other, they care about each other, so them having a falling out that has to hurt inside.

As for "If The Shoe Fits", don't have to much say, it is written by a writer that has written the Biskits, so that should be good. In the episode Blythe is accidentally invited to the Biskits birthday party, and the pets join her. Well I thought it is sort of inconsidency, the Biskits not indented to invite Blythe to their party, in their last birthday party "What's In The Batter", they originally indened to invite Blythe probably just to show off their wealth and rub it in plus they are desperate for friends, until they got mad at her for something pitty.  I hope that episode has a happy ending for everybody. Maybe after the pets cause another dissaster, and things get out of control, but in the end everyone is having a good time, Blythe can convince the Biskits to laugh it off. Even Team Rocket once and a while has an episode end on a possitive note for them.

Okay that is all I have to say, this might be my longest journel yet, see you guys on saturday for my "Two Pets For Two Pests" review, hopefully it is a possitive reivew and not me ranting. I am either going to love this episode and have it be my favorites, or I am going to hate it and thinkg of is as one of the worst. So this will be a eventful review. And next week, issue 3 of the comics. I might review all 3 of them.

So tell me what you think, will the Biskit twins get character development this season? Have a nice littlest pet shop day.
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